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Brightbay Univerisity Organization & Regulations

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Brightbay University Organisation & Regulations

A document dictating the Organisation and Regulations of Brightbay University.



Short Title

(1) This document may be cited as the “Brightbay University Hierarchy & Regulations”.

Organisation Hierarchy

(2) The Head of Brightbay University shall be known as the "Dean of Brightbay University". The Position of Dean shall be appointed by the Minister of Culture, and shall serve at the pleasure of the Ministry, until such time as they are dismissed.

(3) The Dean has the power to appoint any Lecturer within Brightbay University as a professor of Brightbay University. A Professor must have written at least 1 lecture or course at the university before he can be appointed. The Appointee can refuse their appointment at their own discretion.

(4) A Professor will serve a permanent tenure and will maintain the title of "professor" for as long as they remain a citizen of the Communist Bloc. A professor cannot be dismissed by the Dean without an official inquiry into the reasons behind their dismissal.

(5) The Dean is permitted to make any alterations to these rules provided they give due justification to the Ministry of Culture, and no university staff member poses an official objection.


(6) No member of the University is permitted to remove any lecture or course from the University, unless the lecture or course violates the laws or constitution of the Communist Bloc. A lecture may also be removed at the request of it's author provided that they give due reason.

(7) No member of the University may refuse a lecture/course/debate application unless it violates the laws of the Communist Bloc or is requested by a non-citizen.


(Written by Strigon, Amended by Phazon, Updated by Tarrin Kael)

As TCB is under the Constitutional Convention, the is document may be amended or repealed.

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