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  3. Arguments I have noticed against Communism as a Communist

    Didn't Chomsky support the Khmer Rouge? We had a guy we banned from our discord who supported Pol Pot, he was not a very informed "comrade" though. Stalin was a communist/socialist. You should read his work before flinging those accusations. Even Frida Kahlo would disagree with you there. Sorry if I'm reviving a dead thread, I don't quite know the old thread rules.
  4. Hecknamistani media is reporting victories in all sports played today, and jailing those who've failed their patriotic duty. Today was a long yet shameful day, may the gods have mercy on our souls in the next rounds.
  5. please read the entirety of my posts: "After a huge ceremony at the "A. Shevchenko Arena" of Lugh " - that supposes that there's a huge arena (the Shevchenko Arena) in the centre of a town that is the capital of my nation (Lugh). And my nation is not participating because of the impartiality required to the hosting nation by the NSLeft Olympic Committee
  6. Burnination has always prided itself on its contributions to: (a) the opening ceremony, and (b) providing teams for other teams to beat in any team sport. So, Burnination's athletes would have won a gold medal for best-dressed in attendance of the opening ceremony. (And don't let those goons from Varsala tell you any different!) But when it comes to the actual events, the day largely full of losses was expected by most Burninites. Burninites who tune in to watch the games typically do so only to pick what country's teams they want to root for, anyway. They definitely got a bump from the fact that many Burninites wanted to root for teams from Lugh, but were disappointed to learn that the host nation wasn't actually playing. Ah well, easy allies are easily discarded, too -- Burninites are torn between supporting Miruvan and Varsalan teams, and will probably end up picking both. Why pick only one when you can pick two? No conflict unless they play one another, anyway!
  7. (OOC: Apparently in Zenganopoli. Unfortunately Zengan still doesn't have a capital city for his nation in his NS page, so better ask him).
  8. (OOC: where are the games being held? I CAN'T FEEL THE SETTING GUYS.)
  9. It's been an intense day for the several athletes that have participated today. After the huge ceremony, the competition and the press interviews, most athletes would usually decide to go back to the Olympic Village, get some rest and spend the five next days training for the semi-finals. Despite that, a small group of athletes have decided to make a small routine change and go to get something to eat in the city and celebrate their victories. And the Ayankan basketball team have a lot to celebrate for. ―Cheers! ―Says Dimitri Konstantinov, standing up and raising the glass of wine that he had in his right hand. He sits again in his chair while the team starts conversating, having laughs and talking loud. One of his fellow teammates approaches to him. ―You know what? You're a better captain than I thought you would be, Dima. ―Thanks, Boris. ―Replies Dimitri― You better play during the semi-finals as well as you did today! Basketball has never been exactly a very popular sport in Ayanka, so the fact that they not only won the first round, but also got a higher score than any other team that day was a big surprise for everyone, even for the athletes who were now celebrating. They're getting even more attention in their home country than the much more popular national football team, who have also won their match. He leans to the back of his chair and starts thinking about the next match against the World Anarchic Union, hoping not to end as the voleyball and baseball teams did, whose Olympics have already finished for them. ―I already know what are you thinking about just by looking at your face, Dima. ―Says Boris, while sitting at the chair next to him.― You think too much about it. We have just finished the first match and you're already thinking about the next one. You always do the same, try to relax a bit more. But his usual nervousness is being replaced with a strong feeling of hope. That victory has made the somewhat obscure basketball team the center of attention of all Ayanka for the first time. Maybe that was the first great victory of the many of them that could come after. Maybe that was the start of the road that would lead them to fame. Maybe things are starting to change.
  10. After a huge ceremony at the "A. Shevchenko Arena" of Lugh featuring delegations of all of the 16 participant nations, comrade Stanifòss Esrebmèi, glorious leader of the nation, has declared the games open. Let the best athletes win! Later on that day, in several stadiums of the nation the first events have been played, and these events were, as the calendar suggested, the first rounds of the tournaments of Volleyball, Football, Baseball and Basketball. The results are here: (I am too lazy to type all of your nations' complete names, so please don't get offended if your nation's name is shortened) A. FOOTBALL hecknamistan-countriopia 1-2, AM-yaroi 0-0 (Yaroi won after penalty shootout) , mansuetus-burnination 1-4, persian-wau 0-1, varsala-cingalia 1-2, lib-miruva 1-2, ayanka-aarn 3-2, slc-useugi 1-5 2nd round: countriopia-yaroi burnination-wau cingalia-miruva ayanka-useugi BASKETBALL ayanka-persian 107-72, wau-cingalia 81-70, AM-miruva 84-74, lib-slc 80-99, aarn-burnination 102-82, useugi-varsala 81-97, countriopia-yaroi 100-87, hecknamistan-mansuetus 72-82 2nd round: ayanka-wau AM-slc aarn-varsala countriopia-mansuetus VOLLEYBALL burnination-slc 1-3, lib-miruva 3-0 , wau-yaroi 2-3, cingalia-aarn 2-3, mansuetus-AM 3-1, countriopia-ayanka 3-0, hecknamistan-useugi 2-3, varsala-persian 2-3 2nd round: slc-libertasnia yaroi-aarnonia mansuetus-countriopia useugi-persian BASEBALL aarn-lib 9-10, countriopia-varsala 5-3, slc-ayanka 10-7, AM-cingalia 6-14, mansuetus-useugi 6-0, heck-yaroi 14-2, miruva-wau 4-3, burnination-persian 6-2 2nd round: libertasnia-countriopia slc-cingalia mansuetus-hecknamistan miruva-burnination
  11. 2nd Edition of the Olympic Games of NSLeft

