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  1. Internationale, or Proletaires dictatorship?

    Since always? And where exactly can I find information about such prohibition? It is not mentioned in Charter or Code of conduct (even the Posting on RMB does not mention anything like that). Therefore it seems to me, that banning and ejection of Raderne, who AFAIK really did not make anything wrong except asking for endorsement trade, was completely unjust. May be you made some precedent case in the past, but then it should be stated in the rules, where newcomers can find such information. If the Charter or Code of conduct does not contain any such information, then I consider enforcement of such prohibition really questionable, or at least there should be some warning with first offense instead of instant ban. Again, this was my first offense whatsoever, that I am aware of... the only thing I can say to justify was that I was angry of such authoritarian approach the Proletaire shown and I kinda lodged the post faster than I thought it through... but instant ban? Also you kinda omissed the part, where my post contained valid reasons for criticism towards Proletaire and non-existence of the rule Proletaire was enforcing as mentioned above. So I am being persecuted without any explanation, without any chance to defend and can protest later? How is that different from police?
  2. Dear comrades, since I got expelled from Internationale without any chance to defend myself, I hereby humbly ask you to read my point of view and decide if my banishment was rightful. Recently (as you may or may not have noticed) there was a discussion in RMB about giving WA endorsements, where Proletaire stated, that everybody should be giving endorsements only to appointed WA delegate and nobody should be asking for endorsement (he also supressed the post of nation asking for endorsement and kicked him out of Internationale). Since there is no such article in the whole Charter (it only says the WA members have a duty to endorse the delegate - Charter IV.2.1., not that they cannot endorse anyone else), I expressed my opinion that Proletaires post sounds dumb and authoritarian to me and also gave several valid reason, why endorsements play vital part in enacting your rights as WA member. The result was that Proletaire supressed my post and kicked me out of Internationale too. Is this really the spirit of Internationale? You are getting kicked for expressing opinions, while the representatives are trying to enforce non-existing rules? According to Charter IV.2.6. Internationale should operate under principles of strict democracy and consensus. Where is the democracy and consensus, when one person is deciding about fate of nations without any disputation amongst the members of Internationale or chance to defend themselves for the "victims"? Is the Charter just a piece of paper to wipe the ass with? And yes, I am well aware some might say, that I have broken the rules (Charter IV.2.3. - no personal attacks) by being rude and using the "dumb" word. But did I really? I did not call the Proletaire dumb or authoritarian. I did not call his post dumb or authoritarian. I only told that it sounds like that to me. May be I could have used more polite expression, but still we are talking banishment in situation where Proletaire is trying to enforce non-existing rules and where I have just expressed my disagreement, although too rudely for some. The rest is up to you. I hope this post will not disappear magically and that we can have reasonable discussion. Your humble, Mr. Permonick, envoy of Freedom Community