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  1. Thanks to all the comrades who have submitted a poster and to all the comrades who have voted in the first round. May the best drawer win! The posters can be found here:
  2. If I get re-elected, I promise to: 1) Keep organizing regional radio gathering events on our discord server 2) Improve my singing skills and maybe record a better version of my already better version of Korsakov (available on YT or at supramentioned radio events) 3) Help @Freien organize the Leftist university projectâ„¢ (it's HIS idea) 4) Be sufficiently active and try my best to have new ideas, following the path of my successful first mandate 5) Listen to ideas coming from the Comrade Members of our region and implement them 6) Open several Roleplay threads, beginning with these three ideas: Holding a NSLeft-wide association football World Cup with groups and knockouts, a second edition of the NSLeft olympics (credits to @Autonomous Masses for the first one), and a Politics-based RP thread (elections or party congress) 7) Not candidate myself for a third consecutive mandate Further discussion on the feud between fellow comrade Asturies-llion and me on the regional discord server
  3. Two Truths/ One Lie

    @Balloch claimed to be 16 in the ongoing regional poll. They can't go to university at 16!
  4. Two Truths/ One Lie

    Wrong again I don't owe a guitar of any kind. The truth is that I am a left-handed leftist.
  5. Two Truths/ One Lie

    Wrong. I have always loved owls, since I was just a humble little kid.
  6. I accept @Burninati0n 's nomination and I candidate myself for Councillor for Activies
  7. Warm regards

    Hi and welcome @Slavianki !!! I hope you enjoy our region!
  8. You have to choose a maximum of 2 options. If somebody votes for 3 or more posters, their votes will not be counted. Original thread with all posters here: May the best drawer win!
  9. Two Truths/ One Lie

    1) I love owls 2) I'm left-handed 3) I play guitar and I owe a second-hand fender stratocaster
  10. Two Truths/ One Lie

    i'm a total loser at this game Question comrades: now that my shambolic tentatives have interrupted the chain, whose turn is it now?
  11. I am honoured to announce the opening of a new Regional Art Contest! The subject is propaganda posters: draw (everything is allowed, from pencil and paper to the most sophisticated drawing tool) a propaganda poster that best represents an ideal you believe in and submit it by attaching it to this forum thread. The period valid for submissions begins today and ends on the 26th of August, when a vote will start in order to decree the winner. May the best drawer win!
  12. Two Truths/ One Lie

    1 @Aarnonia
  13. Leftist music discussion thread

    that song is good, athough I prefer the wolfetones' version. A pro-IRA song we usually listen to in the discord server is this one: @Bluebeat never heard of them, even if a lot of ska artists are leftists
  14. Leftist music discussion thread

    I like non-leftist celtic punk, so I really like comrade @Asturies-Llion 's asturian punk. I don't like the songs sung by the Red Army choir, but I appreciate DPRK's. Regarding modern music, I like the european Ska-punk scene (Boikot, Talco, Banda Bassotti, etc.), a pretty unique case of a folk punk group based in northern italy (MCR) and I absolutely love Rage Against the Machine and System of a Down. The latter ones are not a strictly leftist group, but they have been vocal in opposition against wars waged by the USA. The best leftist folk songs are the pro-IRA ones in my opinion (including celtic symphony) . What do you scottish comrade/-s think about them?