    I declare that Tyrinthion, due to them not being a member nation of NSLeft anymore, has been removed by comrade @Mansuetus Also, the discussion regarding the olympics is moved to the RP thread, where results will be posted:
  12. Yesterday
  13. As the sun slowly rises on Ayanka and villages and cities wake up, voices of excitement start to speak in every corner of the frozen country. Workers of all kind gather together before entering their workplaces to speak about the event of the year. A young factory worker, surrounded by her workmates, holds in her hands a copy of the Arktika, the communist party newspaper, as she reads aloud the front page: ―"It's been a week since the state officially declared that the nation of Ayanka would proudly participate in the Second Edition of the Olympic Games of NSLeft. Althought Ayanka has participated in the past in numerous editions of the classical Olympic Games, it's the first time that our country participates in another variant of these games composed exclusively by participants from socialist nations from all around the globe." ―She cleared her throat and continued― "Our athletes, who have been training in secret for months for this event, will leave Ayanka early in the morning of the 14th of December to travel to the country that will host the event. The party has stated that these games are expected to be a powerful tool to unite in friendship socialist nations of all over the world..." Everyone in Ayanka talks about the same thing. At the same instant she keeps speaking, a group of sailors far away from there happily discuss about which medals, and how many of them, will each nation win. At the other side of the country, a man tells with pride to his friend about how he has a distant relative that works as an assistant on the games. And far, far away from there, thousands of meters above any land or sea, an athlete looks to the ocean through the window of the airplane.
  14. RP Pitch

    Friends, Would anyone be interested in an RP on these forums? Previously I tried to start a future tech RP, but it died. So, I propose a different kind of RP -- specifically, one that's more character-centered instead of more nation-centered. Players will control characters rather than nations, and collaborate to achieve their goals in an RPG type format. Is anyone interested in this? And if so, please leave a comment about whether you'd prefer to see a more fantasy environment, less fantasy (more real), or NS-related environment.
  15. Having recovered from its earlier, more feverish pitch, Burninites have taken an interest in athletes not only from their own nation, but from others. Personal stories of athletes from the nation of South Miruva, especially, have played well with Burninite audiences - even when the have been lifted directly from Miruvan sat relays and not even edited for a Burninite audience.
  16. 2nd Edition of the Olympic Games of NSLeft

