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  1. Texas Workers Union

    Posting for posterity

    Mods seem quite determined to pretty much delete almost everything I say. So I am going to repost this here, so I know atleast it'll survive somewhere. What is an implication of violence or prejudice? In NS terms the criteria is whatever a certain mod may think at that specific moment. There is are no concrete or definitive rules on most things. Just vague and nebulous notions left to arbitrary whims of whatever mod you gain the attention of. It's actually alot like real life policing, but with much less murder involved. What can a implication of violence be? Well almost anything really. Nazism and fascism for instance are by their very nature more than implications, they are direct threats of violence. These ideologies and and concepts are entirely and wholly made of and sustained by violence for the sake of violence. Yet not only are these ideologies allowed to flourish on this site, they are actively protected. This is something weak a** liberals don't understand, and likely never will. Freedom of speech does not extend to people who's entire ideology is about hate and violence. Antifa runs fascists and nazis off the streets because at no point should a fash feel safe openly spreading their violent hatred. Then there is imperialism. A system of violence to enrich bourgeois of another nation. This again is beyond an implication but a direct threat of violence. Unlike fash who are lucky to get a 20 person march that isnt chased out of town, imperialism continues to exist. This is a reprehensible system of violence that continues to exist and is yet another threat of violence that is protected on this site. The defense of course is that most of these people are "RP'ing" and the NSLeft position is that if your idea of fun is pretending to be one of the worst criminals in world history, then chances are, you aren't a very good person yourself. Who would allow their children pretend to be a nazi? Besides nazi parents of course. By allowing such "play" you allow the very real spread of a very real ideology that really really wants maim and kill innocent people for no reason whatsoever. But its all just fun right? Where did the alt-right's "Kekistan" come from? The Pepe/Trump/Hitler hybrid. The play becomes real. The pretend hate becomes real core ideals for the group involved. Saying the "N" word ironically cuz your so edgy becomes saying the "N" word for real because that's become your vocabulary and your perspective. SJW's become a worldwide epidemic that doesn't seem to effect anyone but this specific group of people. And you can spot a SJW because they dont hate everything and everyone for no particular reason. This weak a** liberal "tolerance" for "free speech" is creating a generation of neofash, who, just like the old fash, don't want anything except power and the destruction of the other. While Antifa (The Real Antifa) becomes criminalized for confronting this threat head on. Liberals always want to play nice with fash until its too late and they come for them next. Then they're suddenly the devil, the threat to all mankind. Its always the Red and Black that are the ones to take the stand against fascism while the liberals wring their hands and try and figure the best way to make the situation the most profitable for themselves. Anti-Fascists the world over have a clear platform of NO PLATFORM for fash. You do not give them an open venue to spread their bile. Even if that means kicking their a** literally out of town when they try one of their little marches. NO PLATFORM means NO PLATFORM. Fullstop. But that is not how NS feels. It is not anti fascist, it feels they are worthy of giving a platform to. As liberals always do. And anyone willing to give a fash a platform is not only not anti-fash they are pro-fash. You are volunteering yourself to be a fascist propagandist. So that gets us to the other side of the coin. Antifa. Directly threatens violence. But unlike fash or nazis, the violence is defensive only. You may ask yourself, how is it defensive if its a group of Antifa attacking a group of fash. The answer is simple, fash by their very existence are an aggressive threat to everyone. And as it has always been, Anti-fascists fight the world's fight themselves while liberals mock and or piss themselves. Bashing the fash is not a weak liberal slogan. It is not an NS creation. It is real. It happens all the time in real life. And it happens for the benefit of everyone. You don't fight fascism because you're going to win. You fight fascism because it is fascist. http://bit.ly/2s0aFRl https://pics.me.me/leftists-tell-twitter-thatlam-not-only-aive-but-were-taking-17112574.png http://imgur.com/8zgnFqd https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C4-fMW7WIAMkhIn.jpg https://img.4plebs.org/boards/pol/image/1469/15/1469157632722.png https://www.indymedia.org.uk/images/2016/06/525500.png There is only one solution to fascism, nazism, and imperialism.
  2. Texas Workers Union

    What are you listening to right now?

  3. Texas Workers Union

    What are you listening to right now?

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    Play WarFrame With Comrades

    We stopped playing this shit forever ago.
  8. You'll be even happier when your gone then.
  9. fuck that fuck (again, and forever) http://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=593599 Also down vote that^
  10. He hasn't been DOS'd just yet it seems. Only a matter of time tho
  11. Texas Workers Union

    The Red Fleet

    God this post....... Then what is this? That is a giant post just to make such a simple lie. There is your explanation, leave AntiCom and you will have your peace. LOL! you literally have no idea what you're talking about. Go tell the mods if you're so sure lol, make sure to come back and tell us what they say. Cool overkill of "proof". Why do we need "proof"? You think we didn't already know?
  12. Texas Workers Union

    Fascist NationStates is fucking crazy

    Oh I can guess who that is too. "Street Cleaners" I bet it was him :P
  13. Texas Workers Union

    Fascist NationStates is fucking crazy

    It's a similar thing that's always annoyed me about many young communists on NS. Feeling the need to pretend to be Russian because of the USSR. There is a smaller but similar thing with anarchists & Spanish.