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  • Code of Conduct of NSLeft

    1. Purpose
      • The Code of Conduct is hereby established to promote civil and non-disruptive behavior on the regional message board, forums, instant relay chat, and other platforms linked with NSLeft, to ensure the safety of the Pact, and to protect its Comrades from personal abuse.
    2. Prohibited Behavior
      • Having membership with, or collaborating with regions, organisations, or other forces hostile to NSLeft.
      • Indicating intention to harm, or otherwise posing a security risk to NSLeft.
      • Attempts at voter fraud, or otherwise undermining democratic procedures in NSLeft.
      • Using sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist or other oppressive language.
      • Red baiting; ill informed comments, questions or argumentation by ideological opponents of the left with deliberate intention of aggravating Comrades of NSLeft.
      • Posting "spam", including advertisements for other organisations, series of inconsequential posts in quick succession, or otherwise disruptive off-topic messages on platforms linked with NSLeft.
      • Personalized attacks or unsubstantiated libelous statements directed at residents.
      • Revealing personal, real-life information about other players without their permission.
      • Otherwise bullying a Comrade of NSLeft.
    3. Disciplinary Action
      • Any of the above infractions may result in disciplinary action being taken against the offending player, to be carried out at the discretion of any moderators on platforms linked with NSLeft.
      • Appropriate action taken by NSLeft moderators may include (but is not limited to): censoring, ejection, banning, post suppression or editing, or where appropriate, a simple warning.
      • Any Comrade of NSLeft may challenge any disciplinary action taken by moderators (or lack thereof), thereby triggering a vote on the subject.