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  1. pickaxe/wrench is almost cheating... it's like hammer/sickle (lite) :p
  2. Burninati0n

    PROPOSAL- Omnibus Charter Amendment III

    I like everything Freien wrote except to exclude the WAD from voting on issues. Part of the reason we elect a WAD is to help guide us. We don't all spend all the time looking at everything. When the WAD has an opinion, they should share it. That's what they were elected by us to do. I also want to point out that since we use a consent model instead of a majoritarian model, the WAD's ability to influence things unduly is quite severely limited from the outset.
  3. Burninati0n

    What is your favourite communist food?

    varfles this is the best thing.
  4. Until Sept 15th. I haven't made mine yet >.<
  5. Why do you believe we are in a condition of “competition”? And in what sense are we giving up “influence”? I personally, as WA Delegate from The Internationale, had the second or third largest impact on drafting the charter of the ILC. We are members of the NSLeft. We are a large region. In no way is our historical influence, our power (The Red Fleet), or our prestige in any way threatened by allowing TCB to join the ILC. Let me note that the ILC favors small member regions not large ones. That is because regardless of their greater size they still get only one vote on council matters. And the presence of another large region extends the influence of the ILC itself (and we’re a member of that). I personally abstained because I’m not sure that TCB has any appreciable WA experience like the existing member regions do and don’t have strong feelings about them. But this is a veto with explanation which will prevent passage of this event. I hope you’ll consider my arguments and move to abstain with me instead of blocking the act, @Redawnia. TCB has shown nothing but goodwill towards our region and I don’t believe moving to block their entry into the ILC based on what reasons you gave is the correct thing to do, especially given the popularity of this act and the guiding cause of the Internationale (solidarity with all leftists).
  6. Of course! TLA is awesome; why would we not want them in the ILC?
  7. My platform, btw, is: 1) Support the activities and vision of the other members of the GC (especially the WAD) by whatever means are appropriate given the nature of what they want to do, 2) Reinstate the weekly regional telegram with nice info and stuffs for the members that I used to create when I was WAD.
  8. For the record on the duties of the WAD, when I was it I considered it to be the leader of the GC. I don’t consider it easiest. The reverse.
  9. I’ll nominate myself for CoI. My platform is largely a return to the periodic TG campaigns that I ran as WAD during my term. So, so far we have: WAD: WAU and Socialist Union of New America [[vote needed]] CoA: Lichteburg and Zenganopoli (pending acceptance of nomination) [[vote needed]] CoEA: Freien CoI: me (Burninati0n) Would be great if 2 more candidates appeared on the scene for CoEA and CoI so we could have a vote all the way down the ballot.
  10. I nominate @Zenganopoli for CoA.
  11. I appreciate the work that Sarg, Decapole, and Ayanka have done on this. I will defer to their votes and vote FOR.