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List of communist/socialist/anarchist news, internationals, parties and pages

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Askietic    5

I make this topic to make a list with all the news, internationals, parties and pages (including blogs) with communist/socialist/anarchist content.


It would also be nice that you complete this with the parties of the different parts of the world:

Getting Involved - A Party Near You!


I'll add the new pages here: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=askietic/detail=factbook/id=824849


The pages are very useful to use when you have a news aggregator. With a news aggregator you can put the directions of the pages and they'll give you the all the new entries of the pages you entered in one single program, in real time, saving time because you don't have to go to each page one by one and search the new content.


News aggregators:


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Freien    111

I would like to see only one Greek party added. That is ANTARSYA, its website is http://antarsya.gr/, and its ideology is pan-leftist since it is comprised of people from a number of leftist tendencies.

Websites/blogs in English:

Greek websites:

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