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  1. Calipeiar

    Celtic Communities [OOC/Open]

    3 left to the forest (near mountain). Then 5 up to the fields (forest below), then 1 right to meet up the river.
  2. Calipeiar

    Celtic Communities [OOC/Open]

    Community name: Miobri Community type: Village Population: 264 Main agricultural activity: Wheat farming, cow domestication Historic background and cultural characteristics: Miobri was once a tribe coming from the west for more fertile land and more forests. Eventually, the ruler of the tribe settled a village named Miobri, and after years and years of farming, village was good enough to be not considered a tribe but a village. Miobri specializes in guerilla warfare and cold resistance, surviving barbarian attacks and cold winters. The village system was formed by the 1st ruler of the 1st Generation, Brennus. System is privatized-like, each citizen does everything without regulation from the village. This system proved successful and the village grew. Cunobelinus adopted oligarchy, that power rests in small amount of people (10). Finally the third leader Dubhthach adopted conscription and first Miobrian soldiers were recruited. 1st ruler 1st Gen: Brennus 2nd ruler 1st Gen: Cunobelinus 3rd ruler 1st Gen (current): Dubhthach Approximate geographical position: 3 left, 5 up, 1 right
  3. Calipeiar

    team speak

    Why would we need TeamSpeak anyway?
  4. Calipeiar

    Hello, comrades!

    Hello fellow comrade!
  5. Calipeiar

    Cyber Nations Establishment

    Well good luck on the playing the game
  6. Calipeiar

    Cyber Nations Establishment

    I don't like the game at all. It is way too much complex for head, as there's million things to do.
  7. Calipeiar

    For a more diverse TI

    Yeah I agree with that. Everyone should speak English so we can understand each other.
  8. Calipeiar

    Hello, comrades!

    I would like to congratulate everybody for making this happen.
  9. Calipeiar


    Hello people of the Internationale! How are you doing? (If anyone can hear me that is)