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  1. Burninati0n


    @Zenganopoli, when does the signup period end and when will the tournament begin?
  2. Burninati0n


    In. Burninati0n,TI
  3. As proposed by comrade Freien here, please cast your vote. Freien explains the reason for his petition in that posting, so I suggest reading then casting. Remember that vetoes must be explained in the thread here to count, but any justified veto will prevent the passage of the item.
  4. No one else will run? It would be nice to have an election I nominate: @Ayanka for anything he wants, @World Anarchic Union for anything he wants, @Freien for anything he wants.
  5. I would like to nominate: @Asturies-Llion for External Affairs. > I believe that he has an existing presence in several other regions, making him a perfect candidate for External Affairs. @Countriopia for Moderation. > I believe that her presence and thoughtfulness are perfect for this role. @Mollergrad for Internal Affairs. > Their Discord presence and time spent in region indicates that they would be a great new addition to regional office. I will accept the nomination made by @Freien for World Assembly Delegate. I served previously as WAD during TI's most powerful period in the WA -- a time when we had over 100 WA endorsements on the delegate and a vibrant and growing community. It is my intention to take specific actions to grow the member base of the region and cultivate a vibrant community. I recently posted what amounts to a manifesto on the Discord and I will repeat it here: If elected, I could do in-game polls and newsletters, a census, and revamp the WFE on my own (although I intend to do the last part with input from everyone in the region). Changing our privilege structure will require action from existing administrators and may require charter modification. For a long time, TI was a premier region for real-life leftists to hang out. I think that competition from other leftist regions means that we have to adapt, and I'm suggesting that we take concrete, actionable steps to do that. For the record, I hate responsibility, but I didn't see others propose an agenda of concrete and actionable steps to improve TI in the discord thread created for it, and as such I feel a responsibility to do so myself. Should any of you disagree with this platform, I strongly recommend running against it, and voting against it.
  6. Burninati0n

    The Great Patriotic War - TI Roleplay in Jin Gwó

    ((OOC : @Normansveldet -- reminder to respond here. @Varsala, you can move this storyline along if you would like.)) Once he gets his head past his concern for his own image as a spy, though, Gliame notes more details of the scene. Specifically, the generally desperate nature of those looking to enlist. This was not how he had imagined things. But still, the romantic notion of enlisting for the cause lifted his spirits. Almost enough to say something rousing to the doubters. Something about how each of these desperate people is nothing alone, but by the combination of their efforts towards the goal of of mutual liberation, even these might achieve something great. There surely is something to be sung here. Gliame made a mental note to write something about this, beginning to hum a tune under his breath...
  7. Burninati0n

    The Great Patriotic War - TI Roleplay in Jin Gwó

    Gliame rolls his eyes, and thinks something along the lines of I DO have a voice, but keeps his mouth shut.
  8. Burninati0n

    The Great Patriotic War - TI Roleplay in Jin Gwó

    Well, suppressing increasing anxiety, Gliame gets in line to await his turn...
  9. Do we get a second vote on the actual content of the statement or is this the only authorization? What will the contents of the statement be? Were the fascist members of the region we’re voting about condemning openly present or are their reprehensible views a surprise to the region of residence? Sorry, I literally never follow gameplay issues. @Caelapes or @World Anarchic Union
  10. Burninati0n

    The Great Patriotic War - TI Roleplay in Jin Gwó

    Gliame rags along with Sergej, jogging to catch up. “So,” he tries, “how do they decide what kinds of jobs one does?” ( @Normansveldet )
  11. Burninati0n

    The Great Patriotic War - TI Roleplay in Jin Gwó

    (OOC: Here awaiting a response from @Normansveldet before moving on.)
  12. Burninati0n

    The Great Patriotic War - TI Roleplay in Jin Gwó

    Though he suspects things will not go well, Fogliame says nothing at the mention of learning to shoot...
  13. Burninati0n

    The Great Patriotic War - TI Roleplay in Jin Gwó

    When presented to the officers, Gliamo sighs, looks into the eyes of his captor searchingly, then shakes his head. “I mean, the spy story doesn’t even make any sense, comrade. What kind of story would that be? ‘Twai traitor to his people presents himself to Heibai Resistance, is actually a spy’ only works if you don’t look at any of the details.” A short pause after this. Gliamo delivers the false story beautifully, like the storyteller he is. “Like what I was carrying. Did you even read any of the etchings in my guitar? If you look there’s no way I made those yesterday. Too worn down. If you don’t want my help that’s one thing, but come on now, do I even look like someone who would be attracted to the physical dominance worldview of Yimara?” The last part is delivered with a contemptuous gesture towards his own diminutive form.
  14. Burninati0n

    The Great Patriotic War - TI Roleplay in Jin Gwó

    So many people in. This is going to be a nightmare for our dear host. Good luck varfles. I won't make it easier on you I can't wait for the start :p
  15. WAD and COEA are unchanged, but COI and COA have changed. I'm not the judge but I'd consider this nomination to be valid for @World Anarchic Unionand @Freien. I can guess that WAU will accept and Freien decline. In any case, I will decline any nominations with my name on them, but I thank you for your consideration.