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  1. The Decapole counsils

    Aperiodic Mixed political news

    France/Fashs: On the 4th of May, a comrade from the FA (Anarchist Federation) working in the anarchist bookstore Publico in Paris has been grievously hurt by a knife attack that was explicitly targeting the FA. It would appear the comrade is still shocked but his life isn't threatened. France/Yellow Jackets/Repression/1rst of May: The french mainstream medias are all about the polemics on Castaner lies about the Pitié-Salpétrière hospital refuge-seekers called "intruders" after having been called "attackers" on the 1rst of May (a march rather than a protest usually! The kind where you take your kids!). We shall remember who is Castaner's ally on this hospital affair: Martin Hirsh, former Sarkozy minister. We shall also recall that before being president, Sarkozy at Castaner's place, the Interior minister, called the cops Minister, and his period is rememembered to have given birth to several mistreatment of people by the police, who could say "we can do what we want, we are protected", partly thanks to the use of the law: outrage and rebellion have since then skyrocketed - every time a police officer is suspected to have used violence, he would attack in court the victim for "outrage" or "rebellion". Note again who was the political godfather of Sarkozy: Charles Pasqua, the shadow man of the SAC, service d'Action Civique, reknown for several murders, arsons, torture of leftists, for bank robberies. Pasqua was the man behind the "voltigeurs", the quick response police unit responsible for Malik Oussekine's death, unit banned for years and that has returned... under Macron. This scenery can then explain the following: On the first of May, those who were blocking the access to public health was... the police in Toulouse, forcing ambulance to make a U-turn rather than saving lives... the police in Paris, attacking in court a disable woman for a scene where a policeman toying with a wheelchair against its disabled owner's will launched it against a police wagon. She's prosecuted for assault with weaponry (the weapon being the wheelchair!) against the police. Another upside-down affair took place in March in Nizza, where a 50 year old peace-flag-waving woman has been battered. She partly lost conscious and several senses (seeing, audition, balance) and is now prosecuting the police, after tries to falsify her testimony by sending 6 police officers to her hospital bed and accusing a journalist of the deed, then forbidding the room to the press. She has been pu under the spotlights after Macron said about her " “When your are fragile, when you can get easily shocked, you don't go to forbidden places, and you don't put yourself in such situations.The government still says the police did was nothing, like it's said about the death of Zineb Redouane in her appartment following a teargas shot, after she declined an invitation in order to avoid danger! France/Work/unions: Ten years ago, the country was shaken by the chain suicide of France Telecom workers (several of them on their workplace), the former state phone operator just recently privatized. It could be a big progress for unionism, the process is now pending about the responsibility of the firm in the deaths and deaths tries of 40 persons, prosecuted for " moral harassment organized by its leaders at the scale of the enterprise» . The CEO Didier Lombard was a cost killer known for the formula: "through the door or through the window". The usual liberal mantra is still followed by the CEO: "sad" for those who died "because they couldn't support the change", the enterprise met a "media crisis", not a social one... Back in 2009, he said suicide was "trendy".
  2. The Decapole counsils

    Aperiodic Mixed political news

    World/Europe/France/unions: Unions of several countries where Amazon is exploiting them will meet up until today to put analyse in common, and maybe decide new forms of struggles. Involved french unions are CGT and SUD/Solidaires, people from polish anarcho-syndicalist OZZ-IP, spanish anarcho-syndicalist CGT; german anarcho-syndicalist FAU, german Ver.di and from other countries like Egypt, Brasil, Italy, Pakistan...
  3. The Decapole counsils

