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  1. Aufrechte

    Does anyone want an Imzy invite? I've got five.

    Actually now I have 55 invitations since I squatted two potential reactionary communities
  2. If you're unaware, imzy is essentially a better alternative to Reddit. They're trying to create an overall friendlier atmosphere, and I'm pretty sure hate speech is banned (they aren't explicit about it, sadly). Also gore and porn aren't allowed. The developers are also trying to be responsive to the wants and needs of the users. There's already a handful of general socialist communities and two dank socialist may may communities - completeanarchy and fullcommunism. I can give out 5 invites, although be aware that this will require your email address. Communities of interest to socialists: -Socialism -Anarchism -Fullcommunism -Marxism -Completeanarchy -Leftactivism -Maoism
  3. Aufrechte


    comrade, i believe this is the wrong part of the forums
  4. Aufrechte

    Hypocrisy, in case you missed it

    The CL never ceases to amuse me
  5. *misley gets puppetswept for lying* CL RMB: Good riddance! Thanks mods! *castlemaine gets puppetswept and DOS'd for loads and loads of rule violations* CL: WTF is this? He did nothing wrong omg the mods suck
  6. Aufrechte

    Fascist NationStates is fucking crazy

    Most neo-nazis aren't even German, they're German wannabes.
  7. Aufrechte

    Any Economy Tips?

    I just wanna ask one thing, how do I honestly control my nation ._. I'm a huge noob to the game x.x Eastern time.
  8. Aufrechte

    Antifascist Action on NationStates

    What did la Pasionara say, exactly?
  9. Aufrechte

    Cartography 2: Electric Boogaloo

    If you won't be adding fake islands to the map, then I opt out.
  10. Aufrechte

    I dunno, Something, Whatever

  11. I hate to say it but a completely free everything would not be very useful to artists who's only significant labour-power is their ability to create creative works. Artists are still proletarians and they need a way to make money.
  12. I myself believe that creators do, as workers, deserve the right for the money generated by their work to be directed to them, but I am not sure to what amount of time this should last. I don't know if I like the idea of just life anyway as that could get somewhat abusive. So, comrades, what do you think should be done as to copyright?
  13. Especially since the existent socialist parties in the US basically just capitulate and say "Well, falling from 7 stories isn't as bad as falling from 10 stories." As for the UK, well... Splitters!
  14. True, but he's also historically been anti-gun reform and not 30 years ago almost everyone was anti-LGBTQ+ rights. Opinions change. As for viability, I'm rather certain that the delegates for the Democratic nomination have to support the candidate the popular vote chose, more or less. The superdelegates are the main problem for him.