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  1. Lardyland doesn't really suppose a problem since it's a region making use of all the tags available, some of them completely contradicting others, which shows they don't represent any position with them. We've previously found regions like these during other embassy votes and have decided a few times that these cases can be ignored. However I'll try to look into Aeterna Publicae and contact The Great Red Union to talk about it as soon as I can.
  2. The motion passes with 4 votes in favour and 1 absention.
  3. The Great Red Union has sent us an embassy request. You have 7 days to cast your vote.
  4. Pacifica, a fellow member region of Antifa, has decided to propose constructing embassies with us. You have 7 days to cast your vote..
  5. Huilin realises something's off as she gets into the wagon. For the last days she had to pay attention to the officer's long speeches and plans about what to do once they reached No Man's Land, to the west. She's sure that train wasn't heading towards the west. Are they taking another route towards there? Or it's just a mistake, perhaps? She realises her mind isn't tricking her as soon as she starts hearing other soldiers whispering to each other with similar concerns. It's not until one of the officers gets into the wagon and explains the change of plans that they learn where they are heading. As the officer finished speaking, turned around and headed toward the door, soldiers started to speak again, this time way louder, some of them ignoring the officer's last sentence and trying to ask him questions anyway. Huilin turns around, as if she's trying to hide for a moment from the rest of soldiers. Eyes wide open, she puts her hand on her chest as she looks down to the floor, visibly shaken. The Wai river. She's been there before. Several times, in fact, on several field trips to collect samples for her studies. She knows the area quite well: the river is surrounded by a vast and dense jungle with an hostile climate and a considerably unfriendly fauna. If having to fight the Yiimarans by itself isn't already intimidating enough, having to do it in a place such as the surroundings of the Wei river is more than enough to drop anyone's morale, not to mention that it is said the Yiimarans have a large portion of their navy going up the river itself. Huilin takes a few deep breathes and tries to regain her composure. She looks around her: she sees soldiers complaining and ranting, but none as worried as she. As if no one really knew what awaits them. Huilin only knows of one person in there that may be as aware as her of the situation: She looks up at the Roina hunter, standing next to her.
  6. The motion passes with 12 votes in favour and 3 absentions.
  7. Huilin exhales deeply. She feels relieved, but she's far from being happy. As the officers walk away, she looks with resentment at the back of the one who gave her the pistol. "Travesting?", she asks herself. Huilin feels humiliated. She knows that she's not strong, nor tall, nor agile, nor fit. And while she does not take mockeries of that kindly, she actually lives happily not being any of those things because, after all, she has an intelligence she had to work to have, and makes her good at her job as well. But without that, she has nothing to feel proud of. Denying she has such a thing makes Huilin feel... Worthless. She looks down, at her hand, still holding the gun. Carefully making sure she's not pointing at anyone, Huilin grabs the revolver sideways with both of her hands and starts inspecting and trying to learn about it: where the safety is, how to insert and eject the bullets ... After a short time, she looks around her. It seems like no one notices her anymore: the commotion faded away and everyone is back to their own training. Discreetly, she takes a quick glance at the hunter, still standing near to her. Huilin turns to look again at the target in front of her, with the two holes left from before. She still can't believe she was able to do that twice, although she's sure it was just pure luck. Then, she sighs and raises her gun again: better do some practice before she runs out of it. Doing as everyone else would also help her to go somewhat unnoticed, which right now would also be appreciated.
