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  2. As promised: since no one found that this proposal should be vetoed but me and not wanting to impose my ideology over anyone I now change my vote to Abstain. (I know that voting ends the 28th of july but I'll not be able to log in that much in the next few days and i don't want to risk forgetting to do it) I make it clear that this does not change my opinion on liberal ideas and on the fact that they have no place in a Marxist Socialist region, I hope that the new comrades from the SLU will prove Freien right on the fact that SLU is much more a Democratic Socialist region than a Liberal one. I trust the common judgement of my fellow comrades on this decision, I hope time will prove us right.
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  4. Political Compass of The Internationale

    Using the new compass, I took the test twice and got the results seen below. Seems that when it comes to anarchism vs statism I'm right in the middle. Fun note: the one where I lean more towards anarchism was taken at 4:20 PM
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  7. Some "liberal ideas" might be somewhat influential among our comrades that belong to the 'libertarian' side of socialism, but I would be the last to disagree that Liberalism in its entirety has nothing to do with what The Internationale, as a leftist region, represents. However, SLU is not a liberal region, since it is mostly comprised of democratic socialists and social democrats, who as it seems, make up for a significant amount of our membership. Additionally, SLU is a region that has historically proven its commitment to the leftist political spectrum with the close relations it has held all these years with leftist regions. I honestly understand your way of thought on this, comrade, but I believe you are mistaken about the identity of SLU.
  8. A non-Marxist region is not at all necessarily incompatible with what we stand for, even if I put the name "Liberal" ahead of it. Armed revolution can be a means of democracy.
  9. absolutely not! i am prioritizing a democratic principle. if I were to follow a strategy i would stick to my guns and make the most of my veto. But that would be unfair to the majority and fairly undemocratic. My ideology does not change, regardless of the outcome of this vote i will still think that liberal ideas have nothing to do with this region; nonetheless i recognise that if I am the only one who feels that way in a region that counts 400+ nations then it would be much more fair to accept the will of the vast majority of the region members.
  10. I mostly agree with what you are saying, but I think reaching out to a region with lots of democratic socialists to form embassies strengthens both regions and may encourage this kind of conversation to take place (where nations consider different leftist ideologies), which I see as a positive thing. I understand your argument though, and appreciate that you're willing to wait and see if anyone else feels the same way.
  11. It looks like you would prioritize strategy over ideology.
  12. I saw that afterwards, but nonetheless their name says Liberal and i believe that the increasing "Liberalization" of leftist ideologies is indeed one of the most dangerous things that the true left is facing right now...tu sum it up they define themselves more as liberals than as socialists. The term "liberal" being used as an equivalent for "leftist" is a consequence of the constant turn to the right that american politics (Democratic party included) have taken in the last decades, but ideologically liberalism has nothing to do with socialism and Marxism. I know there are and i think they belong in our Regione more than they belong in the SLU, I, as a socialst would never accept to be in a Liberal region. I noticed it but I believe we shoul prioritize ideological arguments over strategical ones, i mean if the most powerful fascist group in the world was to show up at our doors and ask for cooperation i am sure we would shut him down for good before he even starts talking. Anyway, since it looks like i am the only one who sees it that way, and taking into account that i Don't want to rain on anyone's parade, if no one else votes to veto this proposal before the Poll closes i will change my vote to Abstain as i don't think i should forcibly impose my view if i am the only one to see it this way.
  13. As Askietic already pointed out, SLU has the Socialist tag. However, there are democratic socialists in SLU. The WFE of their region states: "A region for democratic socialists and socially minded liberals". They also are allies of DSA, a region very close to ours and a member of the NSLeft. Take into account that a Veto makes the proposal to fail. We don't only hold embassies with pan-leftist regions.
  14. Where does it say that they are a pan-leftist region? They seem to be a region that is, as its name suggests, social liberal, misinterpreting "democratic socialism" as a kind of social democracy.
  15. They have the socialist tag. Also, they don't put socialism as a requisite. The nations have to be up in civil and political rights; but they can be democratic socialist nations or social democratic ones.
  16. I am inclined to vote against this particular proposal. in fact even if "The Internationale" is and has to be indeed a pan-leftist region i think we should understand what we mean by left. In fact the term "liberal" stands for values that are not at all compatible in my opinion with what we stand for. I believe word are important and powerful symbols, a Liberal region is not a Marxist region, even if you put the name "Social" ahead of it. Furthermore i will Quote an article from the Charter to make my point: There are no such references in the tag of the reason in question here, not even in the description of the region; check it yourself: https://www.nationstates.net/region=social_liberal_union ----------------------------------------------------------- Liberalism is not the same as Democratic Socialism, the former advocating liberalization of the economical intractions and trust of the free market. Democratic Socialism is still authentic socialism enforced by means of democracy instead of the ones of armed revolution.
