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Piper Winter

Piper says a hi

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Hallo everyone!

Piper Winter here, I thought I'd drop by and say hi, intro myself. Field questions, and generally just hang out. Nice to meet you all!

I'm mainly one of two Revolutionary Mothers of Wintercrest these days, Zenny being the other. I am out and about a lot though, visiting other regions. I am particularly fond of the left, for obvious reasons ; )

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Hello, Piper! It is nice having you here.

I am Freien, the Comrade WA Delegate of The Internationale. It was nice meeting you.

The Left deserves to be proud about a lot of things. The style of the beards of some leftist leaders is definitely one of them, and something that cannot be questioned even by the enemies of the Left. So, what is, in your view, the best leftist beard in history? (typical question asked frequently to newcomers)

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