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  1. Stalinist Arstotzka

    What is your favourite communist food?

    BTW why would you drink the blood of Fascists?? It's too salty and acidic and has been proven to give you Cancer.
  2. Stalinist Arstotzka

    What is your favourite communist food?

    I didn't see any Bully Brezhnev Beef.
  3. Which role would you suggest? I don't want to screw up big time so I want to choose a role that will not jeopardise the region. WAD just votes in the WA right? Again I could be drastically mistaken so feel free to correct me.
  4. True..... I will maybe wait until I am more familiarised with the region and spend time in the Red Fleet before I take such a role as WA. Sorry for my stupidity.
  5. I would like to nominate myself for WA delegate. I know I've only been here for round 2 weeks but I would like to help this region in anyway I can and being a WA delegate seems to be the easiest job there.