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    Nominate a comrade (or yourself) for Comrade WA Delegate or a Councillorship.
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    Elections for all regional offices on the General Council.
  3. It has an embassy with the region Leftypol, which is notorious for housing brocialists and Nazbols. On that basis, I veto.
  4. The Democratic Socialist Assembly has withdrawn its vote and is abstaining.
  5. Caelapes

    Left theory vocabulary

    Marxists.org has an encyclopedia that contains a glossary of terms. Dialectics Materialism Bonus: Dialectical Materialism Praxis
  6. To give comrades some broader context to the vote as it has gone down in our comrade regions: The Leftist Assembly ("based on the very recent overwhelming support to establish an embassy with SLU, which has now occurred") and the Democratic Socialist Assembly both voted FOR in executive actions. The Red Fleet voted AGAINST in a vote by the Admiralty Board. North Korea voted AGAINST. NK members cited SLU's lack of a military and some SLU members referring to other members of the NSLeft as "authoritarian left". The Federation of Anarchist Communes has not yet concluded its vote, but members have raised concerns over the fact that SLU "dismissed the prospect of mutual defence" and re-iterated concerns from North Korea about SLU's members not being committed to antifascism.
  7. Dear Comrade Members of The Internationale, Social Liberal Union has voted to ratify the Solidarity Pact of the NSLeft. As a member of the pact we are obligated to vote on whether they should be accepted as a new member region or not.
  8. I will support a veto because Soviet Union only meets our embassy requirements on a technicality. The WA nations present in the region are predominantly TRF or KPA soldiers and sailors who have not yet withdrawn. There are not enough native WA nations to accept an inbound embassy request; that doesn't mean that we can't initiate embassies by proposal of a comrade member. However, I would still veto a proposal by a comrade member to construct embassies with Soviet Union because the founder account is currently held by a defender Gameplayer, not by the original native founder. If the embassies were being constructed with the democratic will of the native inhabitants of Soviet Union, I would support it, but that's not currently the case. No matter what, The Red Fleet will continue to defend regions with important names related to the real-life left, including Soviet Union. Perhaps someday their region will be strong enough with enough native activity to responsibly build embassies.
  9. Nominations will close November 10, when the election will begin.
  10. Caelapes

    NS Issues Thread

    There are two schools of thought on this. The first is to go through an NEP route and transform your economy into a capitalist system, get your economy up to Frightening, and then nationalize industry to have a strong socialist economy. The other way is to promote government initiatives to build the economy strictly through state projects without going through private enterprise. I personally went with the NEP route and it worked fine.
  11. We don't permit fascistic nations in our region. If a comrade wants to make a fascist-type nation, it won't be permitted in TI. They can do that elsewhere.
  12. I disagree with Proletaire about memes. He's a stick-in-the-mud grump about memes.
  13. That's a bug. With legislative polls, the numbers are checked before a result is announced.
  14. A couple of things: All of the suppressed posts are still there and readable. To read any suppressed post, just click or tap the green plus sign on the "Post by Xtopia suppressed by Whoever" line, which will expand the suppressed post. Second, like Proletaire said before, this region wasn't big enough to warrant the addition of the forum and Discord (before that, IRC) until the past few years. Comparisons to how La Pasionaria are meaningless - the region has changed dramatically and must adjust with its membership. We didn't have this stuff in previous years because it was a smaller community, and the members posting on the RMB understood the tone of the conversation and so we didn't have issues with it. Now, we have a lot of new members coming in who aren't as familiar, so it's up to us to make that clear.