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  1. Zarate-Campana

    Bunkaiian-Zarateño Pistachios-Pomegranade Crisis

    Being 8.05 in the morning of July 14, 2020 we have a breaking news: A long-range missile detonates in the capital city of Bunkaiia, reinstating tension in both countries. This fact happens just two days after the historic summit of both countries. @Bunkaiia
  2. Zarate-Campana

    Bunkaiian-Zarateño Pistachios-Pomegranade Crisis

    Good afternoon everyone, I am Eduardo Vargas and I am today in the company of Verónica Navarro to recount the historic bilateral meeting between our esteemed Prime Minister Máximo Pablo Thomsen and the leaders of the Bunkaiia Noocracy, on a very hot day as planned . It is currently 3:33 p.m. of July 12, 2020, the current temperature is 35.6°C. After the due formalities were completed, the leaders met for lunch shortly after noon. It turned out that the banquet of honor was made up of completely vegetarian and vegan dishes. The Foreign Minister and Prime Minister's wife, Mrs. Lola Aun, announced that the leaders signed a peace and friendship treaty, and another FTA between the two countries, which would imply a future constitutional reform. Both leaders agreed on mutual cooperation against CoVid-19 and a new meeting in the coming months. Bonjour à tous, je suis Eduardo Vargas et je suis aujourd'hui en compagnie de Verónica Navarro pour raconter la rencontre bilatérale historique entre notre estimé Premier ministre Máximo Pablo Thomsen et les dirigeants de la noocratie de Bunkaiia, lors d'une journée très chaude comme c'était prévu. Il est actuellement 3:48 pm, du 12 juillet 2020, la température actuelle est de 35,6 ° C. Une fois les formalités requises accomplies, les dirigeants se sont réunis pour le déjeuner peu après midi. Il s'est avéré que le banquet d'honneur était composé de plats entièrement végétariens et végétaliens. La ministre des Affaires étrangères et épouse du Premier ministre, Mme Lola Aun, a annoncé que les dirigeants avaient signé un traité de paix et d'amitié et un autre ALE entre les deux pays, ce qui impliquerait une future réforme constitutionnelle. Les deux dirigeants ont convenu d'une coopération mutuelle contre CoVid-19 et d'une nouvelle réunion dans les prochains mois. @Bunkaiia
  3. Zarate-Campana

    Bunkaiian-Zarateño Pistachios-Pomegranade Crisis

    Breaking News: With a strict security, Bunkaiia's Gouwulan and a delegation arrived to our country and ready for the meeting tomorrow with our honourable Prime Minister Máximo Pablo Thomsen. It is expected that they sign up a peace treaty to end the bilateral crisis. Dernières nouvelles: Avec une sécurité stricte, le Gouwulan de Bunkaiia est arrivé ensemble une delegation, dans notre pays et prêt pour la réunion de demain avec notre honorable Premier ministre Máximo Pablo Thomsen. Il est prévu qu'ils signent un traité de paix pour mettre fin à la crise bilatérale. @Bunkaiia
  4. Zarate-Campana

    Bunkaiian-Zarateño Pistachios-Pomegranade Crisis

    Good morning, I'm Eduardo Vargas, and I'm here for ZARATV, the morning national newscast. It's currently 5.07 am of July 3. 2020, and like always, let's have an air sight of our capital city. Current temperature is 24C/75F, windchill 27.7C/80F, humidity is 100% and a brief drizzle is expected tonight. In other news: Comrade Prime Minister Máximo Pablo Thomsen is preparing a peace treaty with Bunkaiia to end bilateral crisis. ALERT! A regrowth of Covid-19 is reported in Zárate, with at least 17 cases. Bonjour, je suis Eduardo Vargas, et je suis ici pour ZARATV, le journal national du matin. Il est actuellement 5 h 07 du 3 juillet 2020, et comme toujours, ayons une vue aérienne de notre capitale. La température actuelle est de 24 ° C / 75 ° F, le température ressentie de 27,7 ° C / 80 ° F, l'humidité est de 100% et une bruine brève est attendue ce soir. Dans d'autres nouvelles: le camarade Premier ministre Máximo Pablo Thomsen prépare un traité de paix avec la Bunkaiia pour mettre fin à la crise bilatérale. ALERTE! Une repousse de Covid-19 est signalée à Zárate, avec au moins 17 cas.
  5. Zarate-Campana

    Bunkaiian-Zarateño Pistachios-Pomegranade Crisis

    A Survey made by the local broadcast showed that 72% of Zarateños are in favour of the meeting between our leader Máximo Pablo Thomsen and Bunkaiia's Gouwulan Une enquête réalisée par la radio locale a montré que 61% des Zarateños sont favorables à la rencontre entre notre leader Máximo Pablo Thomsen et Gouwulan de Bunkaiia
  6. Zarate-Campana

