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  1. NSLeft Olympic Games (RP thread)

    After an excellent start to the Olympic Games The People's Soviet Republic performed horribly in the following four events failing to even come close to a medal. Tears could be seen in the eyes of Soviet citizens both at the Olympics and here at home in the Republic. Pictures of crying citizens circulated across the internet with some making very insulting remarks to both the people and their nation. Acting Chairman of The Council of Soviets Lev Mikhailov made no comment and actively ignored media questions about the poor performance of the nation in the Olympics. The Soviet Olympic team then made a strong comeback winning back to back bronze medals in Basketball and Spitting. Competition had been outstanding throughout the entire event but since winning twice after coming off a string of horrible defeats has brought cheer and enthusiasm to the populace. Mikhailov was quoted saying "Let's finish strong and, don't get cocky." Before making a hasty exit presumably to handle business in the Council of Soviets.
  2. RP Nation Profile

    Please ignore borders.
  3. RP Nation Profile

    map made in 5 seconds in ms paint from a blank WWI map. Ignore borders aside from red area please.
  4. RP Nation Profile

    (WIP) Name: The Soviet People's Republic (Die Sowjetische Volksrepublik) Government type: Democratic Socialist Republic Date of Foundation: October 18th, 1984 Capital: Engelsburg (Königsberg) Demonym: Soviet Languages: German, English Legislative body: Council of Soviets, The People's Assembly General Secretary of The People's Socialist Party: Stephan Bauer Chairman of The Council of Soviets: Lev Mikhailov In solidarity with the Russian Revolution many families changed their names to Russian ones, Hence the prominence of Russian names in a Germanic country.
  5. NSLeft Olympic Games (RP thread)

    In a brief interview with the Olympic Media Acting Chairman of The Council of Soviets Lev Mikhailov gave the following statement "We are extremely proud of young Yuri Petrov for winning our Republic's first ever gold medal and in the first event at that. We are very optimistic going into the next events. Thank you." Several members of the Soviet Assembly have called Yuri Petrov a hero and have called for a medal and a national portrait to be awarded to Petrov.
  6. NSLeft Olympic Games

    We should specify that this is amateur competition only. 'Professional' athletes should be barred like the real Olympics used to do.
  7. NSLeft Olympic Games

    The basketball and hockey teams will be the most important. We need strength and chemistry.
  8. Reading Group: The Society of the Spectacle

    Well I actually planned to read it after I finished Debs but ADD/ADHD and sleep got in the way of doing that quickly. Not to worry, soon I will finish and move on.
  9. Comrade in every language

    wouldn't Deutsch be Kamerad/Kameradin?
  10. Forum Update 101

    Thank you for your excellent work!
  11. Reading Group

    sign me up
  12. Charter Renewal Amendment

    I suppose you're right. The issues i mentioned are either too major that the Charter and policies cover them or are so minor that they aren't much of an inconvenience. Considering how the veto works it seems to make up for any loss of time.
  13. Charter Renewal Amendment

    Issue 3: On VI.1.2 it is stated that: "The standard voting period is ten days." Prosoped change to: "The standard voting period is seven days." Reasoning: The current voting period only succeeds in slowing us. I have been following recent votings and I can say with certainty that these last three days do only that (most people vote on 2nd-4th day). I veto this. Despite the reasoning provided, I believe it is important to keep extra days available for voters. We must remember that this is the internet and servers can crash, people can get sick, and other lengthy disappearances do happen. The 10 day voting period may seem unnecessary but it offers a safety net to those voters who have encountered any sort of significant issue.
  14. Creation of a Revolutionary Calendar

    November 5, Eugene V Debs' Birthday February 20, Frederick Douglass' day of passing (no clear birth date) October 16, Cuban Missile Crisis Remembrance Day (or any date from 16-28 of October) January 27, Holocaust Memorial Day March 8, international Women's Day July 29, foundation of the Socialist Party of America