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  1. Two Truths/ One Lie

    I guess 3 - it seems odd that your college would remember that
  2. As well as points already made in favour of opening up to other regions and spreading leftism, I would like to remind everyone that we vote on every embassy request/proposal, so they can be assessed on an individual basis. This proposal means we could potentially open embassies with a wider range of regions. You can still veto constructing an embassy with any region you object to.
  3. I mostly agree with what you are saying, but I think reaching out to a region with lots of democratic socialists to form embassies strengthens both regions and may encourage this kind of conversation to take place (where nations consider different leftist ideologies), which I see as a positive thing. I understand your argument though, and appreciate that you're willing to wait and see if anyone else feels the same way.
  4. Since The Internationale is a pan-leftist region, I believe we should reach out to democratic socialist regions.
  5. Comrades

    Welcome comrade
  6. NSLeft Olympic Games (RP thread)

    Planned protests due to environmental concerns about holding the curling event at the southern olympic stadium during this hot summer prompted a last minute change of schedule and venue. The event was moved to a northern venue on the outskirts of the capital Sterngrad where much less energy was required to keep the ice artificially cool. Despite this last minute decision, the event ran smoothly and disruption to the games was avoided.
  7. NSLeft Olympic Games (RP thread)

    The People's Republic of Autonomous Masses would like to reassure nations that all referees were independently assessed before the games to ensure their impartiality and that the latest technology is being employed to measure how badly you all do
  8. NSLeft Olympic Games (RP thread)

    Congratulations to @Soviet Potheads, @South Miruva and @World Anarchic Union on their medals in the first event!
  9. NSLeft Olympic Games

    I've gone with a dispatch, just because it is more simple 😛 I'll create a thread for RP on here (I was trying to figure out how people could do that if they want, good idea @Burninati0n 😛)
  10. @Balkanoslavia could you give a reason for your veto please? If you don't, I will have to count it as an abstention
  11. NSLeft Olympic Games

    Ok, so far the events are: Running Football (soccer) Shooting Curling Hockey Basketball I'm wondering if the team sports could be played in regional teams... I guess we'll see if there are participants from each region first
  12. This region has been locked and moved to The Federation of Anarchist Communes
  13. This is a dead region that has merged with The Leftist Assembly.
  14. This is a dead region that has been closed down.
  15. This is an inactive region that maintains embassies with leftypol, a region with a nazbol founder.