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The Great Patriotic War - TI Roleplay in Jin Gwó

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The hour is tense for the young republics of the United Socialist States of Yaroi, a confederation of several nations held together by a central democracy ruled by the Party.
It had only been a couple decades that Yaroi had gone through its revolution, overthrowing the oligarchy of the United States of Yaroi and spreading this revolution across the several countries that compose the union. Still in a fragile state yet with a strong spirit, the Yaroii are now faced with a sudden menace: their old lords, the Principality of Yiimara, who once ruled across half the continent. These monarchic overlords taken by the will to conquer back their lost lands, take on a quick advance through the territories of Yaroi as the Party was stuck on a perpetual filibuster of politicians unable to agree with what course of action to take, while their territories were being quickly lost.
Taken by surprise, the Yaroii see their only hope on giving all of their administrative and decision power on the hands of a most trusted revolutionary leader, Yao Meng, who is now in charge to command the massive land into a state of Total War to resist the Yiimaran menace.


The war scenario is despairing and devastating, to first put simply. The Yiimarans arrived with their great White Horde, a elite army with a powerful navy, and for years had been spreading their influence across the continent through menaces and taxing, now moving to a direct attack against the Socialist Republics, a nation that have undergone a revolution only 13 years ago and is mostly defended only by local militias and guerrillas. Due to the delay of the central government the Yiimara had enough time to overwhelm Yaroi troops as their enormous navy -their largest and main force- were sent sailing up the Wai River, going upstream through the numerous Dams, Locks and Canals built by the Yaroi themselves. Simultaneously they took the coasts at south of the Yiimara Capitol Island, which was all of the Socialist Republics' northern coast, sending the nation in a state of great alarm.
The Yiimarans clearly have plain knowledge that the strategic center of Yaroi is the Yaroi City, localized in the middle of the Yar Lake, and is the only truly large and industrialized urban center, not to mention it is the administrative center of the country that only a decade ago was on a semi-feudal state. They had been advancing towards the capitol both through the Wai River, that leads directly to the Yar Lake, through land by west taking lands on the Republic of Jin, and at north advancing from the coast. As well, they have taken a good portion of land across the Republic of Wai'Jin, and the one that had resisted the most so far being the Republic of Heibai.

Where the Yiimarans pass they leave a trail of terrible trail of destruction, pillaging crops and cities, slaughtering elderly and children, enslaving war prisoners and ravishing the women. They use of both biological and chemical weapons, causing thousands of civilian casualties, and wherever they go they install camps of forced labor for the war prisoners under the tutelage of their special forces composed by mage overseers, although only a small minority of their forces are mages. In this chaos, Yaroi put its decision power on the hands of one of their most illustrious veteran commanders from the Revolution war, the First Marshall Yao Meng, who had given general orders for the more organized troops to send missions specially to the Wai River, to the fronts of the Jin Republic, and overlands going past the Yiimaran fronts to the lands of Yiin'tar, which borders the Union of Socialist Republics at west, and also has great focuses of revolution even although they haven't joined the Union so far.

The Yaroii have a vast use of very rudimentary airplanes and to a lesser extent tanks, although those techs in their power are very experimental and unsafe, while the Yiimaran have much more advanced equipment, as well larger domain over biological and chemical weapons, not to mention a more centrally organized army, despite their truly great force being concentrated on the navy. That paired with the fact Yiimarans are naturally magic-able, as well stronger and more agile than humans, the Yaroi know that they are on every side in disadvantage except for their much greater numbers and their unbreakable spirit of defending the revolution. On such way, they are fully aware that a frontal confrontation with the White Horde would be a mission bound to fail, so the greater focus of the Yaroi forces are to disrupt supply lines of food and weapons that goes for the White Horde, either stealing supply trucks and redirecting them to Yaroi forces or downright destroying the supplies, as well largely using of guerrilla tactics to bait them into going to dense woods where they have territorial advantage, most of those missions having place in Yiin'tar. As well, delaying the advance of Yiimaran fronts at Jin through a scorched earth technique, burning down crops, destroying villages and poisoning wells only to stop those resources to have any use when captured by the enemy, this way depleting their frontlines of food and water resources when paired with the supply line disruption. Yet another plan that is going in secret is the sabotage of a dam at the Wai River, in order to flood the area and incapacitate the Yiimara naval fleet, both missions that require both for the Yaroi forces to evacuate the civilians and do the dangerous job.

Bright pink - Territories directly under Yiimaran rule


Faded pink - Territories recently put under Yiimara influence and rule

Dark pink (n° 6) - Territory of Yiin'tar

Yellow - Union Of Socialist Republics:
1 - Republic of Yaroi
2 - Republic of Jin
3 - Republic of Wai'jin
4 - Capital District (Yar Lake and Yaroi City)
5 - Republic of Heibai

White line - Advancement of Yiimara troops
Faded brown - Yaroi territories occupied by Yiimara forces

Dark Brown - Territories beyond the Takai Mountains, land of the Twai and Arni peoples (not relevant to the current scenario)



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On character creation:
To make this easier for you all, here is a very simple chart that explains your options for characters.

Default - Yaroi people
The people of the Union of Socialist Republics are the absolute majority in this scenario. They are humans, non-magic users and composed mainly of 3 distinct ethnicities with different cultures: The Wari, the most prominent and populous group (which are "east asians" such as chinese and mongols) that are inserted on the context of a "cultural melting pot" for what in the real world we would recognize as east and south asian cultures; the Roina (which are Dravidian indian people) who are from a very militaristic culture that values the several deadly martial arts that were developed by those people; and the Heibai (which are a mix of Balkan/Slavic and somewhat of north-india peoples), who live in the place that is the intellectual and ideological core of the Revolution, as it was in Heibai that the Revolution was born and from there it was spread.

Those are the default option, and for them you can make any sort of backstory you want, as they are the ones who are in default being drafted to war. Conscription is extended to everyone who wishes to protect the Revolution, men and women, adults, elderly and even children. You can be a peasant, a worker, a member of the party, or anything you want without needing any sort of "excuse" to end up as a conscript. Even criminal convicts can enter this, knowing that the government guaranteed that convicts who serve in the war earn their liberty from the moment they join the army.