    Bunkaiian-Zarateño Pistachios-Pomegranade Crisis

    À 9 h 25, le 31 mai 2020, je suis de nouveau Eduardo Vargas, ici pour vous informer d'une toute nouvelle nouveauté: Le camarade Máximo Pablo Thomsen a invité le Gowulan de Bunkaiia à faire un barbecue le 12 juillet 2020. Being 9.25 a.m. of May 31st 2020, I'm Eduardo Vargas again, here to inform you a breaking new: Comrade Máximo Pablo Thomsen invited Bunkaiia's Gowulan to have a barbecue on July 12, 2020.
  7. Zarate-Campana

    RP Nation Profile

    Name: People's Republic of Zárate-Campana (République Populaire du Zárate-Campana) Government type: People's Dictatorship The traditional date of Foundation: March 25th 2020 Capital: Zárate Demonym: Zarateño Languages: French, Spanish, English, Portuguese Legislative body: Worker's National Assembly
  8. Bunkaiia sent Pistachios an pomegranades to Zárate, which we thanked with great humility. But the gift of that fruit was retained by the coastguard. This problem caused a great political crisis between Bunkaiia and Zárate
  9. Preamble: We, the people of Zárate-Campana, gathered together to pursue our longings for a more just and equal society, contribute to the common good, strengthen the institutions, guide the economy to the service of the population, for our people as a whole and for all the peoples of the world who want to inhabit our soil. In order to guide our compatriots in pursuing their individual and collective aspirations, we decree and sanction this Constitution. Part One Title 1: About the organization of the national state Article 1: The People's Republic of Zárate-Campana establishes the representative, republican and consolidated form in unity of the regime as an organization of the State. Article 2: The capital of the country shall be defined by law promulgated by the Legislative Power. Article 3: The official name of the country is the People's Republic of Zárate-Campana, as it appears in diplomatic writings, on paper currency, in international organizations. Article 4: The People's Republic of Zárate-Campana is an independent country that exercises its sovereignty over the entire national territory, the territorial sea and the airspace that extends over them. Art. 5: The People's Republic of Zárate-Campana is the State of the people, and for the people. All the power of the state belongs to the people, whose foundation is the alliance of the working class and the intellectual layers. Art. 6: The country symbols are the national flag, the national anthem, the national shield, and the Ode to the Leader. The national teaching consists of a scarlet red background, with a green ribbon, five stars, one of medium size, which bears a sickle and hammer, and the remaining four of smaller size. On the right is adorned by the patriotic shield. Article 7: All citizens of the country, and who yearn to reside in our country; they enjoy the following rights: to reside in a dignified dwelling, to teach and learn, to a healthy and balanced environment, to exercise every lawful industry, to navigate, to freely profess their worship or to profess none. Article 8: Unin listed rights do not mean their denial. Article 9: The right of ownership is inviolable in the territory of the Nation. The State may only expropriate goods considered to be publicly useful, enterprises, factories, and natural resources. Art. 10: The People's Republic of Zárate-Campana is a socialist state. The March 26 Popular Front, Marxist-Leninist, democratic, Latin American, is the vanguard of the working class, a leading superior force of the whole society and the state, and a faithful representative of its interests, the worker people and the entire nation. Article 11: Throughout the territory of the Nation, there are no customs offices other than national customs. Article 12: Workers in the country have the following rights: decent and equitable working conditions, limited hours; paid rest and vacation; fair remuneration; minimum living wage mobile; equal pay for equal task; participation in companies' profits, with production control and management collaboration; protection against arbitrary dismissal; stability of the public employee; free and democratic trade union organization, recognized by the simple registration in a special register. Guilds are guaranteed to: enter into collective labour agreements; recourse to conciliation and arbitration; the right to strike. Trade union representatives shall have the necessary guarantees for the fulfilment of their trade union management and those relating to the stability of their employment. The State shall grant the benefits of social security, which shall be integral and indispensable. In particular, the law shall provide: compulsory social insurance, which shall be provided by national or provincial entities with financial and economic autonomy, administered by interested parties with the participation of the State, without overlapping contributions; pensions and mobile pensions; comprehensive family protection; defending the good of family; family financial compensation and access to decent housing. Article 13: The State will benefit and promote the incorporation of women into all fields of work and advocate for the fulfilment of their rights. Article 14: Torture is forever abolished in the People's Republic of Zárate as a method of forcing confessions. No citizen of the country may be imprisoned without trial, or the crime charged to him be unknown. The right to defence in court is sacrosanct. Every accused has the right not to be removed from the natural court and not to testify against himself or not to testify, not meaning silence guilt. The person charged with a crime is innocent until a sentence proves otherwise. Article 15: All citizens of the country have assured the right to stay, leave and transit through the country freely. Title 2: The Functions of the State Section One: Executive Power Article 16: The Executive Branch shall be played by a citizen vested with the title of "Prime Minister Comrade" Article 17: The Prime Minister will elect his running mate, who will accompany him in his term of office. Article 18: The Prime Minister shall assume his government before the People's Assembly meeting in its entirety. Article 19: