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    I must say I'm intrigued with Freien's choice. Sign me up.
  2. Intending to address a blatant propaganda piece in Conservative League's newspaper "The Ice Cold Conservative," Transemilia found it inexplicably hard to enter long enough to respond diplomatically. They can't take accountability very well it seems. See below for full account: Their reception was equally unwelcoming, with responses such as "BURN THE COMMIE!" and an intention to maliciously report them (yes, really). The icing on the cake being when one later confessed they could not, being a signatory of Unmoderated, instead asking someone else to do it. Which is like an amish hailing a cab, or a devout rabbi asking an atheist to call someone on his smartphone during shabbat -- totally defeating the spirit of being part of it in the first place.
  3. "Castlemaine is in the middle of being puppetswept for his history of rules violations across puppets, most recently his ongoing harassment of Misley and vile accusations of grossly illegal behavior." "The puppetsweep and current DOS discussion couldn't possibly have anything to do with Castlemaine's history of rather serious rule violations, including hacking threats, harassment, malicious impersonation, or most recently openly accusing another player of statutory rape." Sounds like he's been pretty busy. From the massive puppetsweep, I found d these gems: 14 hours ago: Kebaboslavia ceased to exist. 14 hours ago: Ado1fhitler ceased to exist. 15 hours ago: Hitlerssssss ceased to exist. 15 hours ago: Hitlers legacy ceased to exist. 15 hours ago: Kebab removal services ceased to exist. 15 hours ago: Faggo-topia ceased to exist. 15 hours ago: New faggo-topia ceased to exist. 15 hours ago: Byelorossiya ceased to exist. The last one is pretty damning. At least three different variations of this nation name were used by puppets with intentions to spam DSA's RMB with ascii hitlers and other delightful messages. Looks like we found DSA's fash troll.
  4. Ratateague

    Radical Poetry & Music

    I got one. Was writing it this autumn, for context, but never quite finished it the way I'd hoped. Anyway, it's untitled, doesn't rhyme, and is not as passionate or referential as others. Low expectations, people. Crestfallen crimson stars, lay atop shredded and scattered earthen woodchips underneath this empty eve expanse The stillness, doesn't sit well with me and it's chilly -- the breeze is nipping I've put off switching to winter garb Scarred initials of loves will endure starved detritivores capitalize paving the way in advance of weeds The mulch will bleach, the leaves will turn, turn, turn, and textbooks will only recall one drab uniform aftermath 'til somewhere a seed bears witness to seasons renewed
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    Fascist NationStates is fucking crazy

    I just saw this. I can't stop laughing and this is making
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    Hello, comrades!

    Ratateague can into space! Congratulations on creating the new forum. I know it was a lot of work!