Twai and Sedaran peoples - The Twai and the Sedaran are the peoples who live in several, extremely independent and heterogeneous city-states of what would later become the countries of Twootonnen, Itametocolosilis and Sedara. Twai are caucasians of mostly italian-germanic and celtic inspired culture, and are a reclusive but very free people with a very strong belief that they were brought to that continent and had their civilization build by aliens from outer space, with a culture that value nature and peaceful living, most often being vegetarians who live in communes in open fields or near the shore. The Sedaran being a nomadic people who live in the Saar Sand Sea, comparable to arabian peoples.

Svaalian people - The svaalians are "scandinavian" people with the same origins as the Twai, a people called as Sgaardians or Sjersens. They have a culture strongly built around the lifestyle of piracy and sea fairing, those who embrace this lifestyle being in no way pacific nor even law abiding people. They are masters of navigation, and many of them know secrets of magic that are part of their ancient "norse" religion, thus some of them actually know how to use magic. They had been intimidated by the Yiimaran to not take part on war, but being pirates, the Svaalians do not obey a concrete government and are free to do whatever they please and join whatever quest they wish. With a brutal style of combat and devious wits, they make a good rogue-type character.


Those are "uncommon" characters because in this scenario, they very much exist around Yaroi, but are not officially involved with the war, which means that obviously there is a clear possibility that people of those nationalities where present at the war, although not in large numbers for the ones who were there participated by their own personal reasons and volition. In other words, you can be a character of these nationalities, but you must have a backstory that at least justifies the reason you're on the war and how you ended up in Yaroi. It doesn't need to be complex, but needs to be at least plausible and justifiable.








Rare: Yiimarans
The Yiimarans are an aristocratic people of a "sister empire" to the Empire of Mithrillia. They are half-elves, specifically half-silevar (fire elves), and despite not being immune to fire like a full Silevar, they have the natural ability to bend fire and use fire magic. They are stronger, more agile and more resistant than a human, although not as much as a full blooded elf. They have long lifespans that goes from 120 years to indefinite time (in the case of aristocracy).

Their nobility and bourgeoisie live practically in gilded cages, so much they are alienated from the outside world and lifestyle of any other people. As well, their economy is slave driven, and they do not discriminate who can be a slave, enslaving people of absolutely any origin or species, including other Yiimarans.
If you wish to make your character a Yiimaran supporting the revolution, you absolutely must have a backstory that is convincing enough as to why a noble, who is born and rise on a aristocratic, fascistic ambiance with supremacist views decided to abandon their life, prestige and their entire family and culture in order to help people whom during their whole lifetime were taught that were vile and lowly scum born only to serve the superior Yiimarans. It must have been a convicing life changing experience.
If you wish to be a Yiimaran slave because you really want to be a half elf and use magic but does not want to be a noble, you also need a really good backstory to how did they manage to escape and end up in the middle of the Yaroi.






Character sheet:
Now, to the part that matters the most. To create your character, you must submit a character sheet that must contain the following elements:

Origin or Species: (Yaroi, Twai, Yiimara, etc)

Occupation: (your job before the war)
Physical description:
Characteristics: (15 points)
Abilities: (15 points)
Inventory: (up to 7 items)
Picture (Opitional):


"But Varfle, how does Characteristics and Abilities work?"
Simple, Characteristics are traits that describe your character's personality and capacities, you must add up to 15 Characteristics. Those define what your character is able or not to do, and will be taken in account when i roll dice for actions that your character will do. For example, if you intend to break down a door, you must have some characteristic that will help them perform that action, like "Strong".
Example of characteristics:
Charismatic, Intelligent, Strong, Skilled with Guns, Skilled with Blades, Agile, Perceptive, Can Drive, Trained Farmer, Good Speaker, Natural Leader, Martial Arts Expert, Artistic Talent, (etc etc)

Abilities are "actionable skills" that your character can do, they are similar to skills/spells thar are seen on a game, and you must add up to 15 Abilities. As well, to have an ability, your character must have characteristics that allow them to perform that action. For example, your character can only have the ability "Quick retreat" if they have characteristics like "Agile" or "Good with tactics"
Example of abilities:
Sprint, Long Distance Shot, Cryptogram Deciphering, Heavy Toss, War cry, Body slam, Hide, (etc etc)

Now that you have your information, bring in your characters!

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« Hēishān » Sanniang
Around 29 years old
Wari Yaroi from Yiimarian occupied southern Yiin'tar

Physical description: For a Wari, she is unusually tall (1m79), has darker skin and broad shoulders. A rare case of female docker, she keeps on wearing a red peasant cap (covering shoulders, neck and ears, with a large visor) or at least a red headband or quilted rose and black scarf on the head. Red is a revolutionary symbol, but the attire is traditional in neighboring colors for peasant women. She has a strong peasant accent when she speaks.

Back-story: Third daughter of a peasant family of southern Yiin'tar, of peasant extraction, she wandered here and there and for a while lived in the Yiin'tar capital of Yiin city until the Yiimarian invasion. Since then she works as a docker on the riverside towns.



Third daughter of a peasant family of southeastern Yiin'tar, known for here brute force and dark complexion, a part of what made her village relatives found her quite unattractive.

During a period of economic crisis, fled with her older sister Shi who should have married a cousin, with Tɛrbɨʃ a former painter and architect wandering as a mystic guru and false monnayer who established a kind of mutuellist community in an isolated part of the lush forest.

She ended up being one of Тэрбиш's « wives » as well for five years, but as soon has she discovered the true nature of Тэрбиш (a manipulating fool that partly intended to build himself an empire, a harem, and wanted a biased form of sexual revolution where only men are really free to choose), she left the community -that disbanded shortly after- with an anarchist woman named Xu Guangping, who writes poetry columns under the name of Zhou Fuqin in a literary newspaper of Yiin City tolerated by the Yiimars as a proof of their higher culture.

During the five years in Тэрбиш's community, with painters and poets, she learned to read, write and paint (however she's quite bad at the last when it's not about reproducing things that already are represented on paper), to add to her former hard work habits.

After her recent break up with Guangping, she now revolves around the cities of the eastern, working as a docker on the riversides where no one of her extended family can find her, meeting here and there with opposition factions inside Yiin'tar. Her unusual height, darker skin and broad shoulders forbid her to pose as a spy in the women clothes she always wears. She keeps on wearing a red peasant headset (a cap covering shoulders, neck and ears with a large visor) or at least a red headband or quilted scarf on the head, what confuses city guards as red is a revolutionary symbol, but the attire is traditional in neighboring colors for peasant women (oc, working as a docker isn't).

