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  3. The Decapole counsils

    Moderation Reports Thread

    Nation: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=kraulandia Action: ban Reason: Nation's motto: "Praise our aryans , for victory is upon us!" +initial post with refercen to their leader as Führer + salutations to all with a "Heil" in the middle of an english sentence . Upon explanation demand(s), spammed the RMB and my inbox with gibberish RP, until after two warnings, they sent an anticommunist telegramm (in RP! see below).
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  6. I've never thought the political compass was a good measure, but since this thread is already here, I suppose I'll participate
  7. Huilin realises something's off as she gets into the wagon. For the last days she had to pay attention to the officer's long speeches and plans about what to do once they reached No Man's Land, to the west. She's sure that train wasn't heading towards the west. Are they taking another route towards there? Or it's just a mistake, perhaps? She realises her mind isn't tricking her as soon as she starts hearing other soldiers whispering to each other with similar concerns. It's not until one of the officers gets into the wagon and explains the change of plans that they learn where they are heading. As the officer finished speaking, turned around and headed toward the door, soldiers started to speak again, this time way louder, some of them ignoring the officer's last sentence and trying to ask him questions anyway. Huilin turns around, as if she's trying to hide for a moment from the rest of soldiers. Eyes wide open, she puts her hand on her chest as she looks down to the floor, visibly shaken. The Wai river. She's been there before. Several times, in fact, on several field trips to collect samples for her studies. She knows the area quite well: the river is surrounded by a vast and dense jungle with an hostile climate and a considerably unfriendly fauna. If having to fight the Yiimarans by itself isn't already intimidating enough, having to do it in a place such as the surroundings of the Wei river is more than enough to drop anyone's morale, not to mention that it is said the Yiimarans have a large portion of their navy going up the river itself. Huilin takes a few deep breathes and tries to regain her composure. She looks around her: she sees soldiers complaining and ranting, but none as worried as she. As if no one really knew what awaits them. Huilin only knows of one person in there that may be as aware as her of the situation: She looks up at the Roina hunter, standing next to her.
  8. World Anarchic Union

