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  1. Old School RuneScape

    shush malaka
  2. Old School RuneScape

    Does anyone play it? Let's all quit and play RuneScape.
  3. In this question, I think it's important to understand that the State, as we have known it throughout history, is an instrument by which one class oppresses another. That is its political nature. During the course of the struggle, when the working class takes control over the state, they will use it to oppress the bourgeois class and do away with them. At that point, the point where there is no more bourgeois class, then the state loses its political character, and ceases to be a state as we have known it. Does 'authority' still exist? Surely. Is there still a government structure? I think, absolutely. But the state is not a state as it once was. It is no longer an instrument by which one class oppresses another. It is merely an instrument serving the needs of people at that point.
  4. School of the Left

    I will participate when I have time.
  5. Voting is now open in the elections for Comrade WA Delegate, Comrade Councillor of Activities, and Comrade Councillor for External Affairs. You have ten days (until September 11th) to cast your ballot. Congratulations to The Sri Lankan Communes, who is unopposed, and will be our new Councillor for Information!
  6. I submitted that as a joke.
  7. The 60 day terms of our Comrade WA Delegate and Comrade Councillors have nearly expired. Therefore, we will be opening the nominations process in anticipation of the next election. This process will last 10 days. The positions: Nominees: WA Delegate: Councillor for Activities: Councillor for External Affairs: Councillor for Information:
  8. The Internationale's Library

    https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/mao/selected-works/volume-2/mswv2_03.htm Here's a good book on DPRK: https://www.docdroid.net/9oceFLp/ellen-brun-jacques-hersch-socialist-korea-a-case-study-in-the-strategy-of-economic-development-monthly-review-press-1976.pdf
  9. @Lemur Isles Hey, comrade. Your quiz is a lot better. But why didn't it score this comrade on the Progressive/Conservative graph? Several people have reported this issue via Discord. Is it intentional?
  10. From comrade Lemur Isles' test (neat, comrade!):
  11. NS RMB Post Suppression - Vote Proposal Thread

    I did not notice your nation because you made a post. I noticed your nation because I literally went through the list of every single nation in the region and ejected or banned all of them that had memes in customizable fields, unserious names, inappropriate names/custom fields, or were just joke nations. You are not special, other than the fact that I allowed you back into the region. When someone reads 'Cheetoland,' they're going to think, "oh, that's funny. This guy is joking around. His country is based on Cheetos." That's obvious. It's very easy to see how that's jokey/unserious compared to 'Caelapes', or 'La Pasionaria', or 'Marxingrad', or 'Luckynia'. Seriously, what is unserious and jokey about 'Luckynia'?