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Impeachment, the State and 'Russia-gate': Socialists Must Think Clearly

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One of my favorite (little) things about the PSL is the brilliance of their line "Trump is the symptom, Capitalism is the disease; Socialism is the cure." (Or in this case "poor and working people holding power" is the cure.) It's such an excellent slogan on so many levels. 

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It really is. And it highlights that Trump is only a temporary manifestation of our real enemy. The Democrats have built up their "resistance" around not being Trump, which is not going to help them against Pence.

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While I agree with most of the analysis, it does assume one of two things: Either that an impeachment happens so late that Pence will still be regarded as the non-Trump, rather than evaluated on his own terms, or that the ruling class, mass media and Democrats especially, will work with and normalise Pence even during and after the implementation of the elites wishlist that is Trumps policy agenda. Those are reasonable assumptions, but being clear about making them opens up for the question of how to avoid those being true.

An early impeachment is entirely in the hands of the GOP and their owners, so nothing can really be done there. However, with how quickly things have moved, I wouldn't be surprised if Trump is impeached in 2017 (This would also give the GOP time to heal fractures for the 2018 midterms). So the crucial part is whether Pence can be normalised. Because of the US media, especially their reliance on partisan shills, this would require at least the large media institutions and the Democratic leadership to go along with it. Here, it's important to realise that the Democratic Party isn't Leviathan. The 'broad tent' is mostly a lie, but there are social-liberals, progressives and socialistdemocrats within it already, and more are mobilising to primary current corporate democrats. A strong internal opposition to the appeasers, as well as a mobilised progressive base, could halt the Democratic move to the right, or perhaps even shift it left towards a more European-style social-liberal or socialdemocratic party.

While this is nowhere near enough to combat capitalism itself, as can be seen with the European socialdemocrats, it's still a possibility worthy of consideration. Is this a fight that can be won? Is it worth winning compared to the resources and the building-up of a socialdemocratic movement? Should leftists abandon any idea of reforming the Democratic party, and try to oust it instead?

And, contrasting it with a determinist/defeatist view of revolutions, is it better to work for relief now, or should one let Pence run his course and wait for the uprising when the working class gets hungry enough? Of course, this would open up the risk for an even more open fascist movement taking the lead.

All in all, a clear-eyed analysis of the US capitalist class and their political goons, but there are some questions about the potential for future actions that it leaves out.

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