    The Great Patriotic War - TI Roleplay in Jin Gwó

    The pirate started to respond to the guards when the sound of planes filled the air. Lyra realized what that meant, as did the others with her. The noise was increasing in volume more and more until, in a few minutes’ time, the planes seemed to have disappeared. Of course, everyone knew what that meant as well. She began responding to Thorsten when an explosion rocked the ground. She tried to hold on to a loose piece of rope but suddenly the truck began swerving. After a few seconds a shrieking sound made Lyra’s ears to ring and the whole truck lifted from the earth. It fell on the ground violently, shaking all those inside. Everything crumbled and began falling apart. Lyra tried to hold on but it was far too difficult. The piece of rope she was holding onto snapped and she was sent flying from her seat onto a nearby guard who was badly injured. As the truck whirled once more, bothshe and the guard were sent flying backwards with the guard launching off the truck. The former captain felt something warm dripping from her head and her hand felt numb. The smell of gasoline began filling her lungs as the truck finally landed on the side of the road. Lyra opened her eyes. She seemed to have lost consciousness at the last seconds of the crash. Now things stood still but the noise of the planes was slowly but steadily returning. As she tried to stand up, she noticed that a large bruise appeared on her left arm and cuts were quite prominent on her leg and forehead. Looking around, she realized she had fallen on Thorsten, her bruised arm around his neck. After some attempts, she managed to shake off the dizziness and looked around. ”For fuck’s sake, fucking Yiimaran assholes, fuck you to hell.” She turned her head around, looking at the other people beside her. Realizing that her arm was around Thorsten, she swiftly removed it, trying to hide that it ever happened.Let’s not talk about that she thought. ”How’re you sailor?” She said that addressed to Thorsten but glanced at the guards as well. “What about you? Do we have any casualties?”
  9. [For tecnical values, i decided that the standard is to start with 50 Health Points (HP) Characteristics like "Vigorous" and "Endurance" makes you have more HP than the standard, and things such as "Weak" or "Low Endurance" does the opposite. This way, here is the Health Points chart: Heishan - [Enduring], 55 HP Lyra - 50 HP Fogliame - [Has "Weak" but also "Persistent"], 48 HP Dheeraj - 50 HP Thorsten - 50 HP Engke - 50 HP Sergej - 50 HP Aya - 50 HP Huilin - [weak I, low endurance/stamina I], 30 HP Fatma - [Poor Endurance], 45 HP ]
  10. Seeing that the girl was going to resume on going back to her practice, the grumpy senior officer patted the other one heavily on the shoulder and huffed, muttering for him to keep rolling and find some work to to. At the Roina sniper, he just glared and pointed a finger. "Watch your tracks, hunter. Here we don't play with Yiimaran puppets, so you do better by not showing you were one." he said with a spiteful tone, and turned away to walk before a response could be giver, either way it would probably be the best for Dheeraj to not risk pissing off yet another officer. Time went by, Huilin had some other soldiers there give her tips on her shooting practice, as well she spend a good few 4 days there receiving training, which surely wasn't a very exciting experience, having to go through stuff like lifting tires, climbing walls and crawling under barbed wire, to watch the others there mostly go much better than her on such exercises. As well some basic instructions like cooking food on camp fires or crafting a tent out of materials from nature, identifying a reliable clean water source and other abilities useful for survival which were mostly hastily explained due to the lack of time. By the morning after those 4 days, Huilin and Dheeraj, along with a group of soldiers they have been training with, were then taken to the train station where they would be put on the next train to be sent to their destination. Although, something could be seen that it was off. Originally, that group was destined to be sent to No Man's Land, where a tactical guerrilla group was needed, but it could be heard just as they reached the station that the officer responsible for them was being faced with a last hour message, saying they urgently needed to change the plans. Some of the soldiers got confused as they saw they were being taken to board a train to go towards south, instead of west like previously planned, and it was when the officer came by, with the group already inside the wagon, to give them the news. "Squadron, hear me out!" the man started his announcement as he stood in the middle of the wagon, lifting hands and clapping to take the attention of the soldiers who were lost if murmurs and whispers of confusion, quieting down to hear the officer, that same one who gave Huilin a pistol. "Hear me out, dogs! Change of plans, they are in need for qualified men and specialists down the river Wai!" he said in a hushed tone, everyone looking in some confusion. "No questions asked, because i don't have the answers and you will only get them once we arrive there!" @Ayanka@Asturies-Llion The Yaroii on that truck didn't understand the svaalian's speech, but the sentiment was generalized there of the urge of coming out of harm's way. "We need to get out of here!!" one of the officers shouted, banging on the cabin's grills, "We have nowhere to go!!" the driver responded exasperated, as they were on a dirt road in the middle of a open pasture. Although, there was really no time to think much of what was going on, as a sudden silence replaced the aggressive revving of the plane engines, and another officer shushing everyone to hear what was going on. They knew the silence was the worst part, as it preceded death. And it was certain, as just a few seconds after the silence, the sound of the first explosion met them, the bombs falling left and right seeming to turn the ground inside out, making the driver and the soldiers exasperated to leave that place as soon as possible, the ride getting much bumpier as the truck speed up. A cloud of smoke, dust and debris soon covered the view as a bomb was dropped on a caravan not far ahead them, the soldiers screaming as that forced the driver to make dangerous maneuvers in attempt to avoid the debris while having very poor view of what was around. A large chunk of metal soon flew through the windshield, decapitating the poor officer sitting by the driver's side, who then panicked turning the truck on a maneuver that made the whole vehicle tumble around. The tones of metal and wood rolling around as the people inside it were tossed around along with the cargo, screams of panicked soldiers being heard as some of them were crushed by the weight of the craters being transported by their side now hurled at their bodies. This way the truck rolled over a couple times before stopping tumbled to side, the fumes of smoke and dirt filling the place along with the agonized moans of the people who were just tossed about like dead pigs. (Roll for damage: 1 d6 each. Thorstein received 3 points of damage (minor wounds), Lyra received 4 points of damage (light wounds) ) The officers were stunned, as well most of the soldiers, but the sounds of the Yiimaran planes came back, not clear if they were returning or advancing forward. @Zrhajan@World Anarchic Union
  11. Sierra Lyricalia

    Political Compass of The Internationale

    Are people still doing this? Last time I took it I was decidedly more "libertarian" than "left." Heh - perhaps Trump has further radicalized me 🤔 Economic Left/Right: -7.5 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -8.72
  12. The vote has concluded, TI is in favor of TCB being admitted to the Solidarity Pact
  13. The motion passes with 12 votes in favour and 3 absentions.
  14. Burninati0n

    The Great Patriotic War - TI Roleplay in Jin Gwó

    Gliame rolls his eyes, and thinks something along the lines of I DO have a voice, but keeps his mouth shut.
  15. This thread will be locked in a very short while. But can you explain what your suggestion is @The Decapole counsils? Create another thread if you want, I can’t change the lock date, sorry.
  16. As this is gameplay, I don't see any problem with this part, tbh. I'm more concerned by what I've been told about Vetelo, especially because I don't care about seemingly siding with questionable people on a "witchhunt" under a latin motto reused by french collaborators I agree with you this isn't the best outcome, the best outcome being them kicking him out.But in the end, as the hunt is a real thing, I prefer that the NSleft issues a statement, including maybe future regions, that it goes alone diminishing the politicality of the statement...
  17. The Decapole counsils

