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  1. NSLeft Olympic Games (RP thread)

    What??? just 24???????? Vẽt-cuàtar???????????????????????????? These were the only words spoken by Comrade Stanifòss Esrebmèi, while he was staring at his personal collection of fascist skin fur coats. Later that day, the members of the Fashbashing national team were sent to the biggest steelworks of the nation. Everyone must find their path. And sometimes that path leads to a job in the steelworks. New training structures are to be build in the next two months, in order to prepare a new generation of fashbashers. As of now, let's just stare. Stare at those beautiful blooms and billets.
  2. RP Nation Profile

    Sorry, i didn't read the sentence over the map i may suggest you to add polish to the languages spoken
  3. RP Nation Profile

    And Poland? everybody forgets about the land of the popes: good ole polska
  4. NSLeft Olympic Games (RP thread)

    It seems that referees in Autonomous Masses are not worthy of trust
  5. NSLeft Olympic Games (RP thread)

    This is a shame! He's a corrupt! he sold himself to the rathfarnhamian Republic! How much Baiòc were you given?? Their anger towards the referee of the match against Rathfarnham was tangible. A match with 2 red cards and 5 goals invalidated for offside doesn't happen everyday, in fact. But let's make a step back. The Zengan team has defeated WAU's team in the quarter finals and the Sri Lankan Commune in a tight semi-final, so they advanced to the final round against Freien and Rathfarnham. No doubt that the Freie team was the weakest, and in fact they were hammered 5-1 and 5-3 by the other two teams. So comes the Final decisive match agains Rathfarnham. A match with no predictable winner. A match where the 22 players would give their lives for glory. The match was heatened by 70.000 people crowding the stadium and so tackles started mounting since the beginning. There were 3 yellow cards per side in the first 18 minutes. At the 26' minute the first event that changes the match: Two zengan players (Gàt and Muràia) got sent off for allegedly punching the Rathfarnhamian Goalkeeper during a corner. Then before half time Rathfarnham took the lead. It's not over. It's never over. DAI MO! - Shouted the Zengan coach during half time. And the players listened to that call: Patakakà scored 2 goals in the first 5 minutes of the second half. But then Rathfarnham catched up with the Zengan team. 2-2. But the Zengan team didn't give up. And scored once, then twice, and then other 3 times for a total of 5 times. But the linesman invalidated them all. Why? offside, allegedly. But, when the Zengan coach watched their replays, he discovered that neither of them was justified. After the 5th goal was invalidated, the Zengan coach called for a "peaceful strike" against the referee: The players sat down. And the Rathfarnhamian team scored 5 times in 10 minutes. And won. Bitterly. However, the Silver medal is still a good result for the mighty Zengan team, and sure the olympic games are still long enough to win other medals. But the "Red army" (the nickname of the Zengan national team, according to the colour of their jersey) is creditable for showing a strong performance during the whole tournament. This was the line up for Zenganopoli against Rathfarnham: Dìda (GK) D. Terzẽ Muràia Nësta S. Terzẽ Gàt Pirla Seidorfs Patakakà S-cevcẽco Zninzaghi
  6. NSLeft Olympic Games

    First of all, it's a nice idea. Great job, am I'm in My favourite sport is football, but Zenganopoli's national sport is spitting how far as you can, or, by its traditional name, "scarratching"
  7. Nominations for General Council

    I accept the nomination for Councillor activities and thank burnination for it
  8. Creation of a Revolutionary Calendar

    About July 26, the day is national holiday in Cuba and it was also the name of the party leaded by Castro
  9. Creation of a Revolutionary Calendar

    About July 26, the day is national holiday in Cuba and it was also the name of the party leaded by Castro
  10. Creation of a Revolutionary Calendar

    Description of the events that I wrote of in the previous post: 1) February 2nd is accepted as the day of the Sovietic victory in Stalingrad because on that the german officers announced their surrender 2) April 14th 1931 is the date of the foundation of the second Spanish Republic. 3) About why April 25th is for the second more important day of the year after my birthday I could write a book. Italy has been under the fascist regime of Benito Mussolini for 19 years when on September 8th 1943 the Italian king signed the peace treaty with the allies and officially surrendered. The parties previously outlawed by the regime, leaded by the communists, coalized and formed the Italian liberation committee (CLN) and the partisan brigades. Then, the german Nazis created a puppet regime still governed by Benito Mussolini (RSI, Italian social republic) and invaded the Italian peninsula. The allies begun retaking Italy soon after with the help of the partisans and by December 1944 they had retaken all the southern and central regions of the country. But then, the Germans managed to create an effective defensive battlefront located near the Apennines. For five long months, Italy was split in two: the centre and the south that had been already liberated, and the north that was still under fascist control. on April 9th 1945 the front on the river Senio was broken, and the Allies, crucially helped by the communist partisans, begun to retake the North of Italy. On April 25th 1945 the CLN called for the general insurrection of the whole population against the fascists and the german army. Two days later Milan was liberated, and on the 28th Mussolini was captured and shot. On April 29th, Mussolini's dead body, alongside his wife and other 3 fascist generals, was hung and publicly exposed in Milan in 1946 the Italian Republic was created and April 25th was declared national holiday.
  11. new year's day 1390

    An important message arrived to the Pope. When He was given the envelope containing the answer, He was impatient. He opened it and read it as fast as He could: "I want to inform Your Holiness that Your message has been recevied. Jean IV, Duke of Brittany" The Pontifex was dazed, and he asked to the messenger: "Is it all here?" "Yes, Your Excellency. That is all the Duke of Brittany has to say" - answered the poor boy The Pope, then dispached his new order: "Go, messenger, And tell the Apostolic Nuncio to get back to Rome" The Holy Father was angry and worried. Worried that the Breton Duke could turn to his counterpart in Avignon. Worried that the Duke of a small and not very influential land like Brittany could even think of turning his back on the most important religious authority of the civilized world.
  12. Creation of a Revolutionary Calendar

    February 2: victory in the Stalingrad battle April 14: proclamation of the 2nd spanish republic April 25: Italian liberation day (from Mussolini's regime) April 28: death of Mussolini April 30: death of Hitler May 1: International workers' day July 26: beginning of the cuban revolution
  13. new year's day 1390

    (OOC: the European late-middle ages scenario was suggested by comrade Asturies-llion yesterday and so this RP section is supposed to based on the real world in 1389. There is no fixed plot line, but by now it is just improv.)
  14. new year's day 1390

    The Pope was busy in those days. He was holding several correspondences in order to build the anti-mongol alliance, but he still found the time and space to answer back the Serbian prince, as the Pontifex needed a military partner based in the Balkans. This is what the papal archives report: To his Majesty the Serbian Prince Stefan Lazarević The Holy See is glad to receive Your positive response to the Pope's invitation, as the Holy Father did not expect a leader of a country adhering to the Orthodox Church to join his faction. With this letter, His Holiness Boniface IX also invites You to try to persuade the other kings and rulers adhering to the Orthodox Church to unite against the common enemy. Pope Boniface IX
  15. Two Truths/ One Lie

    2 is the lie