 Hēishān (« black mountain », what is an unusual nick for a woman) is a short tempered but easily forgiving nature, guided by the motto that if you sit on the riverside long enough, you can find ideas on how to see the body of your enemy float on it, if not, then it's no use to hold a grievance. From her accommodating young years, she kept a tendency to have moments of awaken dreams when thing don't go her way (after the initial rage, as it is since she discovered possibility of action). She has an idealistic and altruistic stance on things, based on her three successive (and cohabiting) main influences that somehow manage to drive and confuse her : the village habit of collective doing under the guiding of deads' spirits, protective nature spirits (and their shamans), and the cycle of rice, a messianic mutuellism, and a scientific collectivism.

She has been roughly politically educated by Guangping. Whereas she knows personally (but not closely) the opposition leaders of Yiin City, she has a very vague idea of what the factions struggles are, and almost none of the neighboring country leaders.

She has an aversion for musicians for they keep putting spirits out of rest.

In her village, as she was stronger than many of the boys, she had been shortly trained in using the ancestral wrestling style, in a really partial way as it would have been seen as ridiculous to give the fighting spirits science to a girl. At the Тэрбиш's community, she was tasked and actually in charge of the defense of the small community if not in name. The community was quite small, around 20 people, and she never got the grasp of being subtle or discreet. She has skills in cultivating, cooking and pottery, as well in living in the country all by herself, providing a shelter, and so on. She is quite fond of literature and theater and is able to actually write well, when she isn't so much at ease when speaking (often derailing in abstruse symbolism and metaphors).

What drives her most is a desire for a peaceful living for everyone, and she has been marked by the fate of her older sister, escaping a slavery to turn into another one, and finally hanging herself as she felt the world was too tragic a place and became latah. She has for herself a more hopeful opinion, as she thinks a global emancipation is possible for everyone as a whole and not as a single person.


Characteristics:Strong, Enduring, Trained farmer, Trained survivalist, Good reflexes, Intelligent, Good with tactics, Moderately skilled in traditional martial arts, Short temper, Agile, Educated, Empathetic, Resistance network, Trained craftswoman, Meteorology

Abilities: Harvesting, Swimming, Pottery, Cooking, Wrestling, Navigating, Dockers speak, Poetry, Heavy Toss, Relaxation, Defense positioning, Carpentry, Forgery, Animism

Inventory: A carved rice grain, Matrices for an out of use Yaroi bill, Hatchet, Nails, Strong and long piece of textile, Heavy linen cover, Bicycle.

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Name: Lyra “Havsvarg” Nordskov
Age: 29 years old 
Origin or Species: Svaalian 

Occupation: Smuggler/Captain of a pirate vessel
Physical description: Lyra is slim and of average height. She has dark hair and eyes, and slight olive skin due to her time at sea. She often wears a red bandana covering her hair. 
Backstory: Lyra Nordskov was the middle of three children of a merchant family in the southernmost point of the Eastern Svaalian Island. The pirate and libertarian culture that pervaded Svaalian society influenced Lyra at the age of 15 to abandon her family and join the crew of a pirate ship. Due to the new and radically different direction that her life was taking, she decided to adopt the name “Havsvarg” or Sea-Wolf as her surname.

A couple of years after she left home, she settled on a vessel. After years of traveling with the same crew and climbing through the ranks due to her cunning intellect and abilities as a sailor and smuggler, she orchestrated a mutiny against the captain, eventually taking control of the vessel and organizing it in a more horizontal way than before. 

At that point in time, the Yaroi Revolution had been concluded with the success of the revolutionaries. The instability and fluid condition of the newly-created USSY had proved to be a most profitable field for the Svaalian smugglers and Lyra was one of the most active ones at her business. Commanding her pirate ship, she had broken through the lines of the Yaroi Navy multiple times and that had made her cocky. Failing to heed the warnings of her crew mates, breaking the horizontal organization she had instituted as captain, she attempted the most daring mission she had yet undertaken; breaking through a naval blockade at a stormy night, with winds wheezing at terrifying speeds. No matter how durable it was, the ship was bombarded at multiple angles by both the navy and the weather. It eventually crashed violently onto the rocky shoreline, leaving very few of the sailors alive, including Lyra. They, or at least the ones Lyra had seen to be alive, were captured by the socialists of Yaroi and spread across the nation, locked up, with no means of communicating with one another.

At three years of imprisonment, Lyra was planning her escape when the government announced amnesty for convicts if they fought against the invading Yiimarian army. After thinking about her chances one way or the other, the pirate, formerly a captain, decided to take up arms and defend the nation that had imprisoned her, in order to be free and sail the high seas once more...

Characteristics: Agile I, Quick, Intelligent I, Navigation, Knowledge of the Sea I, Natural Leader, Opportunist, Anarchic Beliefs, Skilled with Blades I, Strong-willed, Persuasive 
Abilities: Swimming II, Sailing III, Sneak I, Sprint II, Swift swordplay III 
Inventory: Two short swords, Rope, Compass, Flask of water, Box of matches, Bandages
Picture (Opitional): 

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Name: Fogliame d'Inverno [Nick: "Gliame," pronounced "yah-meh"]
Age: 22
Origin or Species: Twai
Occupation: Hired farmhand during the harvest and planting seasons, founding member of local folk band in high demand at local pubs and events. 
Physical description: Slim male build, 5'8" (173cm), light skin, hazel eyes, straight black hair that tends to fall across the face, no notable facial hair.
Characteristics: Charismatic III, Agile II, Perceptive II, Intelligent II, magical aptitude/spellcaster, lightweight, weak (low strength), persistent (strong willed, will perform low physical requirement tasks for a long time), curious, has difficulty understanding other peoples' perspectives.
Abilities: Performance (musical/storytelling) II, survival (firemaking, tent setting, etc), sneak/move silently II, Simple Illusion II, persuasion, bluff, detect magic, investigate II, knowledge (music), knowledge (nature), knowledge (history/lore/arcana).
Inventory: Classical guitar in carrying case, guitar care kit (contains strings, tuner, etc., also in case), decent Swiss army knife (pocket), canteen (beltloop), flask (pocket), binoculars (beltloop)

Picture: [[Perhaps later; I haven't the time to draw or search atm]]

Backstory: Gliame was raised in a traditional Twai household, taking easily to the pacifistic, naturist, and vegetarian outlook of the culture. As such, he spent much of his childhood outdoors with a small group of friends. He discovered much about the natural world through his own exploration in this way. As the runt of the family, and the youngest of 4 sons and 2 daughters, Gliame's childhood was allowed to last longer than those of his siblings. He was sent to school for two years, but resented the walls and the reliance on memorization rather than exploration. He did learn his basic mathematics in that time, how to read, etc., being a relatively fast learner, but he left school to instead lend his labor to the community during the harvests and planting seasons. Reading was a hidden treasure, because absent the structure of standard education, he studied what he wanted about history and folklore, weaving these things into folk songs, and rediscovering and reviving old ones once forgotten. 