    The Great Patriotic War - TI Roleplay in Jin Gwó

    I consider again the officer, and have conscience that the thin ice of her patience could melt pretty soon in such a burnt-in station, speaking of which, exercise or such classes haven't been spoken of. "Sorry to add bother to the injury, aunt, but since you talked to us about our goal, how will we be best used for the glory of the people? Are we to be trained there or in between, or will people's army rely on this fisherman's and my instincts to adapt? " @Varsala @Countriopia
  18. Thorsten paused for a moment, a look of regret flashing over his face, before he said “While I do, I think, still have some family, it has been too long since I last visited them, and I have changed very significantly.” Suddenly he stopped talking and started craning his neck, trying to hear a noise that was unexpected, muttering to himself “that’s not from this truck, sounds like multiple engines, probably each about 12 cylinders, no noticeable engine knocking, so they’re well-maintained and running with good-quality fuel, relatively low revolutions per minute and attached to propellers. Oh. Oh no.“ So concentrated on the engine noise had Thorsten been, that he failed to realize that the sound had been gradually increasing in volume until the driver shouted, at which point Thorsten, in a mild panic, reverted to his native tongue of Svaalian, saying “We either need to get out of this truck or get out of sight of these planes, right now.”
  19. Huilin exhales deeply. She feels relieved, but she's far from being happy. As the officers walk away, she looks with resentment at the back of the one who gave her the pistol. "Travesting?", she asks herself. Huilin feels humiliated. She knows that she's not strong, nor tall, nor agile, nor fit. And while she does not take mockeries of that kindly, she actually lives happily not being any of those things because, after all, she has an intelligence she had to work to have, and makes her good at her job as well. But without that, she has nothing to feel proud of. Denying she has such a thing makes Huilin feel... Worthless. She looks down, at her hand, still holding the gun. Carefully making sure she's not pointing at anyone, Huilin grabs the revolver sideways with both of her hands and starts inspecting and trying to learn about it: where the safety is, how to insert and eject the bullets ... After a short time, she looks around her. It seems like no one notices her anymore: the commotion faded away and everyone is back to their own training. Discreetly, she takes a quick glance at the hunter, still standing near to her. Huilin turns to look again at the target in front of her, with the two holes left from before. She still can't believe she was able to do that twice, although she's sure it was just pure luck. Then, she sighs and raises her gun again: better do some practice before she runs out of it. Doing as everyone else would also help her to go somewhat unnoticed, which right now would also be appreciated.
  20. As the Twai got in line, being closer to the people there, he could certainly overhear what was going on that place, and Sergej surely could as well if he approached the place more. It seemed, from what the guards were talking with the people on the line, that some of those were freshly brought from a local gulag, and were being conscripted in exchange for freedom. Some others were very young lads and girls, it could be heard that some of them were saying that 'this is preferable than going back to the orphanage'. It could be seen that this was a fresh batch of people who were enlisting in exchange for the promise of "war may be better than the fate i currently have", something clearly driven from desperation. Yes, Gliame was standing on a line of desperadoes and orphans, waiting to be paired with some of them. The one right in front of him was a girl of young aspect, with her hair tied on two long braids. She briefly looked back to the man standing behind her, looking surprised a bit, and then nudged a young lad in front of her, who was oddly similar to her in appearance. "There is a lot of foreigners here, do you think they are dangerous?" she commented with the boy in front of her, whispering. Sergei, who was scouting the foreigner, was met with the glance of a young guard as he arrived near the line, and the said guard approached the older soldier with a quick, shy greet, and looked at the Twai being brought by the man. "Isn't this the dude that the others think is a spy?" he said in a low tone but still seeming to don't care if he was being herd by Gliame. @Burninati0n@Normansveldet
  21. Burninati0n

