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Comrade Members of The Internationale,


In order to increase our ability to spread information about our region to its membership and beyond, I announce the creation of our own regional media. That in no way means a departure from the R+B, but on the contrary, aims for the latter's resurrection. While Media Internationale will primarily focus on updates about the news of the region in the form of dispatches, it will also create and submit content that finds as suitable to the R+B and help spread it to the NS World. The announcement will be followed by:

  • the creation of a Gameplay thread.
  • a form to apply as a writer/editor/upvoter and help the region spread its work.
  • hard work from everyone on the team.

If you have any suggestions, questions or you want to help, please feel free to contact me or post below.


The Comrade WA Delegate,


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7 hours ago, Soviet Potheads said:

I can submit a draft of my essay when i hit 1000 words.

I think this would better fit in the R+B, since I don't believe that your essay has much to do with spreading information about our region ;)

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