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The Red Fleet scores multiple hits in first tag run under new organization

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The Red Fleet scored three hits in its first tag run after reorganization.

To better serve European comrades, whose participation has been limited by a lack of opportunities due to the lack of a trained European officer cadre who could select targets and organize operations, The Red Fleet Admiralty Board recently voted to redistribute its members into two new Squadrons: the Huey P. Newton Squadron, serving comrades of the Americas, and the Sankara Squadron for European, African, and Asian comrades.

Sailors were assigned to the new squadrons based on their residency, and several sailors were promoted into the officer cadre outside the normal promotion procedure to jump-start the squadron's activity. Experienced officers from the Huey P. Newton Squadron have been working with these new officers to get them up to speed and able to organize independent operations.

While the officer class is being trained, regions remain vulnerable. Three such regions fell under the crosshairs of the Fleet tonight.

First, four sailors, all from Newton Squadron, swept into Conservative Confederation early in update. The region was selected for its long list of fascist embassies.

As sailors faced some downtime waiting for their next target, a sailor from Sankara Squadron logged in and joined the gathering. The next target was United States 0f America—a popular target, apparently. Sailors from The Red Fleet jumped into the region first, but were followed shortly after by sailors from the Royal Navy of the Kingdom of Great Britain. Seeing two groups of raiders move in simultaneously brought the attention of The Grey Wardens, who attempted to endorse the former RRA defender point.

When the dust settled, The Red Fleet had taken the WA Delegate seat. Quickly tearing down the stars and stripes, the forces of The Red Fleet hoisted the banner of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea over the shattered region. But jubilation could not last, as a final target rapidly approached.

With no time to spare, two comrades switched out to fresh puppets and jumped blindly into the final target, White Peoples Union. Immediately after arriving in the region, the Fleet point was elevated to WA Delegate, allowing the Fleet's ensign to fly victoriously over the racist hellhole.

These successful tags will be studied by the up-and-coming officer cadre as they prepare their own operations.

Comrades interested in joining The Red Fleet should fill out a Rate Application. No previous raider or defender experience is required!

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Great job to everyone who participated while I was stuck being the WAD :(

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Certainly an interesting read! Great job in bashing the fash! :D

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