    The Great Patriotic War - TI Roleplay in Jin Gwó

    Well, suppressing increasing anxiety, Gliame gets in line to await his turn...
  22. [Also, to let everyone know, due to the long wait for replies and people being really eager to play, i decided to also start doing individual turns or turns with just one pair. Although i won't do too many of them with a same person before the whole group advances on the same pace, of course, its mostly to speed up things like dialogues.]
  23. Huilin: Roll to shoot. Roll difficulty = Medium-high [weak I, low endurance I; but this time the gun is smaller] Minimum score for success: 15 Result of the roll: 16 (Bro you keep rolling just one number above the needed lol) As Huilin fires the gun, the recoil is strong enough that her hands jerk back, but not enough to hurt her nor make her lose her stood ground. And the shot, it was very good shot. It didn't hit the bull's eye, but it landed nicely just on the ring directly before it, making it a really decent shot. Seeing that, the grumpy officer scowled as he looked to his peer. "See! You bucket heads, none of you know how to teach a woman to shoot!" he half shouted and pushed the other officer on the shoulder, poking him angrily, then gave a slap to Huilin's back. "Take that ol' pistol with you, girl. You will need the luck on it if you plan to get in the jungle with those arms and a bunch of airheads who can't tell the proper equipment to give to a bourgeois travestied as a specialist!" he squinted at Huilin after saying that, and glared at the officer and the sniper. @Ayanka@Asturies-Llion
  24. Courelli

    Leftist music discussion thread

    I'm partial to The Red Flag. Also, I like Victory Day. (This one has captions in a few languages for those of us who don't speak Russian )
  25. should have been done a long time ago
  26. Comrades, The Communist Bloc has voted to ratify the Solidarity Pact of the NSLeft. As members of the pact we should vote on whether we agree or not with TCB joining NSLeft. As always, a veto is only eligible if there’s an explanation behind it, otherwise it is counted as an abstention. The vote will run for 7 days.
  27. And once more, Huilin has to go through the same experience all over again. Another firearm in her hands, the same target in front of her and a bunch of impatient and dissatisfied officers surrounding her and looking at the smallest of her movements. Arms forward, right hand in the grip, index finger softly touching the trigger. The new officer had the detail of leaving her ready in position to shoot. Left hand's palm under the grip, holding the gun's weight. The good news are that the piece of metal that now she has to hold now feels much less heavy than the previous. Right leg slightly behind the other one. With some luck this may help her in repeating her previous little miracle. Left eye closed, right eye looking at the bull's eye through the sight. Only her pulse and the feeling of nervousness of the situation were the responsibles of the now much smaller shaking of the gun. And again, when she sees that the sight aligns with the center of the target, she presses the trigger back. [Roll to shoot]
  28. Normansveldet

    The Great Patriotic War - TI Roleplay in Jin Gwó

    Sergej strokes his beard for a second before responding "Well, that really depends on where conscription decides to send you, which again depends on how busy they are. If we're lucky they're not that busy." Sergej lets out a low sigh before saying "Well this is the busiest I've ever seen this place. It's normally pretty empty so I wonder what's going on. Mabye we lost a push?" He starts stroking his beard and getting a worried look at his face. "Hope nothing too bad has happened, not that worrying is going to do anything about this." He stops stroking his beard and examines the line for a moment. "Doesn't look like it should take too long, best if you just get in line now and get it over with. I'll go see if they need any help."
  29. Well, I guess you got me there. Both of those votes were made back in april, when I was starting to get into the whole voting system and administrative and democratic procedures of the region. Yes, I vetoed both of those proposals, not as an act of malice but as of ignorance. Back then I guessed the charter wasn't something you could just do exceptions of and thus I just thought that "Hey, if vetoing is for when the voting for an embassy is against the rules and in here there's something that contradicts them I guess it's the only option here". With time I've been changing my way of looking at the charter, especially at the article V.2.5., as not as an indisputable rule but also as a bit of a guideline that we could made exceptions of if we saw that some contradictions with it weren't important enough (tag-collecting or non-serious regions, as an example) to avoid building an embassy wit a region that was truly worth it. I think the turning point for me was with the proposal to build embassies with The Communist Bloc (which, in fact, we were able to build an embassy with them thanks to this attitude), where I tried to do my small part to first search and then later sort out regions that contradicted the arcticle V.2.5. according if we had any reason to worry or not about them. I'll refrain from posting the link here to not make with the preview a bigger wall of thext than I'm already making. I can't deny it surprises me a bit that you came of this hostile to me for saying this in the OP, when in fact, the first one who pushed me to change my view was you, with this quote of yours in one of these links you just posted: Also, I beg to disagree with this next statement: I never explicitly declined to discuss anything. I just never bothered to answer or post back, thinking my veto would be ignored if it was seen as not a reason to stop the voing. I just voted, posted my reasons and then left the forums for a few weeks as I used to do (didn't check them very often back them). I didn't care about being or not in the right, I thought I did my "service" to the region by pointing out the contradictions and that's pretty much it. Anyway, I have noticed you voted to abstain in this same vote. I'm not accusing you of anything with this, I just want to make sure, but please, if you will be setting your vote against the construction of this embassy, I beg you be doing it because you actually thing our regions should not have diplomatic relations and not because you have a disagreement with me and I happened to be the one proposing the embassy. Thank you.
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