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  1. Sween

    Year in Review—Leftist Activity in 2015

    well it seems much has happened since i left for the holidays
  2. Sween

    The Greater German Reich refounded by The Red Fleet

    bottom of the forum home. you will see a thing that says "rate application office" that's the sign up
  3. Sween

    Libertatem stunned by KPA–TRF assault

    I was looking forward to this edition, R&B does not disappoint.
  4. Sween

    Fash botch refound of Greater German Reich backup region

    The More they try, the more tired they fall.
  5. Sween


    The sheer numbers we had in the chatroom, i don't think i have ever seen a raid with so many nations at once. I know about the Nazi Europe raid, but i wasn't there for that, this one i was, though.
  6. Sween

    (GTA5) Join the June 30th Movement!

    actually i do, i haven't played in a while eithe
  7. Sween

    team speak

    I just realized this was not a Red Fleet section. it would not have much benefit to have team-speak for general stuff as far as i can see but for military, i think it would.
  8. Sween

    team speak

    well it is not needed, but i can see the benefit in it. multitasking, can be easier with the team-speak, as one will hear the commands and stead of have to look at an irc. so if they come a bit early before briefing or orders and go to watch youtube, read articles, do work, or something, they will not forget and not show up for the attack. not needed, but would have benefits. however as far as i know TS servers cost money, i only used team-speak for 2 things and i was never the host.