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  3. What leftist tendency do you affiliate with?

    There should be an option for Techno-socialism.
  4. - The ABC of Communism, Nikolai Bukharin & Yevgeni Preobrazhensky
  5. Political Compass of The Internationale

    Economic Left/Right: -6.63 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.08 Democratic Socialist
  6. The Making of a Leftist Chart

    Maybe personal freedom?
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  8. Old School RuneScape

    shush malaka
  9. SoL 1.1: Difference between Socialism and Communism

    I haven't read Proudhon, and I know very little about him if I'm honest. I was going with the official definitions, although in reality leftists and non leftists alike seem to use the terms "communism" and "socialism" interchangeably.
  10. No, because the purpose of the State is to maintain minority rule.
  11. So that makes Proudhon, what - simply a communist or a statist? Both, perhaps?
  12. SoL 1.1: Difference between Socialism and Communism

    To put it simply, communism is the stateless (and classless) form of socialism - socialism being one of several ways to, in theory, achieve communism. The mistake many people make however is believing that socialism and communism are about equality, when in reality they are actually about equity (I'm pretty sure this is the correct word, correct me if I'm wrong). Equity is summed up simply in the quote "from each according to their ability to each according to their need". Where as equality would be giving everyone the same, equity is dependant on needs. As mentioned in the text, if everyone was paid the same, but someone either worked less hours or had more children than the other, they would in reality be earning less - a problem which is not often considered in the Left.
  13. -Emma Goldman, Anarchism: What is it? -Pyotr Kropotkin, Anarchist Communism, Basics and Its Principles
  14. Old School RuneScape

  15. Old School RuneScape

    Does anyone play it? Let's all quit and play RuneScape.
  16. School of the Left

    Well, uh, funny story? Um, when I first wrote this it WAS a pure meme, and for the most part, it still is. However, I have familiarized myself with Posadas' work (and dedicating an entire issue of TLA's newspaper to discussing and defending him) and whilst I still do think Posadism is more silly than other socialist currents, I do think some of Posadas' ideas about the future have some merit, and would certainly be a great source of any socialist transhumanist thinking.
  17. That quite a scary answer and I'm not sure it's true. The Russian Revolution was lead by the middle class I think. In any case it the soviets were neutralized by the Bolsheviks who were mostly middle class intelligentsia. In Rojava a serious effort seems to have been made to eliminate hierarchy and patriarchy because s long as a society is patriarchal it will never have equality. Rojava is attempting to relegate government to a class of administrators.They are wary of the danger that with top down logic the state would reappear with its hierarchies and abuses. Annihilation of a class could lead to one group replacing that class. A lot of the Chinese politburo came from the middle class and high ranking government officers and their descendants are today's billionaires. Ho Chi Min's family were middle ranking bureaucrats in the french colonial government.
  18. School of the Left

    Not gonna lie that just sounds like a pure meme.
  19. NS Issues Thread

    I'm going as socially decent and progressive as possible, by design. My economy is 0 now but who knows? Maybe I'll do away with money altogether in the future(!) I'm fine with a dreadful economy, as long as it doesn't pull the regional average down too much.
  20. In this question, I think it's important to understand that the State, as we have known it throughout history, is an instrument by which one class oppresses another. That is its political nature. During the course of the struggle, when the working class takes control over the state, they will use it to oppress the bourgeois class and do away with them. At that point, the point where there is no more bourgeois class, then the state loses its political character, and ceases to be a state as we have known it. Does 'authority' still exist? Surely. Is there still a government structure? I think, absolutely. But the state is not a state as it once was. It is no longer an instrument by which one class oppresses another. It is merely an instrument serving the needs of people at that point.
  21. NS Issues Thread

    There are two schools of thought on this. The first is to go through an NEP route and transform your economy into a capitalist system, get your economy up to Frightening, and then nationalize industry to have a strong socialist economy. The other way is to promote government initiatives to build the economy strictly through state projects without going through private enterprise. I personally went with the NEP route and it worked fine.
  22. SoL 1.1: Difference between Socialism and Communism

    Yes, Marx is clearly distinguishing the two phases of communism (communism with and without a state) from earlier iterations of socialism. In other words, he is illustrating what Engels would later call scientific socialism.
  23. School of the Left

    Same here. By the way, what is a non-Trot Techno-Posadist? I know that Posadism is, generally speaking, a Trotskyist current. Cheers, Mark Foster/ Mōšẹh ʾẠhărōn bẹn Hẹʿərəšəʿl
  24. This is super interesting! I'm very excited for the next post!
  25. This is officially the first post for the Study Group (the previous one was an introduction), I recently announced. I decided to begin with a passage from The Critique of the Gotha Programme written by Karl Marx, and which I believe will shed some light on the difference between what we mean when we say Socialism and what we mean by Communism. Read and comment below: Next: What is Anarchism?
  26. This is where the posts for the Study Group will be organized. Announcement: School of the Left Introduction: Are we still relevant? 1.1 Difference between Socialism and Communism 1.2 What is Anarchism? 1.3 Surplus Value 1.4 The Party More to be added...
  27. World Assembly Security Council Proposal

    Putting the repeals (and liberations, which actually do something) aside, the Security Council offers two choices for proposals: commendations and condemnations. However, it is not like "this is a great region, we should commend it" or "this is a disgusting region (eg a fascist one), we should condemn it". Those who are condemn are usually raiders that pursue to be condemned. Usually a condemnation equals a raider's commendation. People actually campaign for a condemnation. And we cannot, for example, condemn a fascist region with the reasoning of them being fascists. There are rules, and many rules. It is not simply 'democratic'. Plus condemnations and commendations are only badges. They do nothing.
  28. Kardaschev: The Lonely Oddessy

    No. It would be more accurate to say that as of the current time the world would be in a second cold war of sorts instead. Essentially, a good deal of posturing by engineering the greatest feats of technology, since an actual war would be too devastating for anyone to feel comfortable taking the risk.
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