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  1. Irish Peoples Republic

    Haha, Castlemaine got puppetswept. (now Delete-On-Sight)

    "mod free zone?" lol "We, therefore, the signatories of this Declaration, do declare our nations to be of uncompromising character, our regions to be sovereign and free of misrule, and the attempts of any moderator to question our character or infringe upon our sovereignty to be an unquestionable act of war" Condealism declares war on mods Caligula declared war on the sea I hereby pronounce Condy to be the reincarnation of Emperor Caligula
  2. Irish Peoples Republic

    The Red Fleet Youtube Channel

    Nice work on the most recent video!
  3. Irish Peoples Republic

    The Red Fleet Youtube Channel

    Perhaps some stuff along the lines of this old recruitment video courtesy of former TI member Marxingrad:
  4. Irish Peoples Republic

    The Red Fleet Youtube Channel

    I've just noticed that TRF have a Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZuw69nzPQh773-i3ocDGlQ It seems to be dreadfully underused. So I'm thinking that it might be a good idea to get comrades involved in creating content for the channel. It could be used it for specific announcements, commemorate historical events, and even specific TRF military victories. It could even be used as an additional recruiting tool. I would promote the idea of the KPA having one as well, but given the our much smaller membership, I don't know how feasible that that would be. Perhaps this could be a jointly owned channel?
  5. Irish Peoples Republic

    Supremacy 1914

    Is anyone else having problems connecting to the Balkans game?
  6. Irish Peoples Republic

    Supremacy 1914

    Another Game, this one's in South-East Asia, so a larger map. We can have up to 15 players. Password is "Munky" http://www.supremacy1914.com/play.php?uid=1299033&c=10&gameID=1291344
  7. Irish Peoples Republic

    I dunno, Something, Whatever

  8. Irish Peoples Republic

    Supremacy 1914

  9. Irish Peoples Republic


    I'm assuming that "Dirty Limerick Soviet," will be some kind of independent city-state within the IPR on this map?
  10. Irish Peoples Republic

    Supremacy 1914

    Thread for the new Supremacy1914 Alliance. Name of the Alliance is "The Red Fleet and Korean Peoples Army." To join, make an account if you don't already have one, and apply to the alliance. Alternatively, you can send me your username or post it here and I can send you the alliance invitation, which may be easier to do for people who are newer to S14, it isn't always the easiest site to navigate.
  11. Irish Peoples Republic


    Oh I only just noticed this, can you put me in as well? It shouldn't be too difficult to tell where my nation would be geographically.
  12. Irish Peoples Republic

    Hello, comrades!

    I'm just wondering, how do you change the header photo on your profile page?
  13. Irish Peoples Republic

    Hello, comrades!

    If not for Khrushchev, this very well could have been reality.