The functions of the Prime Minister are: to order the execution of laws, to declare the state of siege, to formalize a declaration of war or the ceasefire, to make known in Assembly the course of his mandate. Article 20: Neither the President nor the Prime Minister may, on any basis, exercise judicial functions or know about judicial grounds. Article 21: It is the role of the Executive Branch to insert our country into international markets in order to trade bilaterally. Article 22: The Prime Minister will be elected by the absolute majority of the members of the National Assembly in a double-turn vote. If the First Ballot does not achieve the yes vote of half plus one of the total members of the Assembly, the first round to the second will be held within 48 hours of the first round. In the second round it takes two-thirds of the total assembly members to declare a winner. Article 23: Elections shall be every four years, in the two months before the expiry of the term of office of the members of the Executive Branch. Article 24: In the event of the dismissal, death, temporary or permanent absence of the Prime Minister, it is the duty of the President of the Republic to hold office. Section Two: Legislative Power Article 25: The Legislative Power is represented by the Workers' Assembly, made up of deputies directly elected by the universal popular vote every four years. Article 26: Deputies are responsible for debating and sanctioning the laws of the country, and the Basic Codes, the declaration of war, the state of siege. Article 27: The Assembly has the power to draft its own rules of procedure. Article 28: The Workers' Assembly opens its sessions on the first business day of February and ends on the last business day of October, and extraordinary sessions may be convened until December 31. Article 29: The Assembly must meet at least fifteen times in the year, with regular and extraordinary sessions, unless exceptional situations prevent it. Article 30: Members must begin to session after the absolute majority of the total present (quorum) has been gathered. Article 31: They shall elect the President of the Assembly during the first annual session. Article 32: A Member may be elected to the Member who is at least 35 years of age and who does not have a criminal record. Article 33: Twice a year, the Assembly shall hold an accountability session to the acting Prime Minister and to the members of his cabinet. Article 34: Under no circumstances may the Assembly be dissolved before the end of its term of office. Article 35: The Assembly is responsible for voting on the national budget. Section Three: Judiciary Article 36: The Judiciary is composed of the Supreme People's Court of Justice of Zárate-Campana, and the other Lower Courts. Article 37: It is for the Supreme Court to know about the causes that reach its deceptions, excluding international conflicts involving citizens of other countries, or involving a sarateous citizen with a citizen of another country, maritime and border conflicts are also excluded. Article 38: The Supreme Court consists of four judges who must be under 60 years of age and probity as the only requirements for their performance. Title 3: Economics Article 39: The People's Republic of Zárate-Campana is heading its economic course under the model of the centralized planning economy. Article 40: The State will administer the economy by promoting cooperativeism and collectivized farms. Art. 41: Natural resources, seas and rivers, oil fields, fish, and all resources extracted from nature are the exclusive property of the State and society as a whole. Article 42: Foreign factories and enterprises are the property of the State. Article 43: The fruits perceived by perseverance at work, inheritance, housing, people's assets are private property. Article 44: Railways and airports are the property of the State. Article 45: The State shall carry out price control to prevent undue increases in essential goods. Article 46: The State will seek the best technological development for the economy at all levels. Article 47: The working day is eight hours, and each worker is entitled to rest. Article 48: The State shall impose tariffs on foreign trade in order to favour domestic industry. Title 4: Culture Art. 49: The State will provide access to national culture for all citizens of the country by promoting all kinds of arts, painting, musical expressions and events of all kinds. Article 50: It is the duty of every citizen to defend the national culture and language. Article 51: The State will promote sport and physical activity as a virtue of the socialist way of life. Article 52: In the construction of the national socialist culture, the State opposes the cultural penetration of imperialism and the restorative tendency, protects the heritage of national culture and inherits and develops it according to socialist reality. Article 53: Through the application of the principles of socialist pedagogy, the State prepares the components of the new generation as staunch revolutionaries who fight for the sake of society and the people, and as men of a new type, Juchean, with rich knowledge, noble virtues and physical strength. Title 5: Revolutionary National Defense Article 54: The People's Republic of Zárate-Campana relies on the system of defence of the People and the Revolution. Article 55: It is the duty of the citizen to serve in the military from the age of 18, lasting four years and five months. Article 56: Military Service aims to promote self-defense, defend the Fatherland and Revolution against imperialist aggressors and fortify the country. Title 6: On Constitutional Reform Article 57: This constitution may be reformed in the whole or in any of its parts by convening an assembly for this purpose. Article 58: Members of the Constituent Assembly shall be elected by universal suffrage. Given in the Session Room of the National Constituent Assembly City of Zárate, People's Republic of Zárate-Campana May 11, 2020 Christian Era
  10. Zarate-Campana

    Regional Map

    https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Partido_de_Zárate#/media/Archivo:Argentina_-_Buenos_Aires_-_Zárate.svg in red, is zarate Nation name: People's Republic of Zarate-Campana