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  1. Bunkaiia

    Bunkaiian-Zarateño Pistachios-Pomegranade Crisis

    The Bunkaiian delegation including the four main Gouwulans are present today. They traveled to Zarate-Campana on a fleet of giant catamarans in order to mitigate their visit’s environmental cost. Some of the Bunkaiians, specifically of the Yabaneyan religious-ethnicity minority, are completely nude to show their humility, respect to and desire for peace and friendship with the Zarateños. Sipàpet-Gouwulan Ms. Tàviv (Chief minister of Legal and Foreign affairs) and Ràmešket-Gouwulan Ms. Miwini (Chief minister of Entertainment affairs) are especially on their best behavior and have Studied Zarateño lore and culture to accommodate and please - to the best of their abilities - the Zarateños. A group of swirling seashell-laden Bunkaiian priests bless today’s date, requesting that their God of Time & Memory (Djàruvàna) grants this meeting with long-term success.
  2. Bunkaiia

    Cartography - A custom Internationale Map

    Is this fully dead?
  3. Bunkaiia

    CIV 5 civ requests/game [OOC]

    Love this idea! Wish I had Civ 5 though.... I have the first four.... but I kind of switched to Paradox' line of games.
  4. Bunkaiia

    Bunkaiian-Zarateño Pistachios-Pomegranade Crisis

    Une petite délégation assistera au barbecue susmentionné. Veuillez vous assurer que le barbecue est entièrement végétalien.
  5. Bunkaiia

    Cartography: The Revival

    60% of my country's land area is in this one island, which is the size of Socotra, place it anywhere you like. (I used wonderdraft)
  6. Bunkaiia

    RP Nation Profile

    (WIP) Name: Mazdakian People's Noocracy of Bunkaiia (Wàtouraïa Màsatakai là Bàñkaïa) Government type: Gouwulic Eco-Theocracy The traditional date of Foundation: 536 CE Capital: Ponaiga (Panara is the historical capital though) Demonym: Bunkaiian Languages: Šibàñ/Shebung, Yabaneïan Tulu, Pinoni Hebrew, Soqotri-Assyrian, Safilushi (a.k.a. Doïan), Bunco-Italian, English Legislative body: Gouwulan
  7. Bunkaiia

    Bunkaiian-Zarateño Pistachios-Pomegranade Crisis

    The 93 sacrosanct & blessed tree saplings raised carefully by the monastic Yabaneïan Jaina Sangha of Màleibidulu-Sàmberiti were left to wilt in your customs. The trees were national & religious symbols for the Bunkaiians and to place any living thing - even a sapling - unnecessarily in harm's way is strictly forbidden. The death of them has to lead to some minor instability internally for Bunkaiia, as it was one of the Gouwulan, Spàpet Tàviv, who authorized the gift. Enter the petulant Federal Republic of Petana, who chose to side with Zarate-Campana and even labeled Bunkaiia as a "reactionary renegade".
  8. Bunkaiia

    Regional Map

    Hello everybody! My conland is actually based on Euhemerus’ fictional/mythical archipelago in the Indian Ocean but I don’t want to be the only dude with an inserted landmass, so I’ll take if I may the following: Socotra, Seychelles, Comoros, Mauritius, Mayotte, Réunion, British Indian Ocean Islands (incl. Diego Garcia and the Chagos archipelago), Lakshadweep islands, Saint Paul & Amsterdam island, the Maldives and the Kerguelen islands.