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Polish communists

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Situation of Polish Communists

Since the Fall of PRL (Polska Rzeczpospolita Ludowa) or Polish People 's Republic in 1989 communists have no influence in society, people (especially young ones) are leaving country, lot of industries from communist era were closed or privatisated and politics are ruled by right wing parties and in large minority liberals. leftist party that is biggest now in recent popularity polls is SLD with 8% a social democratic party that ruled since 1995 to 2005 (and to me they are pretty liberal) and made poland join EU (2004) and NATO (1999). only communist political party that was in any elections was PPP (marxists, trotskyists). They even started presidential campaign in 2005 presidential election where they tried to make united communist and socialist alliance, but their candidate died in car accident just one day before the parliamentary elections and two weeks before the Presidential election and presidential election in 2010 scoring 1.5% of popular vote. Now since 2015 Law and Justice (PiS) has installed anticommunist policies destroying monuments, renaming streets and red stars from graves of fallen red army soldires from communist and WW2 era. they arrested mateusz piskorski from leftist and rightist party alliance Change (Zmiana) under accusasion of spying for russians, also arrested key politicians of Polish Communist Party (that was established on october 9 2002 and have about 1000 members), try to illegalise them threw legal system and shut down their press brzask and deleted PPP from the records of political parties. so whats your thoughts on this situation and what can comrades do to save polish communists?

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