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  1. The Decapole counsils

    At Vote: Withdraw Embassies with TRCA

    To correct what I wrote above, some of their member seem to wish to add a form of interregional cooperation. A proposal is being made in that sense if I understand it correctly. If this is really the case before the end of our vote, I might change my vote to veto if it also notifies the will to have the means to go in the good direction.
  2. The Decapole counsils


    In when I have time
  3. The Decapole counsils

    At Vote: Withdraw Embassies with TRCA

    I was all for, but they've changed their policies to make it clear about fashes. It still lacks apologies or consience of anything + real wish of interregional cooperation for other unsafe players outside of their speech I'd say. So I have not really made my mind.
  4. The Decapole counsils

    Nominations for General Council, Ending February 3rd

    I decline for the moderation. The term of my partner pregnancy wouldn't allow me to function properly, even if I decided to get back to half-implication. Also I nominated @Sierra Lyricalia for External Affairs, not for moderation which wouldn't have made so much sense to me.
  5. The Decapole counsils

    Nominations for General Council, Ending February 3rd

    Here are the persons I nominate: @Mollergrad for Moderation @Zrhajan for Internal affairs @Sierra Lyricalia for External affairs @Yukishiro Federation for WA (obviously they should first log their nation here, lol)
  6. The Decapole counsils

    Moderation Reports Thread

    Note: we should clarify in the code if being anti-abortion is automatically contrevening the charta.
  7. The Decapole counsils

    Moderation Reports Thread

    Nation:https://www.nationstates.net/nation=communal_concils Action: ejection Reason: comes from the fash region https://www.nationstates.net/region=right_to_life Commentary: This nation appears to me to have been made maybe by someone with little political background, or maybe beginning to dwelve into politics. If they reapply, we maybe should have a discussion with them about this ejection and the reason for it to begin with.There are still some problematic aspects of the nation that don't seem to be RP, like assertion of biological roles, forced assimilation of migrants.
  8. The Decapole counsils

    Moderation Reports Thread

    Nation: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=kraulandia Action: ban Reason: Nation's motto: "Praise our aryans , for victory is upon us!" +initial post with refercen to their leader as Führer + salutations to all with a "Heil" in the middle of an english sentence . Upon explanation demand(s), spammed the RMB and my inbox with gibberish RP, until after two warnings, they sent an anticommunist telegramm (in RP! see below).
  9. As this is gameplay, I don't see any problem with this part, tbh. I'm more concerned by what I've been told about Vetelo, especially because I don't care about seemingly siding with questionable people on a "witchhunt" under a latin motto reused by french collaborators I agree with you this isn't the best outcome, the best outcome being them kicking him out.But in the end, as the hunt is a real thing, I prefer that the NSleft issues a statement, including maybe future regions, that it goes alone diminishing the politicality of the statement...
  10. The Decapole counsils

    The Great Patriotic War - TI Roleplay in Jin Gwó

    I consider again the officer, and have conscience that the thin ice of her patience could melt pretty soon in such a burnt-in station, speaking of which, exercise or such classes haven't been spoken of. "Sorry to add bother to the injury, aunt, but since you talked to us about our goal, how will we be best used for the glory of the people? Are we to be trained there or in between, or will people's army rely on this fisherman's and my instincts to adapt? " @Varsala @Countriopia
  11. My take on the "problematic embassies" about The communist cartel: they reorganized about two month ago then were raided by fashes one month ago. I think they could clera up their tags a bit with time. (see below attached file from their RMB) [Still have Lardyland as embassy tho... like too many regions...] USSR: seems random RP with a bit more of libs than anything else. Embassy seems to have been lately fed back (is that even English?) by TRCA's founder/WA. USSR founder seems legit. Glorious Swampland: has given themselves a new constitution in October... but doesn't seem to retain much weight on its RMB, for proof an "edgy" antisemitic "poem" found there... three days ago, so it could be a simple mod pb. To resume, to be coherent with the last votes, I vote for this embassy, with the temptation to tell them to look a bit closer to their company.
  12. The Decapole counsils

    Moderation Reports Thread

    The nation has been authorized to come back to the region after a nation leader change and a valid explanation.
  13. The Decapole counsils

    The Great Patriotic War - TI Roleplay in Jin Gwó

    To the officer: "I guess it's a comfort to know that he will be in place where he will eat enough to become the strong soldier he may have destined to be, aunt. But since you told us he won't come with us, I get that we have an already precise goal for this cart to go. Do you know when we will be briefed about it? To me, nothing beats preparedness. I must concede that I'm pretty curious of what special thing a bunch of rookies like me and the comrade fisherman can and will do."
  14. The Decapole counsils

    Moderation Reports Thread

    Vegan here and supporting the ban. So it's not a specist conspiration, but a ban against discrimination because of diverging cultural values.