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At Vote: Withdraw Embassies with TRCA

Withdraw Embassies with TRCA?  

14 votes

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  1. 1. Withdraw Embassies with TRCA?

    • For the withdrawal
    • Abstain from counting
    • Veto the withdrawal

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  • Poll closed on 02/16/2019 at 05:00 PM

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As proposed by comrade Freien here, please cast your vote. 

Freien explains the reason for his petition in that posting, so I suggest reading then casting. 

Remember that vetoes must be explained in the thread here to count, but any justified veto will prevent the passage of the item. 

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I was all for, but they've changed their policies to make it clear about fashes. It still lacks apologies or consience of anything + real wish of interregional cooperation for other unsafe players outside of their speech I'd say. So I have not really made my mind.

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To correct what I wrote above, some of their member seem to wish to add a form of interregional cooperation. A proposal is being made in that sense if I understand it correctly. If this is really the case before the end of our vote, I might change my vote to veto if it also notifies the will to have the means to go in the good direction.

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