That led him to found a folk group that also experimented with visual tricks to improve their performance. Gliame knew he had some magical aptitude from his childhood explorations, but given focus, he quickly learned to captivate his audience with small visual effects that seemed to be woven of light itself. 

This period didn't last long, however, as the war shattered the peace on the continent. Gliame sympathizes strongly with the Yaroi, as his own story is one of the imposition of his individual will as resistance to oppression. Although to use the term "oppression" with relation to his own life when compared with the immensity of the real oppression the Yaroi suffer might seem presumptuous to the reader, it doesn't to Gliame. He remains committed to the pacifism of his parents, but felt called to some kind of action by the war. He committed to participate, but has difficulty conceiving of the struggle outside personal terms. That is, he sees his participation as part of personal growth and not as a part of a greater struggle, or an altruistic struggle, against oppression in general. This should strike the reader as a character flaw, but hopefully one that doesn't often lead him to wrong action...

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Name: Nivransu Dheeraj
Age: 25
Origin or Species: Roina Yaroi

Occupation: Hunter
Physical description: Broad shoulders and a strong but not too muscular build, 1.78 cm, dark brown eyes
Backstory: Nivransu was born as the first son of a family of professional hunters who served a local feudal family of Roina. Since he was a child he was taught on the arts of hunting, traditional martial arts, reading and writing thanks to the link with the feudal class. Even though his family could be classified as privileged among the lower classes, sometimes, the work of helping a feudal lord on the hunt could be specially tiring because of some level of arrongance. Also, the feudal lords used to treat some of their subjects a bit bad, something that Dheeraj  (Nivransu's father) had to see several times. When the revolution began in Roina his family started with a neutral position, but the repression of the lord made them choose the revolutionary side when Dheeraj decided to kill the soldiers with his rifle on the assault of their village. After that, when the local militia was formed, he trained them on the usage of rifles and tracking.

When the Yiimara came back, the local militia (commonly known as the Red Tigers) had to flee to the jungle and Nivransu had to follow them with his family. In those years he became influential in the revolutionaries of his area. After some time he heard about the stabilization of the front between Yaroi and the Yiimara, so in a clandestine meeting of the Roina revolutionary militias he pushed for an alliance with the USSY and was one of the voluntaries for going to the yaroii front in order the fight along their allies.
Characteristics (15 points): Martial arts expert, Agile, Survivalist (Not finished)Martial arts expert III, Agile II, Survivalist II,  Stubborn, Perceptive I, Natural Leader, Funny, Skilled Hunter III, Strong, Skilled with Guns II, Skilled with Blades II, Supporter of the revolution
Abilities (15 points): War cry, Long distance shoot II, Tracking III, Trapping II,  Hide II, Swimming I, Physical Resistance III, Knowledge of nature II
Inventory (up to 7 items): Bolt action rifle, revolver, knife, water canteen, neckerchief, rope, bag

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I had to complete it
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Here comes mine!


Name: Nasu (patronymic) Engke

Age: 38

Origin or Species: Wari

Occupation: Fisherman

Physical description: Relatively tall and slim build, at a height of 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in), he weighs ~60 kg (132 lb). He has short, dark hair and brown eyes. His hands show the passage of time, with many marks due to his job. Usually wears traditional Wari clothes.

Backstory: Born in a small village in the Republic of Yaroi, Engke had a relatively easy early life. As workers employed by the local oligarchic family, his parents were able to provide for some luxuries. His father was also a fisherman, and he taught Engke how to fish. He then became a fisherman, at the age of 12.

One day, while both he and his father were away fishing, the village was raided by a small pirate fleet. When they returned home, they found the village half burnt down. Some people had disappeared, including Engke’s mother. This shocked the young man, who promised revenge.

A decade after this event, the Yaroii revolution started. The population of the village overwhelmingly supported it, since the memories of the pirate raid were still recent. The failure of the lords to defend the village had made the people to resent them. One exception was Nasu, Engke’s father, who was mostly ambivalent.

After the revolution, a fishing and defense cooperative was set up by many of the former servants. They seized fishing boats and built a watching post. Engke provided his father’s boat, promising him a post in the newly found cooperative.

This relatively stable period ended abruptly with the Yiimaran invasion. Being close to the Yiin’tari island, it was one of the first areas to be conquered. The villagers resisted with all of their forces, but they proved completely insufficient. Before the Yiimaran could complete the siege of the village, Engke and his neighbours moved inland and most of them enlisted voluntarily on the Yaroii army.


  1. Trained fisherman III
  2. Hates pirates
  3. Rancorous
  4. Basic education
  5. Strong
  6. Can swim II
  7. Supporter of the revolution
  8. Skilled with short blades II


  1. Sailing III
  2. Net fishing III
  3. Crafting and repairing fishing nets I
  4. Swimming II
  5. Multiple stab I


  1. Fishing knife
  2. Bag
  3. Old fishing net
  4. Salted and brined food
  5. Clean clothes

Picture (Opitional): not yet

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Name: Sergej Vladislav Uljanov 
Age: 32
Origin or Species: Heibai

Occupation: Hunter

Physical description: Rather solidly built and at a height of 182cm (5'11'') he stands taller than most but has a rather friendly demeanor to his look. His hair is dark brown and his eyes are coloured brown.

Backstory: The second to last son of a former general turned party official, Sergej found himself feeling like he enjoyed himself in the wilderness more than the city. During his 21st birthday he found himself talking with his uncle about his general dislike of the university life and his wish to live somewhere smaller by the forests. With support from his uncle he ended up dropping out of university and moved to a small village to become a hunter. Still fiercly loyal to the ideas of the revolution, he would end up signing up for conscription once the news of the war arrived in his village.
Characteristics: Low-level university education, Skilled hunter III, Friendly demeanor, Skilled with rifles II, Good reflexes III.

Abilities: Hide III, Sneak III, Long shot II, Cooking II, Butchery II, First-aid II, Driving.

Inventory: Bolt-action rifle, Revolver, Knife, Dried meat, Waterskin.


