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  1. Soviet Azastan

    Fascist NationStates is fucking crazy

    I feel guilty now.
  2. Soviet Azastan

    Internationale Games Feb16

    I'm just gonna submit Nikolai Azanov for boxing. Rumor has it he's killed ten bears with nothing but a pencil. He also happens to be the national leader of Azastan.
  3. Soviet Azastan

    Internationale Games Feb16

    Can we have a dancing competition?
  4. Soviet Azastan

    Internationale Games Feb16

    I'd just like to submit Azastan's champion, Ivan Siyan for wrestling. Might throw in some more athletes for the other events if I have the time and creativity.
  5. Soviet Azastan

    Cartography 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Same here! And you shouldn't worry too much about the populations.. Just give everyone a somewhat egually sized portion of the map.
  6. Soviet Azastan

    I dunno, Something, Whatever

  7. Soviet Azastan

    New comrade on the block

    You're gonna have to wait for comrade Limerick Soviet to put it there. I think his hands are full of work right now so please be patient :)
  8. Soviet Azastan


    Sorry to bother again, but my nation doesn't seem to be on the list..
  9. Soviet Azastan


    Well, I'm somewhat good with Gimp. I could probably try to help you around, but I'm not sure if I'll find the time for it. Anyways, great work so far
  10. Soviet Azastan


    Can you just place Azastan somewhere around the border of Finland and Russia? And another thing, a nation's NS-stats population shouldn't have any effect on it's size on the map. Populations grow all the time, and the older players would get like ten times as much room as than the ones who joined, say during last week.
  11. Soviet Azastan


    *Random English post coming through*
  12. Soviet Azastan

    Red + Black goes interregional as NSLeft sees surge in activity

    As always, a great read. Keep up with writing these!
  13. Soviet Azastan

    Finnish Civil War

    As a Finn I was definately not expecting to find a topic about my country's history here! We studied the subject at school last year, and I've always found it quite intriguing.