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  1. Equal Vote Act Referendum

    The Equal Vote Act will be up for public vote as a constitutional referendum on the regional poll. As per Section III, Article III of the Constitution, the poll will be open to all WA member residents. The Act has been endorsed by Secretary Llorens, meaning a 50%+1 vote majority will allow the Act to pass. The poll can be found here: https://www.nationstates.net/page=poll/p=97067 The details and changes that will be made to the Constitution can be found here: https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=813401
  2. NSLeft Olympic Games (RP thread)

    Daily celebrations continue in the streets as extraordinary South Miruvian performances in the Olympics are displayed on public screens. Somehow the ragtag team of amateur athletes have managed to secure the nation first place in the rankings- but it could all change in the swimming event. With a nearly landlocked position, many South Miruvians can barely manage to stay afloat for more than 60 seconds, especially with the heavy beef, lamb, and pastry consumption rampant in most areas. Swimmer Ritta Merrimer is the nation's best hope for holding on to its current ranking, and this sentiment is shared amongst most residents of her hometown, in Bessamarago Region. One local sports commentator remarked, "She'd better win, or else a lot of angry sports fans are going to overrun the capital."
  3. NSLeft Olympic Games (RP thread)

    After being notified of the Lucas Santeros's silver medal win, a press conference was hastily arranged back home in Montierra, the home region of the athlete. In a quickly written statement, Governor Gordon Teulane praised the marathon runner: "I am proud to serve people such as our Mr. Santeros, who has represented South Miruva admirably and brought us to the global spotlight. Here's to young Lucas, and to more victories in the next few days!" Chief Executive Moski Emers could not be reached for comment, but is expected to address the Union in the coming days.
  4. NSLeft Olympic Games

    I'd like to participate; may I suggest swimming events (relay, different strokes, etc.)?
  5. June 2017 Elections

    Elections for the 6th General Assembly will be held for the positions of Secretary, Prime Minister, Justices (3), Minister of Archives, and Minister of Immigration and Customs. A brief outline of the timing/scheduling is provided here: 17th through 19th: Members of TLA may nominate themselves for one of the above positions. 20th through 27th: Period for debate, discussion, interviews, etc. 28th through 30th: Elections take place. All TLA residents that are members of the GA may vote.
  6. Forum Update 101

    Ooh, night theme! Love the update, but looking forwards to that next WIP one too.