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  3. BrightBayUniversity

    [Member Region Application] Wintercrest

    Dear Central Committee of NSLeft, On behalf of my region and as the Governor the Diplomacy District of the region Wintercrest, I would like to submit an application to the Central Committee and Regional Committee for the admission of the region Wintercrest in to the NSLeft Solidarity Pact. People's Republic of Wintercrest is a Leftist region of 160+ nations and 40+ WA nations. We recently underwent a massive political reform and restructure; I am proud to say that our system has free and fair election for major government posts. The dominant executive leader of ISAF, the President of the Party. (https://www.nationstates.net/nation=the_independent_states_of_allied_forces). Other members of the executive government are Governors (Minisers) of different Districts (Ministries). The Revolutionary Leader, Morograd, (https://www.nationstates.net/nation=morograd) has stepped away from many aspects of the day-to-day management of the region. Our Revolutionary Mothers are basically inactive. Noting that the region Wintercrest has a controversial history, I assure NSLeft that our regional community is very different from the people in our region two years ago. We have recently amended our relationship with the Social Liberal Union, The Communist Bloc and The Leftist Assembly. We would like to listen to outside criticism and undergo further reform to become a better Leftist region. Please consider our sincere application for membership. Sincerely, Governor the Diplomacy District of Wintercrest, C.A.D. (https://www.nationstates.net/nation=brightbayuniversity_outpost_in_wc)
  4. Imuneco

    Regional Map

    Good morning to all! Today I would like to propose the Associated Nomadic People of the Commonwealth of Hiri. This nation concept explores “what if the Maori tribes split up (but maintained contact) and later formed a cohesive nation?” The blue outline is a boundary that just shows a general area in which the Maori operate; green dots appearing are islands that were not included on the preset map but I felt needed to be included for better understanding; most of the Pacific islands are not noted because of their size, but are included in spirit. In addition to the sailing feat, the Commonwealth of Hiri would like to be honored with the task of caring for Antarctica (not depicted as well). While it may seem expansive, please keep in mind that the map was preset and some areas are grossly mischaracterized and over-present the area intended (example, Alaska). Finally, Hiri would like to mention that while yes, the overall area is very large and may feel overwhelming, it is holistically one of the smallest nations because 90-95% of the land area involved is/will be a natural park or protected nature of sorts; while we aim to be neutral on most matters, climate change, ecological conservation, and self-sustainability are out topmost priorities. The Associated Nomadic People of the Commonwealth of Hiri look forward to your comments and to be included into The Internationale. This proposal is supported by TI members Bernieland and Alphonsia.
  5. Transemilia

    Regional Map

    Updated map attempted socialism midwestern states of america nova erie alphonsia juchegang internationale outpost upcrus zarate-campana caelapes gacil proletaire anarchist utopia social democrat revisionist german proletarians absurd land duravia norfoundvale great ian empire restart darfaria transemilia albania 3 prozitia proletarian new heeberjeeberia lopa bunkalia teyasin union of space surfing republics minahasa ayanka union of east asian socialist republics amosainta neo russiya nekkko if you can give me a clearer answer about your country's location i can try to fit it in
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