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Course and Lecture Application @ Brightbay University

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Brightbay University

Comrades, for months our University has languished from the Constitutional Convention in TCB. This great institution for the exchange of knowledge is now a vestige of its former greatness. No more! As part of the TCB's initiative to enrich NSLeft, to help it blossom in the growth of ideas, Brightbay University has now opened on the NSLeft Forum! Sign up to give a lecture or course, and spark discussion and ultimately renew your learning in teaching others. If you’ve already given a lecture, apply to be a Professor and teach classes here. 

The database of knowledge from the Regional Forum shall be made accessible here in a few days. ALL NSLeft Comrades are welcome! Ready to challenge your ideas, sign up to debate, gain cognitive improvement, and change your world view. Join the University by spreading the seeds of knowledge!


Application to teach a course/lecture


Course/Lecture Topic:
Any previous lectures/courses taught:


Application to become a Professor


Courses/Lectures Taught:
Length of time in TCB:


Application to start a Debate


Topic of Debate:



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