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Secure Discord Authentication Now Available!

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Discord is a text and voice chat client similar to Skype or IRC, with advanced functionality that we have tailored to our community.

To ensure that Discord users who claim to be certain NationStates players are in fact those players, we have established an authentication system using the secure Discord authentication server and our own forum (which verifies NationStates nation ownership on registration) to verify users. After verification, your Discord nickname on NSLeft servers that opt in will be set to your nation name with a check mark showing that you have verified your account through this system!


To authenticate your Discord account, please click this link:

Authenticate me!

This link will take you to the official Discord website (discordapp.com), where you will be prompted to allow the NSLeft to verify information on your Discord account. To work properly, we need three things:

  • Who you are on Discord (your username)
  • Whether your Discord email address has been verified (only users with verified Discord email addresses may join the NSLeft server)
  • Permission to add you to the NSLeft server, in case you are not already a member.

Once you authorize this information, you will be redirected here. If it worked properly, you will be greeted with a green check mark and success message. If not, you will have an error message that you can send to the NSLeft Offsite Administrator @Caelapes for assistance.

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On 6/19/2019 at 2:19 AM, Garcia-DeLeon said:

@Caelapes I am getting the Discord/Code error when trying to verify my account. Can you help with this?


On 6/20/2019 at 1:34 PM, Outer Golpi Steppes said:

Same here comrade, it won't verify me sadly. I've been waiting for now about 1 hour & a half @Caelapes

Discord Authentication - NSLeft - Google Chrome 20_06_2019 19_27_13.png

Lenin (NSLeft's Discord bot) is currently having some problems. Not to worry! The Red Fleet Admiralty Board is working on a solution now.

We'll let you know more as the situation progresses.

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