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Cartography - A custom Internationale Map

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So I am aware that a member of the forums has in the past worked on an Internationale map where he took a world map and started putting nations in the Internationale on places on the world map, but now I am suggesting if anyone would like me to create a CUSTOM map of the Internationale as a continent, if you want me to do this I will draw one and I'll then take requests for where each country will be,

let me know if you want a custom map in the replies here :D


-From UD

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That's a great undertaking; if you do go ahead you have my support if you need it. I haven't much thought on where Phoenix Mountain is, etc, but my secondary nation is mapped and I guess in the Carribbean.

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I think I'm going to create and release a custom map for the region. It might not be as good as some of yours, but I'm going to try my best.

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15 hours ago, Bunkaiia said:

Is this fully dead?

I hope It is not

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