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3 hours ago, Normansveldet said:

Abilities: Hide III, Sneak III, Long shot II, Cooking II, Butchery II, First-aid II, Driving

Daaaaang i love chars who can cook and butcher well

They are a very cool kind of badass

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Name: Mushezibti Aya 

Age: 26

Origin or Species: Sedaran

Occupation: Assistant Alchemist

Physical Description: Lean, about 5'7" in height, light skinned and with short fringe brunette hair, and grey eyes. Usually wears a hijab.

Backstory: Eldest of the Aya household's 3 children, Mushezibti grew up in a traditional & conservative nomadic Sedaran family. Though her family was nomadic, she managed to receive education through the then newly begun Sedaran nomadic "traveller" system(to introduce formal education to the largely uneducated nomads), where the educators too follow the same migratory route as her tribe, travelling along with them through the desert, generally on camel-back, and adjust the academic schedule according to their lifestyle. Mushezibti, coming from a renowned family of hunters, was forced into hunting despite her initial protests, and though uncomfortable with it, managed to quickly make a name for herself as one of her tribe's best hunters, and also was good in the complementary traditional combat training, though not as good as she was at hunting. This made her name famous, but her introverted, and quiet nature made her personality known to none, and folk close to her too, often thought of her as strange.

This may be attributed to her being a closeted lesbian, in a very homophobic environment. This isolation was however lessened with the presence of her hunting falcon "Noor".However things changed when she attended university in Twootonnen and finally came out. She found the care-free nature of the Twai people very nice and turned vegetarian too. However, her complete disapproval of religion made her somewhat isolated even here. Upon completing her education she started working as an assistant alchemist in Twootton, but having come across the Yaroi revolution and its goals, and having also read several books by some prominent revolutionaries, she started believing in its revolutionary ideals and felt that the revolution must be extended to the Twai and Sedaran peoples too to eradicate their societies' "More or less, stagnant crazy god-herd", as she likes to put it. The Yiimaran invasion kindled a fire inside her and she felt that it was her call to duty, to protect the pan-national revolution and its glorious ideals against the evil of Yiimaran colonialism, and enlisted in the USSY army.

Characteristics: Agile, Perceptive, Survivalist III, Empathetic, Reclusive, knowledge of Alchemy, Marksmanship, Educated, Martial arts II, Skilled with blades II, Endurant II, Strong I, Bird rearing II

Abilities: Sprint III, Hide III, Sneak III, Falconry III, Archery III, Shooting guns II, Tracking III, Potion/Poison making III, Cooking II, Laying traps III.

Inventory: Set of knives, Bow and arrows, Water canteen, Pet Falcon, Pistol, Ingredients for several potions, Dried food.


Mushezibti Aya for rp.jpg

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Name: Thorsten Skaanesdag
Age: 23
Origin or Species: Svaalian

Occupation: engineering crew/damage control aboard a pirate vessel
Physical description: At 1,60m tall, Thorsten is fairly short, and this, combined with a fairly lean but well-toned build, allowed him to fit into some of the tighter spaces in the engine room of the ship on which he was crew. He has pale skin, light brown hair and sea-green eyes. His hands are callused and his clothing is marked by irremovable stains from maintaining machinery. These clothes include dark gray pants with a very large number of pockets, steel-toed boots, a dark brown shirt, and a black vest with 4 pockets.
Backstory: If you were to ask Thorsten what he was fighting for, he would likely shrug and say “Freedom and my captain”. Seeing as the main reason he left his home on the southernmost of the Svaal islands was adventure, it should come as no surprise that he soon became a member of a pirate crew, albeit somewhat unwillingly. Initially employed as an engineer due to a slim build which allowed him to reach difficult-to-access locations, he learned quickly and soon became a competent and reliable engineer. Following the takeover by Lyra Havsvarg, the new, less hierarchical command system meant that he was more able to speak up about failures of leadership, and due to this, he became fiercely loyal to the new captain. When worst came to worst, he was one of the few survivors of the battle which sank the ship, and when given the option to fight for his freedom, he took it.
Characteristics: subconscious technomancy, intelligent, agile, skilled with mechanics, explosives experience, loyal to a fault, methodical, overly direct, strong, passable marksmanship, survival skills
Abilities: repairing I, demolitions I, suppressive fire, aimed burst fire, camouflage, trap-laying, sabotage II, foraging, lock-picking II
Inventory: toolkit, rope, mess kit w/ rations, lightweight support machine gun w/ammo, grenades, knife, spade
Picture (Optional):

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Name: Zhu Huilin
Age: 26
Origin or Species: Wari, Capital District
Occupation: Biologist/Astronomer
Physical description: Short height for a Wari, at 1.46 m (4'9 ft), somewhat overweight. Straight, dark hair tied in a bun. Round, thin-framed glasses. Fair skin. Round face, with dark brown eyes and small nose and mouth. Occasionaly stutters.

Backstory: Daughter of a family of renowned scholars, Huilin spent most of her childhood and youth indoors, preferring to spend most of her time studying to get good grades in school and reading every book she could find rather than playing outside with other kids. She never showed any interest nor payed attention to the revolution that was going on in her country when she was 13, and that added to the fact that se was quite sheltered from the political situation of the country previous to the revolution makes it that most of what she can remember from it is just not being able to concentrate on her readings due to the gunshots that could be heard from the streets.
After years of jumping from academy to academy, each one more prestigious than the previous, she finished graduating in natural sciences, specializing in biology and astronomy. As her professional career began, she spent most of her days in the comfort of her home, either reading in her armchair next to the fireplace during her spare time or making a living out of writing and publishing books with her discoveries and theories, made by either observing every bit of the night sky through the telescope built on her attic or, what she did even better, taking notes of plant and animal samples in the lab of her basement, gathered during trips exploring the rainforests of the west of the Union, in some of the few occasions she used to leave her house other than for assisting to eventual conferences and gatherings.
Not longer after the invasion began and the government started the conscription campaign, rumours began circulating around intellectual circles that the government was threatening to censor and ban publications of those who rejected to collaborate with the war effort and join either the industry or the frontlines. Huilin decided that, with her low physical form, it would be a better idea to get exhausted while operating a machine than while running for her life.
When a few of her scholar rivals heard about it, they decided to make a few anonymous calls to the government explaining her expertise of the terrain being invaded by the White Horde at the moment due to her trips to the area. And thus, while Huilin was waiting in line to apply for a position in a fabric, a couple of guards who were up to no good approached her, took her by both of her arms, lifted her from the ground and took her directly to the recruitment office...

