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Old Nation, Starting Anew

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Hello, comrades!

My nation's name is Euthrasia on NS, but I'd prefer people call me by my alias, Bonejangles (new to NS Left website, not sure how to designate a "nickname" or alias on the site). I recently voted in the Councillor for Moderation election as my first activity on the forum, exercising my rights outlined for me by The Internationale.

A little background about me. I'm a young socialist activist in my community advocating for left unity and anti-sectarianism. I first founded my nation in-game in 2015(I believe, if my memory hasn't failed me), and I've had experience with high-level government positions in my old region The Universal Allegiance. My old region at its height (when I served as the WA Delegate/Chancellor) had a similar number of users as The Internationale, which does give me experience in matters of government. Time will tell whether or not I decide to run for a public position, as right now I am perfectly complacent in my current position. I hope to become active in the forums, but I unfortunately have only a small bit of time each day to spend on nationstates as I do work for a living and go to school.

If there are any questions for me, please leave them here! I'd love to get to know all of you. Solidarity, comrades.

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