  8. And once more, Huilin has to go through the same experience all over again. Another firearm in her hands, the same target in front of her and a bunch of impatient and dissatisfied officers surrounding her and looking at the smallest of her movements. Arms forward, right hand in the grip, index finger softly touching the trigger. The new officer had the detail of leaving her ready in position to shoot. Left hand's palm under the grip, holding the gun's weight. The good news are that the piece of metal that now she has to hold now feels much less heavy than the previous. Right leg slightly behind the other one. With some luck this may help her in repeating her previous little miracle. Left eye closed, right eye looking at the bull's eye through the sight. Only her pulse and the feeling of nervousness of the situation were the responsibles of the now much smaller shaking of the gun. And again, when she sees that the sight aligns with the center of the target, she presses the trigger back. [Roll to shoot]
  9. Well, I guess you got me there. Both of those votes were made back in april, when I was starting to get into the whole voting system and administrative and democratic procedures of the region. Yes, I vetoed both of those proposals, not as an act of malice but as of ignorance. Back then I guessed the charter wasn't something you could just do exceptions of and thus I just thought that "Hey, if vetoing is for when the voting for an embassy is against the rules and in here there's something that contradicts them I guess it's the only option here". With time I've been changing my way of looking at the charter, especially at the article V.2.5., as not as an indisputable rule but also as a bit of a guideline that we could made exceptions of if we saw that some contradictions with it weren't important enough (tag-collecting or non-serious regions, as an example) to avoid building an embassy wit a region that was truly worth it. I think the turning point for me was with the proposal to build embassies with The Communist Bloc (which, in fact, we were able to build an embassy with them thanks to this attitude), where I tried to do my small part to first search and then later sort out regions that contradicted the arcticle V.2.5. according if we had any reason to worry or not about them. I'll refrain from posting the link here to not make with the preview a bigger wall of thext than I'm already making. I can't deny it surprises me a bit that you came of this hostile to me for saying this in the OP, when in fact, the first one who pushed me to change my view was you, with this quote of yours in one of these links you just posted: Also, I beg to disagree with this next statement: I never explicitly declined to discuss anything. I just never bothered to answer or post back, thinking my veto would be ignored if it was seen as not a reason to stop the voing. I just voted, posted my reasons and then left the forums for a few weeks as I used to do (didn't check them very often back them). I didn't care about being or not in the right, I thought I did my "service" to the region by pointing out the contradictions and that's pretty much it. Anyway, I have noticed you voted to abstain in this same vote. I'm not accusing you of anything with this, I just want to make sure, but please, if you will be setting your vote against the construction of this embassy, I beg you be doing it because you actually thing our regions should not have diplomatic relations and not because you have a disagreement with me and I happened to be the one proposing the embassy. Thank you.
  10. I've been talking with the user responsible of diplomatic affairs of The Revolutionary Communist Alliance about the idea of building an embassy between our regions. After a few days I got a telegram explaining that they subjected the matter to vote and they have decided to approve the construction of embassies with The Internationale. As you all know, though, we have to first do the same and vote ourselves before that happens. Thus, I propose now building embassies with The Revolutionary Communist Alliance. Some info about the region before you decide your vote, so you don't have to do the research yourselves: The region has 108 nations (12th biggest with the anarchist or communist tag, 16th biggest with the socialist tag). It has embassies with several regions close to The Internationale, some of them fellow members of NSLeft (The Leftist Assembly, North Korea, The Federation of Anarchist Communes and Democratic Socialist Assembly). The region meets the embassy requeriments established in our Charter and Code of Conduct from articles V.2.1. to V.2.4. It has three embassies with regions that contradict the point V.2.5., which are the following: - Communist Cartel - Union of Shoddy Subaverage Republics - Glorious Swampland All of these have tags that contradict eachother and most of them can be considered non-serious regions dedicated to memes, which at first doesn't indicate serious advocacy for either fascism, capitalism or anti-communism. However this is up to you to decide if it is a reason to reject the proposal or not. You have 7 days to cast your vote.
  11. (Hello there, folks. Been quite inactive lately due to me being sick in bed for several days. I'm still recovering slowly so don't expect me to be very active these next days. I'll keep posting in this thread as well as doing some of my basic NS duties anyway whenever I'm able to, though I will try and take a break from the Discord server in order to rest a bit). The tiny spark of happiness that appears on Huilin's mind as she sees that, indeed, she inexplicably almost hit the bull's eye, soon disappears as the conversation between the officer and what now she knows is a hunter continues. Although she almost doesn't move during the whole time, she can feel the rest of the whole place going quieter and quieter as their discussion gets louder. The sound of guns firing starts fading away and she begins to feel dozens of stares on her back as her face turns red of embarrassment. Not even doing things right makes things go better for her. And finally, when the Roina tries to punch the officer in the face, she has to make an effort not to faint. She had it clear: "Either I get killed in the jungle by the Yiimarans or shot by a firing squad at the side of this hunter with anger issues", she thought. Huilin takes her glasses slowly with her left hand as she lowers her head and covers her face with the other one. She's screwed.