Characteristics: Intelligent III, perceptive I, analytic I, curious, good with tactics, weak I, low endurance/stamina I, snobbish.
Abilities: Terrain recon II, life form recon III, night sky knowledge II, tracking I, languages, hiding, decyphering.
Inventory: Revolver, pocket knife, compass, topographic map, diary, pen, binoculars.



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So many people in. This is going to be a nightmare for our dear host. Good luck varfles. I won't make it easier on you ;)

I can't wait for the start :p

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Let me know if there is any problem with my sheet. And if you still want another person in of course.

Fatima Nassar

Age: 22

Occupation: Student(medicine)

Appearance: shorter stocky build around 5,3 160 pounds. 

Background: Born to a poor Sedaran Family Fatima was quite young during the revolution. Her father enlisted with a Sedaran communist brigade and traveled to Yaroi to support the revolution. Fatima and her mother soon followed him fearing reprisal from reactionaries within Sedaran. They would settle in the capital where Fatima would eventually attend university. 

A self-described Marxist Fatima had been involved with several immigrant rights groups and is a member of the Red and Anarchist students’ League. She had been involved with numerous protests against the central government and was once arrested for unlawful protest but was never formally charged.  Despite the League’s distrust of the government, Fatima volunteered for the army rather than try to seek a deferment. Despite her critiques of the government Fatima considers herself a supporter of the revolution and does not want to be driven from her new home.


Occupation: Student(medicine)



  1. University Educated(medicine)
  2. Intelligent
  3. Political refugee
  4. Dexterous
  5. Charismatic
  6. Strong Willed
  7. Anarchist Ties
  8. Friendly
  9. Survival Knowledge(desert environments)
  10. Poor endurance
  11. Good with Languages
  12. Good Orator
  13. Basic Urban Combat Skill
  14. Activist
  15. Known government critic


Abilities: First Aid III, Treat disease III, Persuade II, Move Silently, Long Shot, Translate, Inspire, Forage, Bludgeon, Bluff

Inventory: Revolution era rifle, First aid kit, High-quality rations, Binoculars, Tea, Cold weather clothes, “Borrowed” police baton



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Attention everyone, tomorrow (Saturday 20) will be the last day to submit your sheets!
As lovely as it would be to have as many people possible, i need to put some limitation both on the player number to make it playable, and on the subscribing time so we don't leave other players waiting!
Thank you for everyone who subscribed already!

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On 10/19/2018 at 1:09 AM, Zrhajan said:

Name: Thorsten Skaanesdag
Age: 23
Origin or Species: Svaalian

Occupation: engineering crew/damage control aboard a pirate vessel
Physical description: At 1,60m tall, Thorsten is fairly short, and this, combined with a fairly lean but well-toned build, allowed him to fit into some of the tighter spaces in the engine room of the ship on which he was crew. He has pale skin, light brown hair and sea-green eyes. His hands are callused and his clothing is marked by irremovable stains from maintaining machinery. These clothes include dark gray pants with a very large number of pockets, steel-toed boots, a dark brown shirt, and a black vest with 4 pockets.
Backstory: If you were to ask Thorsten what he was fighting for, he would likely shrug and say “Freedom and my captain”. Seeing as the main reason he left his home on the southernmost of the Svaal islands was adventure, it should come as no surprise that he soon became a member of a pirate crew, albeit somewhat unwillingly. Initially employed as an engineer due to a slim build which allowed him to reach difficult-to-access locations, he learned quickly and soon became a competent and reliable engineer. Following the takeover by Lyra Havsvarg, the new, less hierarchical command system meant that he was more able to speak up about failures of leadership, and due to this, he became fiercely loyal to the new captain. When worst came to worst, he was one of the few survivors of the battle which sank the ship, and when given the option to fight for his freedom, he took it.
Characteristics: subconscious technomancy I, intelligent I, agile I, skilled with mechanics I, explosives experience, loyal to a fault, methodical, overly direct, strong, passable marksmanship, survival skills
Abilities: repairing I, demolitions I, suppressive fire, aimed burst fire, camouflage, trap-laying, sabotage II, foraging, lock-picking II
Inventory: toolkit, rope, mess kit w/ rations, lightweight support machine gun w/ammo, grenades, knife, spade
Picture (Optional):

Since there doesn't seem to be any way to edit or delete posts, I'd like to quickly change my app to correspond to the above. 

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The war was raging, and every day the movements for it were rushed as things heated up.
Yet another day in which the army was hurrying to take its newly trained troops to critical places. Well, some troops being not even trained, for if the officers could get proof a conscript is adept enough to simply hold a gun and shoot straight, they would send them right away like that, for time was far too precious to spend it teaching folks better combat techniques. So all most received was a day or two of shooting practice and instructions of what they should do in the battlefield and how to respond to commands.

In all of this, a few groups of quite uncommon fellas were being directed to the fronts at the borders between Jin and Yiin'tar, although each of those groups were heading from different directions.

One of those was a small truck full of criminal convicts who were enlisted, heading from the north of the Republic of Yaroi towards Yiin'tar. The truck was stuffed with the newly conscripted soldiers crammed on the little space there was on the truck wagon, along with the craters of weapons they would be given later, and of course two ill-tempered guards that were sitting by the sides of the semi-open wagon to watch that none of those newly-absolved criminals would attempt to simply run away.
It was hot in there, as the burning Yaroi sun was shining over the dark canvas cloth that covered the ceiling. In that truck, were located two convicts that the guards insisted they shouldn't be put together, yet the lack of space and logistic capacity forced them to go like that anyway. Those two, namely, being the feared pirate captain Nordskov and her 'henchman' Thorstein, as so the guards called. Yet, despite the not complete trust over those people, it didn't mean the guards would mistreat them, for every force was vital for the revolution's protection, they just weren't very savvy with all those filches crammed in the same place. Silence was pretty much installed on that place full of weary people trying to get as much rest under the scalding temperatures as they could get.
@World Anarchic Union @Zrhajan