  17. until
    The Legislature Reduction Act will be up for public vote as a constitutional referendum on the regional poll. As per Section III, Article III of the Constitution, the poll will be open to all WA member residents. The Act requires fifty percent plus one vote to pass. The poll can be found here: https://www.nationstates.net/page=poll/p=97428 The details and changes that will be made to the Constitution can be found here: https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=845742
  18. Since The Internationale is a pan-leftist region, I believe we should reach out to democratic socialist regions.
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    Trade?! What are we? A bunch of capitalists?
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    I'll gladly exchange the middle east for europe. Wanna trade?
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    Living in Greece, I completely endorse this . However, the Greek Left was really ahead of its time when it was talking about the anti-socialism of EU (not named as such then) in 1974 and demanded the country to leave. But who listened? I would personally like it if I could leave Europe in general!
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    Yeah, quite interesting times to be living in the UK at the moment. I have to fess up and say I voted to leave the EU. I am not convinced of the altruism/socialism of the EU. I voted to leave for number of reason, I wont go into all of them here but I am happy to discuss them. I think originally the EU was a wonderful thing that started out with excellent goals and objectives. However, somewhere along the way the markets, business, and wealthy elite got involved and it became anti-democratic and free market driven. For instance, when the last Government tried to take away Tax Credits from people in this country we created uproar. Debates were discussed in the House of Commons, on the television, radio and up and down the country. Eventually the House of Lords rejected the bill and the government had to drop the whole thing. The point was that the people spoke out with a unified voice and achieved something. How can we influence the EU when the laws which they make and apply here are made behind closed doors by career politicians/wealthy businessmen with no ability for us to have any national debate. The EU is merely another global neoliberal organise that has designed itself around systems to hand more power over to the market and systematically and indiscriminately breakdown and destroy socialist structures etc. I have my problems with how the negotiations are been handled by our "Brexit Team", and the massive lack of a clear and thought out plan. I would also just say that I also voted to leave the EU stage and enter the world stage again with a goal to be more outward looking. However we should not forget, insult or fall out with our friends in Europe. It is a wonderful continent with a rich history, and I for one believe a wonderful people. I voted to to leave the EU organisation, not Europe. Regards Michael
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    Thank you all for the warm welcome, much appreciated. As you rightly pointy out, you can infer somethings from the date, however I would point out that through the financial crisis I did manage to keep my faith in market capitalism (some how???). Even arguing with friends in favour of bailing out banks, while arguing that collapsing businesses should be allowed to go under as it was the natural order of the market. My belief was much propped up by the media and my business studies tutor who had insisted that anything other then a free market would send us careening back to he dark ages. Then not long after the June 2010 budget here in the UK, I was reading quite a bit of coverage around the effects it would have and I really do not know but something made me feel uneasy about the whole thing. When I really questioned my core belief and wrote it of what I was thinking and what I was hearing I was kind of shocked by what i felt. Suddenly I felt that it that these very wealthy individuals had basically created a crisis, almost crashed the global economy, tipped lots of countries into protracted recessions, received billions in bailout funds worldwide and got away with it. Then the ConDem Government rocked up and told us that it was actually the result of too much welfare spending, rather than financial speculation and then initiated crippling austerity, which is still strangling people in this country to date. Forcing thousands to use food banks, while giving tax breaks to the wealthiest, driving down wages and choking the economy. From that point on I started reading much more left wing views and what started out as just an anti austerity beliefs has crept slowly further and further to the right aided by my involvement in charity work and unionism it has lead me to where i am now. Also during this time I became a public sector worker and have seen first hand on a daily basis what the reality of these policies actually are, and the effects it is having on some of the most deprived areas of this country. Sorry for the long winded explination but this is the basic gist of it. Regards Michael
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    Welcome Glenraven to TI, I hope we all learn.
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    Welcome comrade
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    Comrade, welcome to the Internationale! It really is great to see more people joining here. The others have said this, as you can see above, but I see no harm in repeating it, you do not need to apologize. If you want to get into the action more, join the Discord. Also, I'd really be interested in hearing your opinions on Brexit and the other relatively recent things in your country, if you could tell them it would be really great.
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    Welcome comrade! No need to apologise for RL. Of course it takes primacy. If I may ask, what made you change your views? From the years there are a few obvious possibilities, but if you can, please explain it from your point of view.
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