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  • Congress of Armed Proletarian States

    The Congress of Armed Proletarian States (CAPS) was a project to create a permanent legislative and executive body, comprised of one hundred seats. The Congress was to be filled proportionally, according to population, by democratically-elected and wholly-representative recallable delegates from socialist-aligned regions. Its purpose was to become an inter-regional organization working for the completion of the world revolution, or socialist transformation of NationStates.

    As CAPS was preparing to move from the initial convention of delegates onsite to an offsite forum, it was raided by The Communist Bloc, the Anti Authoritarian Alliance, and REATO. This raid was possible because the Founder had, to emphasize the democratic nature of the Congress, chosen to be non-executive.

    RMB Archive

    The messages below compose an archive of posts made on NationStates to the Regional Message Board ("RMB") of the Congress of Armed Proletarian States between April and September 2014. This archive is presented by the NSLeft as a part of its collection of historical leftist interregional efforts for research and perusal.

    This project is not affiliated with or endorsed by NationStates.net or Max Barry.