Closer to the final destination, there was some more humble ways of transportation, as there wasn't trucks for everyone so they were being directed to places that needed the most the aid of fast vehicles for transportation of heavy loads, so transporting soldiers that were already close to the fronts was being done by chariots while the ones from far came by truck or mostly trains. So, being taken by a rather precarious chariot, there was a small group of soldiers, most of them being Wari as they are locals. As they passed through the place, the havoc of war could be seen, as even if they still were about a hundred kilometers from the frontline the villages were razed and abandoned, for many people, specially peasants simply fled towards east after hearing the horrors that were happening far away. Cattle could be seen roaming without herders, and it were not few the times the soldiers could spot emaciated children, women and elderly, many walking alone, who would come running weakly towards the passing soldier chariots, begging for food or to be taken with them. It was on the middle of one of those chariots that two specific Wari were being carried, one peasant from Yiin'tar, known as Heishan, and a Yaroi fisherman named Engke.
As they were passing through a nearly abandoned village, three children who were in the roadside started following the cart, looking pale and thin, none of them seeming to be over the age of 8, and along with them the oldest looking child was holding the hand of a very elderly lady, pulling the woman who was barely walking, with the child pleading on the lines of 'come with us, grandma! the army men are here! come see the army men!'. One of the soldiers seemed disturbed with the scene, and reached for his backpack to pull out a can of meat, which he clearly intended to toss to the children. Although, before he could do so, a officer grabbed his wrist and gave him a stern look.
"Comrade, no! You will be serving in battle, you will need that more than they do.."
The officer's tone wasn't angry, nor unsympathetic, even being concerned, yet her voicing made it clear that she was giving an order. The soldier grimaced looking at the officer, and back at the children, as one of them was pleading.
"Please, take me with you! Take me with you! I will fight the bad men if you give food! Please, grandma is very weak!"
The child, a boy who must be around 6 years old, shouted those words with tears streaming down his face, the boy carrying up a tree branch as if trying to show he would be able to hold a gun.
@Countriopia@The Decapole counsils

Further south, there the Takai mountains gave passage between Heibai and and the Twai lands, Heibai being the republic that better was resisting the invasion, a group of soldiers were preparing themselves to travel north.
The officers and soldiers were packing up guns and supplies on craters to be taken to the trains that would transport the soldiers on a trip of several days towards the point where the Yiimara were stagnated at the river. It was all going rather calmly despite the hurry to get everything done as soon as possible, that was, it was calm until two guards showed up, bringing in a rather curious figure.
A officer was talking to comrade Uljanov, idly standing with a foot on a crater, when he was interrupted by the guards, who were bringing over a man whose appearance and clothes heavily indicated he was a Twai. Not knowing what to do to that man, they came to their superior to ask him, saying that they had suspicions that the Twai lad was a spy in service of the Yiimara, unable to either prove that their suspicion was correct nor that what the young man was saying in his defence was actually true.

There were many groups that during these times were not only hearing about the news happening at west of the continent, but as well were allured enough by the battle motives to decide to join either side of the war. Among them, the Sedaran nomads had sent quite some people very interested on the newly founded revolution.
Despite those Sedarans being of so many different backgrounds or motives to be there, after realizing that they would come in handy help, the socialists had sent across the land invites for them all to come and organize themselves in a meeting on the south of the Republic of Yaroi, as there was a place close to where there Takai mountains had passage as well, and was there the most used route by the Sedarans.
The meeting was somewhat awkward, as the Yaroi had a certain suspicion of the folk of the eastern parts of the continent, having never had too much contact with them, so there was the place where they planned to weed out anything that would look too much like a menace or like someone who might end up being a Yiimara spy, since the east was much more easily bought out by Yiimaran bribes.
There, most of the people were quite young, and anxiety could be seen in their faces as they waited for the Yaroi to come and ask up which of them had any ability in combat. Orderly, by groups of three they were called out to demonstrate skill with firearms, with close combat, and as well to answer questions about their reasons to be there and their past.
@Vegan Reich@Isla Bucanero


At the north, on Yaroi City, things were always busy there at the capital, the place where good part of the actual training was happening, as officers from the capital didn't seemed as hurried as the ones from places near the border fronts. Not that they were not hurried, just worried on using the time they still had in order to try to come up with some more well prepared soldiers.
There, they were training a crew specially to go to the jungles between Jin and Yiin'tar, to be an 'elite' crew for the guerrilla on that place. Among those, many of them were Roina, as the Roina are already rather used to that type of terrain, the forests on their mainlaind not being different from the ones in Yiin'tar.
Although, only having knowledge of jungles wasn't good enough, they needed someone with actual experience on that specific place, and who could navigate through the territory with some more precision, to know where exactly were the rivers, clearances and caves.
So, there was happening a shooting training when a officer soon came by bringing in a new recruit, one who wasn't there quite by her will, but was recognized as being a important element for the mission.
The officer scouted the girl by her arm, trying to appear as if he wasn't being rude to her while doing so. The wari girl, small and chubby, was so very different from nearly everyone there in physical shape. After all, not many years ago malnutrition was a epidemic, so a Wari who wasn't at least thin was rare to be seen, this alone indicating that most probably her household had different origins from the peasant ex-slaves on that place.
The officer was insisting that the girl, Huilin, should show him some skill to pint and fire a gun, as after a small argument he made it clear to her that no matter if she was a scientist and field expert, if she didn't knew how to shoot she would be of no use to protect her own skin.
There, he took the girl to the shooting line in front of the practice targets, and ordered a nearby soldier and skilled hunter, comrade Dheeraj, to borrow her his rifle and show her how to use it.

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I turn toward the soldier who wanted to give a meat can:

"Don't be too sad, uncle. This woman may not live another monsoon, but you know the burnt earth will give more fruits to her grandchildren as soon as we regain their lands again. The river will take care of the burnt soil, and we the people will take care of the dead and the living."

To the boy:

"Big brother, our grand-mother has a strong spirit. Our soil will give her strength here or in the next here. You want to fight, and are fiery. You have a big stick. There are things to eat out there when you have a stick. Walk with us for a mile and I'll tell you what I know about sticks and hidden food. Food can never hide enough from a stick and a boy who has seen truly what a stick can do."

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Lyra rolled her eyes. The burning midday sun would be nothing but a slight nuisance to her if she hadn’t spent the last three years locked away in a cell, looking at the outside only through small holes in the walls they called “windows” and for a brief hour or two every week. She tried to comfort her aching back but the bumpy ride and hard benches that they were sitting on made her no favors. Soon, a sigh broke her silence. 

She turned to the guards that were standing on the edges of the two sides of the truck. The former pirate slyly smiled and turned to one of them.

