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  1. Asturies-Llion

    The Great Patriotic War - TI Roleplay in Jin Gwó

    - Hey, leave her alone! Don't you see she has shot next to the bull's eye? All she needs is an arm for her size, this one is too big. - Nivransu said angrily while taking the rifle from the officer's arms. - Are you defending a bourgeois? - the officer said laughing loudly- An insolent and counterrevolutionary Roina, interesting... - Comrade, not every person was born knowing how to shoot, except you, apparently. - he said right after the officer - I really doubt a bourgeois would ever join us in our fight, and if one of them does, she should be welcome. - I have never trusted people like you, Roina. I have heard that the revolution failed there, maybe you liked Yiimarans too much. Also, the Roina Revolutionary Council has given us a very good opinion about you, they told us about your feats and of course, your past. Nivransu's face was full of anger. - Yes, your past, Roina. I bet your family had many privileges with the Yiimaran. Why are you here? Did you decide to turn your coat in order to survive?- he continued. - Nobody chooses where to be born. - Sure, but I am sure some enjoy it more than others. - the officer said with a cunning smile. Nivransu howled and tried to hit him in the face, but the other Roina held him. "Nivran, it is not worth it." Some of them said. - This won't happen again, ok, royal hunter? - he looked at the other soldiers - Come on, give her a lighter rifle.
  2. Asturies-Llion

    The Great Patriotic War - TI Roleplay in Jin Gwó

    "Don't worry, comrade, she will be able to shoot a flying sparrow from 200 metres by the end of the day."- He said. The officer looked at him with a sceptical expression: "I hope so. I know you are good, but I really doubt you can transfer your abilities so easily." As the officer walked away Nivransu looked at the girl. She didn't seem to be a typical Wari, or at least not a peasant. "I suppose you are new at this" The girl was in silence and her face was pale. "Ok... I suppose you are not specially talkative. Let's see what you can do." He offered her his rifle but she didn't take it. "Well, I will do it first. Look, first you pull back the bolt, then you put the cartridge here." He said as he did the whole sequence. "Now, close, aim... and shoot" Nivransu shot the target in the center of the head. He looked back at her, but she was still white. "Hey, I suppose you have never used a firearm and you may be frightened by the perspective of using one. But if you don't learn you won't last 5 minutes out there. I know I am probably talking from a specially uninformed point of view, but this is all I can do for now." - Nivransu said with a tired tone. He offered her the arm again waiting for another refusal, but that time she took it.
  3. Asturies-Llion

    The Great Patriotic War - TI Roleplay in Jin Gwó

    Name: Nivransu Dheeraj Age: 25 Origin or Species: Roina YaroiOccupation: HunterPhysical description: Broad shoulders and a strong but not too muscular build, 1.78 cm, dark brown eyes Backstory: Nivransu was born as the first son of a family of professional hunters who served a local feudal family of Roina. Since he was a child he was taught on the arts of hunting, traditional martial arts, reading and writing thanks to the link with the feudal class. Even though his family could be classified as privileged among the lower classes, sometimes, the work of helping a feudal lord on the hunt could be specially tiring because of some level of arrongance. Also, the feudal lords used to treat some of their subjects a bit bad, something that Dheeraj (Nivransu's father) had to see several times. When the revolution began in Roina his family started with a neutral position, but the repression of the lord made them choose the revolutionary side when Dheeraj decided to kill the soldiers with his rifle on the assault of their village. After that, when the local militia was formed, he trained them on the usage of rifles and tracking. When the Yiimara came back, the local militia (commonly known as the Red Tigers) had to flee to the jungle and Nivransu had to follow them with his family. In those years he became influential in the revolutionaries of his area. After some time he heard about the stabilization of the front between Yaroi and the Yiimara, so in a clandestine meeting of the Roina revolutionary militias he pushed for an alliance with the USSY and was one of the voluntaries for going to the yaroii front in order the fight along their allies. Characteristics (15 points): Martial arts expert, Agile, Survivalist (Not finished)Martial arts expert III, Agile II, Survivalist II, Stubborn, Perceptive I, Natural Leader, Funny, Skilled Hunter III, Strong, Skilled with Guns II, Skilled with Blades II, Supporter of the revolution Abilities (15 points): War cry, Long distance shoot II, Tracking III, Trapping II, Hide II, Swimming I, Physical Resistance III, Knowledge of nature II Inventory (up to 7 items): Bolt action rifle, revolver, knife, water canteen, neckerchief, rope, bag
  4. Asturies-Llion

    The Internationale's Library

    Could you add this one?: http://mdc.ulpgc.es/cgi-bin/showfile.exe?CISOROOT=/MDC&CISOPTR=41254&filename=74844.pdf It is only in castilian, but I find it very interesting.
  5. Asturies-Llion

    School of the Left

    I will participate
  6. Asturies-Llion

    Proposals for a poll

    Stark vs Lannister vs The People
  7. Asturies-Llion

    Leftist music discussion thread

    You know what I like: most Asturian rock (particularly folk-rock and ska, which is generally leftist) and certain songs Examples:
  8. Well, Juche is a bit strange for me, it takes traditionalist approaches in some things and they are very nationalist... I mean, I can understand why you say that, but I wouldn't call NK 'fascist dictatorship'. However, Shinmin Province is best Korea
  9. Asturies-Llion

    NSLeft Olympic Games

    I will participate, I have a league of ice hockey
  10. Asturies-Llion

    Reading Group: The Society of the Spectacle

    Lol I'm not in the Reading Group, or that's my idea
  11. Asturies-Llion

    Proposals for a poll

    No, please, no Trotsky vs Stalin
  12. Asturies-Llion

    Reading Group

    After the creation of our The Internationale's Library, the idea of a Reading Group has emerged. Personally, I don't really know how does a reading group work, but I suppose that people choose a book and after reading it they debate about the content. Of course, we are not going to debate whether if the rabbit of 'Alice in Wonderland' was white or green, we are going to read books about politics. So, tell me how many of you are interested on joining and what book do you propose.
  13. Asturies-Llion

    Proposals for a poll

    Comrades, I have created this thread in order to receive poll proposals since I'm not very imaginative I think that could be better to talk about it here rather than in Discord. Any ideas about the next poll? I'm waiting for your ideas!
  14. Asturies-Llion

    new year's day 1390

    Joan I was in Barcelona looking at the sunset when one of his counselors appeared. - My lord, there's a message from Rome-said - Is it Boniface asking for fealty again? Don't answer and throw it to the fire. How will that fat man understand that our Pope is Clement?-said the king - No, no. He doesn't talk about pleging fealty. -Then, read it.-answered the king The counselor read the message. - Those savages are very far from here, and I have more problems in the mediterranean and in my own territories. Throw the message to the fire.- said the king
  15. I have to do one about Belarmino Tomás