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  3. Comrades, I am standing for World Assembly Delegate at these elections. I have served in this position twice in the past, as well as once serving in the General Council as Councillor for Information. My program, should I be elected is this, in summary: -The General Council will enjoy my full support and cooperation in their endeavors in their respective fields and I will do my best to aid them in fulfilling their programs and proposals. -The Internationale will continue and enhance relations with our current allies, both in and out of NSLeft, new and old, and create new ones, as long as they meet our criteria and the CoEA and the rest of the region wish it. -Every proposal, suggestion or idea will be debated upon openly with the rest of the region. There will not be any shadow deals or secret endeavors but complete transparency and communication. -Amendments will be proposed to the Charter and after consideration and consultation, they will be voted upon and the region will decide whether they will be implemented or scrapped. -And above all, TI will continue to uphold revolutionary anti-capitalism and anti-fascism and opposition to any oppression.
  4. I come here to make a sum up of my proposals. My chief campaign is my proposal for Roleplays and Flag contests, which can be seen more about on these flyers i made. As well i uphold to keep weekly polls coming, and radio and vc events on the Discord channel
  5. My platform, btw, is: 1) Support the activities and vision of the other members of the GC (especially the WAD) by whatever means are appropriate given the nature of what they want to do, 2) Reinstate the weekly regional telegram with nice info and stuffs for the members that I used to create when I was WAD.
  6. Comrade Members of The Internationale, I would you to consider me when you are voting for the regional Councilor of External Affairs. I am about to present my plans for the term in a summary, but first, a few words should be said about myself and my time in the region we all comprise and love, The Internationale. The Question of Who Residency: approximately 2 years, as also my time in NationStates. Residency in Other Regions: North Korea, The Federation of Anarchist Communes Positions Held: Comrade WA Delegate for three consecutive terms, during which I often took up matters of external affairs. It should also be said that it was at the time of those terms that after a careful examination and consideration of the then current embassies by me and Aarnonia (CoEA back then), a clearance of many came, something that would later shape the embassies our region holds, until now. Other Positions: Admiral of the TRF Sankara Squadron (currently). What do I like most in NS: Bashing fash, interregional politics. Favorite Food: Pastitsio The Question of Why So... why would I nominate myself for the position of the Councilor of External Affairs now? The answer is two-fold: firstly, I am at a stage of transition in real life, the biggest yet, and I have plenty of time to commit, and secondly, there have been a few signs that this can be a very busy and interesting term for the CoEA and for the General Council in general. The... this is not actually a Question (?) Having established my case so far by means of possession, whether that is having experience, time, presence on and familiarity with allied regions, I would like to move to the important part: my plans for the coming term. The Question of What °Re-looking at current embassies. °Searching at regions to build embassies with. °Daily look at whether embassy requests exist, and putting them up for a vote if they do and are in line with what is said on the regional Charter. °Presentation of regions we are voting for. °Possible amendment proposal for the embassy section. °Communication with allies, especially NSLeft regions, and attempt for interregional (NSLeft) activities, along with the Councilor of Activities. °Informing members with the use of RMB posts about foreign affairs matters, and NS players in general with the use of dispatches and, possibly, forum gameplay posts, all that by cooperating with the Councilor of Information. °Furthering our relations with The Communist Bloc, with which we recently built embassies, and shaping our attitude away from what once where a skeptical look at them. °Cooperating with the WA Delegate and briefing them, as also the General Council, on all significant matters of external affairs. Having a presence in the Council and discussing all general matters that come up. Good luck to all other candidates! Always happy to see elections for every position at a region that is sadly usually politically inactive.
  7. Good luck to all the participants, whether they are going to win or lose.
  8. I would like to be the first one to have the opportunity to show and explain my plans as a Councillor of External Affairs. I have redacted a small document for such purpose. I have also included a TL;DR version for those who understandably don't feel like reading complicated words today. The document: TL;DR version: After helping to solve some issues to establish embassies between TI and TCB I thought I could do a good job as a CoEA, reason why I'm here right now. As such I would, apart from doing my basic duties as CoEA, search new leftist regions myself to later suggest building embassies with them, as well as keep in contact with regional officers from other friendly or allied regions to solve any disputes that may appear between us with hopes of building an alliance of leftist regions as large as possible.
