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  1. Thorsten mulled the response from his captain over for a moment, before responding “I’m not entirely certain how we could set up a meeting point without a map or compass or something. That’s something where the guards might be helpful. In the meantime, I’m sure that our comrades won’t mind me seeing if there’s any acceptable armaments available in the rubble. Who knows, maybe my usual luck with this sort of thing will show up.” Having said this, he started heading towards what seemed like it would be the most bountiful pile of rubble. [role for foraging, modified by technomancy]
  2. As the noise of the aircraft vanished, Thorsten took hold of the seat as firmly as possible, trying to brace himself for the incoming explosion as well as possible. This attempt proved a failure, though, as, when the blast hit, he was sent flying. During this chaos, he closed his eyes in an attempt to protect them to some measure from shrapnel. However, as he felt something wrap around his neck, his eyes reflexively opened, and he tried to get a good look at whatever was wrapping around his neck. However, before he could get a reasonable look, impact. With his wind knocked out of him from the impact, Thorsten lay still for a few moments, trying to regain his breath. While he was lying down, he felt the weight around his neck shift and move off of him, and moments later, he heard his captain say “How’re you sailor?” As Thorsten clambered back to his feet, he said “I should be fine, just a bit winded, no thanks to those vexatious vagabonds and their villainous volleys. However, we should probably split up and spread out somewhat, because at the moment, we’re presenting a fine target for those airplanes."
  3. Thorsten paused for a moment, a look of regret flashing over his face, before he said “While I do, I think, still have some family, it has been too long since I last visited them, and I have changed very significantly.” Suddenly he stopped talking and started craning his neck, trying to hear a noise that was unexpected, muttering to himself “that’s not from this truck, sounds like multiple engines, probably each about 12 cylinders, no noticeable engine knocking, so they’re well-maintained and running with good-quality fuel, relatively low revolutions per minute and attached to propellers. Oh. Oh no.“ So concentrated on the engine noise had Thorsten been, that he failed to realize that the sound had been gradually increasing in volume until the driver shouted, at which point Thorsten, in a mild panic, reverted to his native tongue of Svaalian, saying “We either need to get out of this truck or get out of sight of these planes, right now.”
  4. Hearing the guard interrupt, Thorsten let out an exasperated sigh before saying "Listen here, you blithering bell-end, I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to my captain, so it would be deeply appreciated if you were to not interrupt. Beyond which, I think it rather goes without saying that we're going to be sent to the field, and it would take a moron of nigh-impossible proportions to fail to realize that. Also, you think that I went on raids? I don't have an overly high view of you and your ilk in the first place, but surely you have at least the brains to realize that sending an engineer onto a raid is a bad idea, yeah?" Turning back to Havsvarg, he said “Anyway, where were we? Right, we were talking about who we’d be working with. My assumption would be that they’d put people like us in with at least some true believers, along with rookies. The people who are dedicated to the cause would keep us from being too outspoken, but if they’re resorting to recruiting criminals, they probably can’t field all too many truly experienced veterans, so they’d want to distribute them at least somewhat.”
  5. Thorsten sat, in silence as the truck bumped along a barely-developed road, feeling the jolts as the barely existent suspension failed to compensate for stones and holes within the dirt. They had been driving for a long time, and throughout it, he had remained silent, eyes closed, simply listening to the sounds of the vehicle. When Havsvarg said his name, his concentration broke, and he opened his eyes and responded “Well, it was certainly better than what happened to most of the other engineers, but in the end, I certainly would not want to spend most of the rest of my life in prison.” Leaning back in an attempt to get as comfortable as possible in the rather cramped conditions of the truck, he said “So, what sort of shitty job do you think they’ll give us?”
  6. Since there doesn't seem to be any way to edit or delete posts, I'd like to quickly change my app to correspond to the above.
  7. Name: Thorsten Skaanesdag Age: 23 Origin or Species: Svaalian Occupation: engineering crew/damage control aboard a pirate vessel Physical description: At 1,60m tall, Thorsten is fairly short, and this, combined with a fairly lean but well-toned build, allowed him to fit into some of the tighter spaces in the engine room of the ship on which he was crew. He has pale skin, light brown hair and sea-green eyes. His hands are callused and his clothing is marked by irremovable stains from maintaining machinery. These clothes include dark gray pants with a very large number of pockets, steel-toed boots, a dark brown shirt, and a black vest with 4 pockets. Backstory: If you were to ask Thorsten what he was fighting for, he would likely shrug and say “Freedom and my captain”. Seeing as the main reason he left his home on the southernmost of the Svaal islands was adventure, it should come as no surprise that he soon became a member of a pirate crew, albeit somewhat unwillingly. Initially employed as an engineer due to a slim build which allowed him to reach difficult-to-access locations, he learned quickly and soon became a competent and reliable engineer. Following the takeover by Lyra Havsvarg, the new, less hierarchical command system meant that he was more able to speak up about failures of leadership, and due to this, he became fiercely loyal to the new captain. When worst came to worst, he was one of the few survivors of the battle which sank the ship, and when given the option to fight for his freedom, he took it. Characteristics: subconscious technomancy, intelligent, agile, skilled with mechanics, explosives experience, loyal to a fault, methodical, overly direct, strong, passable marksmanship, survival skills Abilities: repairing I, demolitions I, suppressive fire, aimed burst fire, camouflage, trap-laying, sabotage II, foraging, lock-picking II Inventory: toolkit, rope, mess kit w/ rations, lightweight support machine gun w/ammo, grenades, knife, spade Picture (Optional):