”So, how’s your day been, guard? Oh sorry, I meant “comrade”.” She emphasized the last word, her eyes lit up at the clearly uncomfortable guard. “Such silly ways you people here have. Isn’t that right, comrade Thorsten? The “people’s” prisoner guards here probably have never even seen the ocean darken as a storm approaches from the East and calming after the worst has passed, or the waves that crumble between the rocky shores back home.” At that moment she had turned to her fellow pirate and convict, Thorsten Skaanesdag. Loyal to his core, the pirate was one of her most trusted comrades and friends at her time as captain. But his presence was anything but pleasant for her. Imagining such a man as Thorsten locked up away in chains, in a claustrophobic dungeon, away from the sea for how many years was a pain in the heart for Lyra. She knew that for his condition, and for the condition of her other comrades, she was responsible. And now her mistakes had caught up with her. 

“Anyway, how were you all these years, comrade? It mustn’t have been that good if you’re getting ready to jump into the slaughterhouse against the Yiimarians.” She had slightly lowered her voice, addressing Thorsten, who was sitting opposite her in the truck heading to the field, now.

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When presented to the officers, Gliamo sighs, looks into the eyes of his captor searchingly, then shakes his head. “I mean, the spy story doesn’t even make any sense, comrade. What kind of story would that be? ‘Twai traitor to his people presents himself to Heibai Resistance, is actually a spy’ only works if you don’t look at any of the details.” A short pause after this. Gliamo delivers the false story beautifully, like the storyteller he is.

“Like what I was carrying. Did you even read any of the etchings in my guitar? If you look there’s no way I made those yesterday. Too worn down. If you don’t want my help that’s one thing, but come on now, do I even look like someone who would be attracted to the physical dominance worldview of Yimara?” The last part is delivered with a contemptuous gesture towards his own diminutive form. 

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Sergey looks towards the officer for a few seconds before going over to the guard carrying the Twai's guitar case, taking for inspection, "Can't remember the last time I actually saw a guitar now, been quite a while. However there hasn't been that long since last I saw one of these cases. Some people use them for smuggling everything from guns to food so you have to excuse the heavy suspicions, there's always going to be a few making life harder for many". After looking at the case for a short while he hands it back to the guard "Looks fine to me but let the Sergeant take a look at it, he's got a good eye for secrets. Just ask him not to ruin it completely in the process."

Sergey turns back around to the Twai, sizing him up for a brief moment before signaling to the guards to unhand him, "I'm sorry for the suspicions but this is a delicate assignment for the lack of better words. Things like spies is not really something we can't afford." Sergey looks back at the officer, who in turns nods at him to which Sergey replies with a nod back, "So excuse us for being a bit too paranoid, comrade, you coming here instead of going to some conscription centre didn't really help you either. But until Segeant Vlad is finished with your case there's not much we can do except ask you to stay here while we wait, and for your name."

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Upon hearing the words of the recruitment officer demanding that she show her skill with firearms, the eager Mushezibti hesitated a bit, then  picked up her gun and shot at the first of her three circular, 6-ringed targets, each one placed farther than the last. Her first shot landed in the the 4th ring. Cursing herself mentally, for not having practised firearm shooting much,she proceeded towards shooting her next target, and this one landed in the 7th ring, while her final shot was luckily a bull's eye, with Mushezibti thanking her stars. But her joy soon faded away as she saw her fellow participants both hit 2 bull's eyes, with their third shots being close too. Now, the officer asked her to step into a makeshift rubber-padded square, to prove her melee mettle. Marching forward with a solid gait, Mushezibti walked into the square to fight her sturdy and muscular opponent, and after a very quick medley of various body locks, emerged clear winner. Even in the next round, she rapidly made her moves rapidly and almost choked her opponent.She hoped this would be enough to make up for her clumsy shooting, since she was far better than the other participants here.

As she kept thinking of her chances, the officer asked her to explain her reasons for joining the war, and why a person from so far away should be concerned about the war, to which she responded, quite matter-of-factly, in a very serious tone " I care about it as it's impossible not to. I want to join the war as this war is not just the matter of the Yaroi, but of every person in the world. It is part of the universal battle against oppression, tyranny and slavery. I decide not to be bound in chains but rather to break them and be free. You may suspect me to be a spy, but there is nothing that the filthy Yiimarans can ever give me that will make me turn my back towards the Revolution. Me doing all this for the material pleasure the Yiimarans are supposedly bribing me with? I'm sorry, but I don't side with massacring slave-owners. Yiimarans are oppressors, and their oppression or for that matter any sort of oppression has no place in the world I wish to see."

Impressed by her words the officer smiles faintly and tells her she has won herself a place in the revolutionary army of the USSY and may take part in the war, after which Mushezibti thanks the officer, and proceeds to join the other selected Sedarans in the main hall, where many young people, most from leftist students' leagues undoubtedly, are assembled, chatting fervently...

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Huilin is looking at the ground, standing in one of the firing points, in the middle of an improvised shooting range in a wide street. In front of her, the officer who brought her to that place, talking with one of the soldiers doing target practice. Her mind is too busy to pay attention to their conversation. Others like him surround her, either shooting their noisy rifles or watching over those who do it. Some of them turn around for a second to look at Huilin; others tap their neighbour’s shoulder, point at her and start talking about the rare sight. It’s easy to understand why such thing happens, seeing the heavy contrast between Huilin’s physical appearance and theirs.
While it makes her feel embarrassed, right now it’s not her biggest problem. Her heart is racing, her face is looking completely pale and she feels a strong pressure on her chest. Things were already looking bad for Huilin when she headed for the queue to apply for a position in an ammunition factory, but everything took a turn for the worst when she learned she was going to be sent to the front, and even more when she was told she had to fight too. At first she replied hesitantly, saying that there was no way someone like her could do anything useful with a rifle between her arms, but she was feeling too scared to confront the guards and the strong and unequivocal answer the officer gave to her was enough to keep her in silence. 
Not only Huilin does not intend to fight for the revolution nor the fatherland, but she also lacks any ability and strength to do so. She has nothing to do there. She shouldn’t be there. But there she is, and there is nothing she can do but wait, probably for things to go even worse.
Suddenly, the officer points at Huilin. That makes her raise her sight, and look at the soldier he's talking to. He appears to be a Roina. Black beard, fit and with broad shoulders, with not a very different appearance from the rest. Both of them turn towards her, and she looks nervously at them in return.

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Engke kept an ear on the conversation his comrades were having. After Heishan had finished, he started talking.

"Sister", he told her, "you manage to turn words powerful. That is something we need in these times, when surrounded by all this destruction."

The fisherman then joined the boy and the woman. He told them stories about his youth, spearfishing in the rocky areas by his village. However, he was secretly praying for the kids and their grandmother to find a way to leave for Yaroi City.

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