  9. Elections end in 10 days (26th/27th) Please telegram Social Democrat Revisionist, or Caelapes if you have any questions.
  10. WAD: WAU - Equilaria CoA: Lichteburg - Varsala CoEA: Freien - Ayanka CoI: Burninati0n - Redcoatland
  11. I intend to officially renounce my nomination for CoA. I won't be running for CoA in the upcoming election
  12. For the record on the duties of the WAD, when I was it I considered it to be the leader of the GC. I don’t consider it easiest. The reverse.
  13. WAD: WAU - Equilaria CoA: Lichteburg - Zenganopoli - Varsala CoEA: Freien - Ayanka - CoI: Burninati0n - Redcoatland
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  15. Not really. The WAD is supposed to be a “First Councillor” in the General Council. As per the Charter: Comrade WA Delegate The Comrade WA Delegate is a Comrade Member of The Internationale who is elected to a sixty-day term by the Comrade Members of The Internationale. If a nation holds the position of “WA Delegate” without having been properly elected by the Comrade Members of The Internationale in a regular election, they will be considered an “Interdelegatum” and cannot exercise any of the duties or powers of the Comrade WA Delegate. It is the duty of the Comrade WA Delegate to hold votes on all valid proposals, to execute the results of all passed votes, to remove nations from The Internationale who do not comply with the duties of Comrade Membership, and to be a diplomatic and competent representative of the democratic will of the Comrade Members of The Internationale. The Comrade WA Delegate may not cast votes in matters up for the vote, except regional elections. The Comrade WA Delegate will serve as the region's WA Delegate during their term. and The Comrade WA Delegate will be considered First Councillor primus inter pares and will have Appearance, Border Control, Communication, Embassy, Poll, and World Assembly authority. Tbh, the WA isn’t really all that important and not much attention is paid by the WAD or the region for it, only if there is a liberation or a commend/condemn which interests us if it is about a friendly or hostile region. The WAD is responsible to hold votes on proposals or propose herself/himself something they believe will make the region better. Of course one can participate in the WA and vote in it, but it’s mostly for RP reasons, for the General Assembly at least. Of course, you can join the race as well, in any position you want. Being new isn’t a hindrance as long as you recognize the roles of each Councillor and such. I wasn’t an “old” nation when I first nominated myself for WAD, for example.
  16. Which role would you suggest? I don't want to screw up big time so I want to choose a role that will not jeopardise the region. WAD just votes in the WA right? Again I could be drastically mistaken so feel free to correct me.
  17. Not really. I was a new sailor at The Red Fleet when I ran for Delegate and retained the position for three whole terms... There is no problem, you will continue being a member after you have finished being the WAD. And the WAD is not the easiest position in the region.
  18. True..... I will maybe wait until I am more familiarised with the region and spend time in the Red Fleet before I take such a role as WA. Sorry for my stupidity.
  19. As a new member of the Red Fleet are you sure you want to run? You can't be on duty and Delegate at the same time.
  20. I accept Jeff's nomination and I announce I will be running for CoA.
  21. I would like to nominate myself for WA delegate. I know I've only been here for round 2 weeks but I would like to help this region in anyway I can and being a WA delegate seems to be the easiest job there.
  22. The Socialist Union of New America has been invalidated for leaving the region.
  23. I, The nation of Equilaria herby nominate myself for the role of World Assembly Delegate
  24. I accept the nomination and would like to thank @Soviet Potheads and @Bysantine Empire for nominating me. My platform will mostly be an attempt to increase activity in all three pillars of The Internationale- the region, the forums and the Discord- through some important, in my opinion, changes. Considering how at least two people have applied for all positions so far, this will surely be an interesting election.
  25. I, comrade-colonel McCandless of the United Socialist States of Redcoatland, nominate and propose myself as Comrade Councilor for Information. I hope that my humble service for Internationalism and the Socialist Revolution will be helpful to all of you, comrades. Workers of all lands, unite!
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