    Im in kiddos, Ill do whatever everyone else is.
  17. Last week
  18. While many citizens of Libertasnia were disappointed to see that not every sport involved shooting, baseball, or combination of both (quite common in Libertasnia); they nevertheless turned out in droves to wish luck to the athletes of their home. Many expert shooters, although not professional, turned out in the thousands to enlist in the Libertasnian Shooting team. Many citizens also took interest in the Nuke Put sport, considering the extreme interest in the Argentinian Trotskyite J. Posadas in Libertasnia as of late. Perhaps the most loved of all the Libertasnian athletes sent off today was the Libertasnian Baseball team, led by nationwide baseball star Hailey Jin.
  19. After the surprising performance of the South Miruvian team in the previous Olympics, sports fans huddled around TV sets in their bunkers in preparation for the beginning of the Games. While many sought to see the Union win medals again in baseball, shooting, and running, a rather large percentage of the populace began to take interest of the more... eccentric sports. Despite their condition, the Union's athletes were sent off with much fanfare, though much of it was broadcast through satellite comms. Deputy Executive and Interim President Andrew Matteo wished them well as they lifted off from their respective shelters, ready to compete in the name of their nuked but recovering home.
  20. The Aarnon people are teeming with excitement as the games get closer to starting. The athletes were sent off on their planes as thousands of Aarnons bid farewell to them at the airports, and every television in every house in every city seems to be tuned in to this massive event. The people are truly overjoyed with the spirit of sports! The Aarnon athletes have said in interviews that they are highly motivated and that they will not disappoint their people, being especially ambitious in the Aarnon national sport of window smashing. It remains to be seen whether they will live up to their words.
  21. Hecknamistani media is already pre-filming athlete's victory speeches, and preparing for censorship of Anti-Hecknamistani behaviour from less civilized foreigners. The Socialist king, Lorde Raven, has given his speech The Hecknamistani people patiently await victory.
  22. Roleplay Thread of the 2nd Edition of the Olympic Games of NSLeft

    Persian Media is already interviewing the Persian teams. Already the Order of Kaveh (For distinguished persons of the Persian Socialist Federation) has been presented with President Ashraf Deghani herself giving a speech. According to the Persian Spartakiade association the Order of Kaveh will be distributed to any athlete/team that wins a gold medal. Ashraf Deghani shook hands with each athlete before they boarded their planes.
  23. Burninite national news coverage of the upcoming games has reached a fever pitch. At least one television anchor actually has a fever. It isn't even opening day, and things do not look good on the Forbidden Planet. But, according to the national news, there is one thing that can pull Burnination out of despondency. A gold medal in swimming. Or the marathon. Ok, 2 things.
  24. 2nd Edition of the Olympic Games of NSLeft

    I declare the subrscriptions to the Olympic Games of NSLeft Closed. The nations participating in the Olympics are the following: burnination, libertasnia, the sri lankan communes, south miruva, world anarchic union, aarnonia, tyrinthion, yaroi, south cingalia, ayanka, hecknamistan, autonomous masses, countriopia, varsala, useugi, the persian socialist federation Official Calendar of the Olympics: December: 15th: opening ceremony, first rounds of all of the team sports (volleyball, baseball, association football, basketball) 16th: road cycling, 17th: 100m running, archery, 18th: seizing the means of production, lameness 19th: fash bashing, rapid fire shooting 20th: deepest existential crisis, 100m freestyle swimming 21st: window smashing, semi-finals of all the team sports 22nd: fa-skeet shooting, weightlifting 23rd: most time taken to realize it was abuse, 1500m freestyle swimming 24th: volleyball (finals), archery 25th: baseball (finals), pole vault 26th: association football (finals), long distance spitting, 27th: basketball (finals), nuke put 28th: marathon 29th: closing ceremony and final publication of the medals tally
  25. 2nd Edition of the Olympic Games of NSLeft

    I'm in And may I recommend archery if it's not already on the list
  26. 2nd Edition of the Olympic Games of NSLeft

    @Burninati0n Sometimes I have the feeling that my compulsive way of pinging people is even too soft Jokes aside, that's the thread
  27. 2nd Edition of the Olympic Games of NSLeft

    Zengan we need a topic for the actual roleplaying separate from the signup thread.
  28. 2nd Edition of the Olympic Games of NSLeft

    I will participate, sorry for the delay in my response... Life as a result of schoolwork has been less than tolerable over the past few weeks.
  29. 2nd Edition of the Olympic Games of NSLeft

    of course it does. It's added to the list as the 16th sport. We need other 4-5 imo
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