  12. Huilin takes the rifle with both of her hands. It feels heavy. Way heavier than she imagined at first. She looks at the gun for a few seconds. "I guess there is no other way around...", she thinks to herself. She puts her right hand on the bolt handle, turns it to the left and tries to pull it back. It's a bit hard for her to open it, but after two more attempts she manages to do it. The empty cartridge previously shot by the soldier flies out of the chamber and into the ground, rolling away. Looking down she sees she doesn't need to put another one, since there are already a few more inside the magazine. She pushes the bolt to its previous position back again, putting another round in the chamber. Carefully, Huilin puts the gun's butt on on her shoulder and raises the gun. Tries to align the sight, pointing towards the target she has in front of her. Her left arm is getting weaker and the rifle starts to shake. As soon as the sight aligns with the centre of the target, Huilin gently presses the trigger. [Roll to shoot]
  13. Huilin is looking at the ground, standing in one of the firing points, in the middle of an improvised shooting range in a wide street. In front of her, the officer who brought her to that place, talking with one of the soldiers doing target practice. Her mind is too busy to pay attention to their conversation. Others like him surround her, either shooting their noisy rifles or watching over those who do it. Some of them turn around for a second to look at Huilin; others tap their neighbour’s shoulder, point at her and start talking about the rare sight. It’s easy to understand why such thing happens, seeing the heavy contrast between Huilin’s physical appearance and theirs. While it makes her feel embarrassed, right now it’s not her biggest problem. Her heart is racing, her face is looking completely pale and she feels a strong pressure on her chest. Things were already looking bad for Huilin when she headed for the queue to apply for a position in an ammunition factory, but everything took a turn for the worst when she learned she was going to be sent to the front, and even more when she was told she had to fight too. At first she replied hesitantly, saying that there was no way someone like her could do anything useful with a rifle between her arms, but she was feeling too scared to confront the guards and the strong and unequivocal answer the officer gave to her was enough to keep her in silence. Not only Huilin does not intend to fight for the revolution nor the fatherland, but she also lacks any ability and strength to do so. She has nothing to do there. She shouldn’t be there. But there she is, and there is nothing she can do but wait, probably for things to go even worse. Suddenly, the officer points at Huilin. That makes her raise her sight, and look at the soldier he's talking to. He appears to be a Roina. Black beard, fit and with broad shoulders, with not a very different appearance from the rest. Both of them turn towards her, and she looks nervously at them in return.
  14. Name: Zhu Huilin Age: 26 Origin or Species: Wari, Capital District Occupation: Biologist/Astronomer Physical description: Short height for a Wari, at 1.46 m (4'9 ft), somewhat overweight. Straight, dark hair tied in a bun. Round, thin-framed glasses. Fair skin. Round face, with dark brown eyes and small nose and mouth. Occasionaly stutters. Backstory: Daughter of a family of renowned scholars, Huilin spent most of her childhood and youth indoors, preferring to spend most of her time studying to get good grades in school and reading every book she could find rather than playing outside with other kids. She never showed any interest nor payed attention to the revolution that was going on in her country when she was 13, and that added to the fact that se was quite sheltered from the political situation of the country previous to the revolution makes it that most of what she can remember from it is just not being able to concentrate on her readings due to the gunshots that could be heard from the streets. After years of jumping from academy to academy, each one more prestigious than the previous, she finished graduating in natural sciences, specializing in biology and astronomy. As her professional career began, she spent most of her days in the comfort of her home, either reading in her armchair next to the fireplace during her spare time or making a living out of writing and publishing books with her discoveries and theories, made by either observing every bit of the night sky through the telescope built on her attic or, what she did even better, taking notes of plant and animal samples in the lab of her basement, gathered during trips exploring the rainforests of the west of the Union, in some of the few occasions she used to leave her house other than for assisting to eventual conferences and gatherings. Not longer after the invasion began and the government started the conscription campaign, rumours began circulating around intellectual circles that the government was threatening to censor and ban publications of those who rejected to collaborate with the war effort and join either the industry or the frontlines. Huilin decided that, with her low physical form, it would be a better idea to get exhausted while operating a machine than while running for her life. When a few of her scholar rivals heard about it, they decided to make a few anonymous calls to the government explaining her expertise of the terrain being invaded by the White Horde at the moment due to her trips to the area. And thus, while Huilin was waiting in line to apply for a position in a fabric, a couple of guards who were up to no good approached her, took her by both of her arms, lifted her from the ground and took her directly to the recruitment office... Characteristics: Intelligent III, perceptive I, analytic I, curious, good with tactics, weak I, low endurance/stamina I, snobbish. Abilities: Terrain recon II, life form recon III, night sky knowledge II, tracking I, languages, hiding, decyphering. Inventory: Revolver, pocket knife, compass, topographic map, diary, pen, binoculars. Picture:
  15. Ayanka

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