    Aperiodic Mixed political news

    SO, I promised a while ago to do a bimonthly post about actuality (mainly) from France. It was apparently not meant to be true, so here I go with a first one for this aperiodic tribune. Feel free to discuss it under, or to add your own batch of news! As I'm quite sure I can't manage to have one whole hour to do it properly, I will add bit after bit. France/Education branch: Begin april, was a strike in the whole school system, from preschool to high school. From 30% to 70% of striking people, depending on the place.Goal: protest against eductaion minister Blanquer to continue the strategy of sabotage of te public education in favour of the private one: rural school closings, primary schools now having an chef in Junior high principals. Former system was based on a sort of self-management, with one of the teacher (unelected) having a few hours less each week in order to manage the school. Anarchists and unionists like Ferrer and Freinet were the base of the pedagogy, and they also are from a self-management tradition. Schools are subsumed to cities, while junior highs depends of the department (sub-regional unit with sub assembly and delegates at the national assembly). The highschools were all teaching the same subjects. Now it's going to be different from one tot another, meaning a baccalauréat from one won't be as good as one from an another, + you can be sure science teachings will be favored in bourgeois centers (reproduction of the means of production as said Lefèvre). Instigation of a law forbidding teachers to criticize publicly, even out of school, any reform of the government. France/Education short news: -3 unionists from a popular Junior school in Bobigny have been sanctioned to have criticized the government politics (and that before the reform). A collective net supports them. -First united inter-union forum for struggle against racism will take place at may 18th at the parisian Bourse du travail, appealed in march by 85 unionists from SUD, CGT, FSU... France/Health branch: Strike in Nantes in private hospital Confluence: on april 1rst were more than 650 health workers striking -more than the half. The strike has continued for 10 days, and 700 strikers went through the streets of the city. The point was that the hospital is sold by the 160 shareholders-doctors for 220 m Euros, of which the workers claiment better conditions, better salaries, 4% of the sale. One of the capitalists argued that "when you sale your house, you don't the housemaid a share". The strike has now descalated to a "zeal strike" (I don't know if it's the proper translation, it means that people strictly apply rules rather than doing their possible to make things function), but the almost self-managed struggle has reinforced the cohesion and solidarity among the workers
  4. The Decapole counsils


    I'm resigning from the tournament!
  5. The Decapole counsils


    Ongoing game with Ubertas: https://www.chess.com/daily/game/222605992
  6. The Decapole counsils


    against Whatermelons, I won https://www.chess.com/daily/game/221406214
  7. The Decapole counsils


    @Socialix @Ubertas @The Evergreen Dreamscapes @BrightBayUniversity What are your pseudos on chess.com if you have one, what platform do you wish to use it you don't?
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    what time do we have in total?
  9. The Decapole counsils

    At Vote: Withdraw Embassies with TRCA

    To correct what I wrote above, some of their member seem to wish to add a form of interregional cooperation. A proposal is being made in that sense if I understand it correctly. If this is really the case before the end of our vote, I might change my vote to veto if it also notifies the will to have the means to go in the good direction.
  10. The Decapole counsils


    In when I have time
  11. The Decapole counsils

    At Vote: Withdraw Embassies with TRCA

    I was all for, but they've changed their policies to make it clear about fashes. It still lacks apologies or consience of anything + real wish of interregional cooperation for other unsafe players outside of their speech I'd say. So I have not really made my mind.
  12. The Decapole counsils

    Nominations for General Council, Ending February 3rd

    I decline for the moderation. The term of my partner pregnancy wouldn't allow me to function properly, even if I decided to get back to half-implication. Also I nominated @Sierra Lyricalia for External Affairs, not for moderation which wouldn't have made so much sense to me.
  13. The Decapole counsils

    Nominations for General Council, Ending February 3rd

    Here are the persons I nominate: @Mollergrad for Moderation @Zrhajan for Internal affairs @Sierra Lyricalia for External affairs @Yukishiro Federation for WA (obviously they should first log their nation here, lol)
  14. The Decapole counsils

    Moderation Reports Thread

    Note: we should clarify in the code if being anti-abortion is automatically contrevening the charta.
  15. The Decapole counsils

    Moderation Reports Thread

    Nation:https://www.nationstates.net/nation=communal_concils Action: ejection Reason: comes from the fash region https://www.nationstates.net/region=right_to_life Commentary: This nation appears to me to have been made maybe by someone with little political background, or maybe beginning to dwelve into politics. If they reapply, we maybe should have a discussion with them about this ejection and the reason for it to begin with.There are still some problematic aspects of the nation that don't seem to be RP, like assertion of biological roles, forced assimilation of migrants.