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comment here if you want to participate in it.

I will decide the structure of it basesd on the participants.

Also, I will not play.

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I would like to participate :)

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ok we're gonna be doïng a swiss-system tournament in which everybody will play four games (if that's not enough for you, we can always do another tournament afterwards :p)


your first-round matchups (white vs black) are:

@Courelli vs @The Decapole counsils

@Listel vs @Soviet Potheads

@Burninati0n vs @Ubertas

@Countriopia vs @BrightBayUniversity

@Freien vs @The Evergreen Dreamscapes

@Grod Island vs @Socialix


please telegram each other to set up a gameknot.com match & then post the link here so everybody can follow along

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Hello, sorry for the wait but I wanted to be 100% sure that nobody would miss the chance to participate, so I decided to leave the sign-in period open as longest as possible.

First of all, this is the tournament that I chose to organise and that I want to organise. if you think that I am busy and want to hurry up instead, you can just DM me on discord, instead of trying to organise a tournament of your own. Therefore, I declare the whole tournament that Evergreen started as completely invalid.

I am going to publish the complete list of the pairings of the first phase of the tournament below this post. The results of each match must be published on this forum thread (or alternatively, you could tell me in DMs on discord, but on here is preferable)

The player who is on the left of each pairing will play as the white, and the one of the right will play as the black. You are not going to repeat each match twice, but just the whole while/black situation will be balanced at the end of the phase.

Each game you win gives you 1 point on the final ranking. Each draw will gives you 0.5 points, and losing a match gives you no point.

In case of two players ending up with the same points tally at the end of the first phase, the player who won the game between them of the "regular season" will be considered as ahead on the table. In case of multiple players ending up with the same points tally, the standings among them will be decided based on the points scored in the games among those (example: players A, B, C end up with the same points at the end of the first phase. but during the latter, B defeated both A and C while A defeated C. So the final ranking among them will be B-A-C).
If the situation is still even after considering this case, then the players with the highest number of victories will be considered ahead of the others.
If parity still persists, it will be solved by a tie-breaker match (in which who was white the most times in the pairings during the ""regular season"" will be black and vice versa, if instead the tie-breaker is among two players who played the same number of "white" and "black" games, the white will be the one who was black when they first encountered during the first phase).

The order in which games are being played is important-but-not-so-important-after-all, so no worries with it

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Grod Island - Countriopia 1-0
Marxmeans - Courelli
Freien - Burninati0n 0-1

Burninati0n- Marxmeans
Freien - Grod Island 1-0
Countriopia - Courelli

Grod Island - Burninati0n
Courelli - Freien 0-1
Countriopia - Marxmeans

Courelli - Grod Island
Burninati0n - Countriopia
Marxmeans - Freien

Grod Island - Marxmeans
Countriopia - Freien
Burninati0n - Courelli 1-0

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Socialix - Ubertas
The Decapole Counsils - Whatermelons 
Evergreen - Soviet Potheads

Whatermelons  - Socialix
Evergreen - Ubertas
Soviet Potheads - The Decapole Counsils 0-1

The Decapole Counsils - Socialix 
Ubertas - Soviet Potheads
Evergreen - Whatermelons 

Soviet Potheads - Socialix
The Decapole Counsils - Evergreen
Ubertas - Whatermelons 

Socialix - Evergreen
Whatermelons  - Soviet Potheads
Ubertas - The Decapole Counsils

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The tournament starts now

Usernames on chess.com:

aHaPPySHeeP: Burninati0n

CuteGreekGuyOfficial: Freien

Courelli: Courelli

mehiguess: Countriopia

DerallmächtigeSarg: Soviet Potheads

Laerm: The Decapole Counsils 

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I suggest using chess.com to run a daily match. 

To follow my game 1 against Freien, please see the link below. My chess.com username is ahappysheep. 


My game against Courelli


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