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    It appears like my post regarding art and the production of it under a communist society upset some top-brass people, for I was ejected and banned by Proletaire the very same day. Now, to make sure I hadn't misspoken and he simply enacted disciplinary action against me, I looked through the entire Internationale Code of Conduct and Charter, and the only thing I found that could possibly be grounds for my removal would be "red baiting", something I never intended to do and if Proletaire or Caelapes had informed me that my post could be taken like that, I would've immediately removed it, since that was never my intention. Now, Article III of the Internationale Charter states, "Residence in The Internationale is open to all socialist, communist, anarchist, and sympathetic left-wing players in NationStates." As a libertarian democratic socialist with certain reservations regarding communism-(not exactly "Grade A anti-communism" as Caelapes put it). If Proletaire/Caelapes believed I were some "anti-communist", I would've like for them to privately contact me instead of just silently banning me. I have no desire to return to the Internationale, and I am perfectly happy in the Communist Bloc. I only wish for the ejection/banning process to be more open-(or should I say, democratic?), and not be so cloak-and-dagger, if you know what I mean.
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    LeftExpo, the NationStates-wide festival for leftist regions and players, is planned to return in October 2016 for its fourth incarnation. Last year's theme was "Comrades, Come Rally!" as leftists celebrated the first anniversary of The Internationale's refounding which coincided with the anniversary of Eugène Pottier writing the words to the eponymous leftist anthem. This year, organizers have planned the expo as a celebration of the life and works of Eugene Victor "Gene" Debs, an American socialist, union activist, and the most successful Socialist candidate for President of the United States in US history. Organizers have planned "exciting events for this year's outing, including a renewed Lecture Series, conversation and music sharing via Radio Internationale, regional showcases, and more" that will be announced in coming weeks. Anyone who is interested in writing a lecture for the LeftExpo 2016 Lecture Series is invited to telegram @Caelapes. View full article