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  1. To recap: WA Delegate: (1) Soviet Potheads and (2) Burninati0n accepted External Affairs: Zenganopoli accepted Information: Manseteus accepted Activities: (1) British Socialist Republics (formerly known as SLC), (2) Ayanka, and (3) Varsala accepted We have (3) for activities and still need one for External Affairs and Information for there to be elections. Any of you who are in for Activities want to move to one of the ones that currently has no election?
  2. I’d like to second Freien’s nominations. Also I nominate Freien for my old post of unofficial puppet master (TM). More seriously, I nominate @Asturies-Llion for Information. Or, you know, whatever other post he wants.
  3. I’ll accept Freien’s nomination for me as WA Delegate again. That gets us to 2 contested positions. We still need to find second people for External Affairs and Information so we can have a full gamut of elections. LET THE PEOPLE SPEAK!
  4. Nominations: WA Delegate: <none accepted> External Affairs: Zenganopoli accepted Information: Manseteus accepted Activities: British Socialist Republics (formerly known as SLC) accepted It would be cool if we actually got to hold elections (eg. if more people accept their nominations), so. Nominations are not over peoples.
  5. Freien with the status quo nominations, eh? I'll consider it, ok? Aarn -- feel better soon, ok?
  6. My nominations: Information: @Chelovechestvo Activities: @Useugi External Affairs: @Zenganopoli
  7. WA Block Voting Organization

    Details are not worked out as yet, but the Internationale’s delegate (eg. me) votes on resolutions based on the way the majority of Internationale members have already voted. I would still do this on every resolution. That still extends to resolutions authored by members of these regions. Some of these regions (above) seem to have centrist, liberal, and even some conservative nations in them. This is the basis of some concern of mine as well. That said, The Internationale itself is meant to be an exclusively leftist place, but depending on the content of this, it might still make sense to play a part in an interregional like this. Presumably there will be provisions for new regions to join, but as I said, specifics aren’t worked out as yet.
  8. Comrades, I was approached by Ivory Rhodes, the WA delegate of the DSA (a region with which the Internationale maintains embassies) with the idea of creating an interregional organization that would foster the authorship of WA resolutions by member states and jointly analyze pending resolutions to determine what positions should be taken by member regions. (However, there is no intent to enforce block voting by member regions.) The organization is not likely to be leftist in name, but based on the regions invited by Ivory Rhodes at the outset, the general direction of the organization would be left-of-center. The regions currently at some stage of consideration are: Us (TI), The DSA, Forest, The SLU, and TVF. I have some concerns myself about some of these members, but depending on the actual final content of the charter of the proposed organization, it could be a reasonable thing to do. This is not a formal vote -- once a final charter is available for this proposed organization, a formal vote will be conducted (assuming that the above parties agree on enough to reach that point). I wish, however, to see what you all think of this at first blush. Absolutely a good idea, bad idea, or it depends on other factors? If the majority opinion is that this could be a good idea and a good thing, I will do my best to pursue it. If the majority strongly is against the idea, I will refrain from doing so. I have more information if you have questions -- so please post them. Several TI members, including the current General Council (Aarn, Useugi, and myself), as well as Misley and Chelovechestvo currently can see the chat in which this is being discussed by representatives from these regions. Please Discord me privately if you wish to see them as well. (I don't expect many people to want to do this, but if you wish to, just PM me in Discord.)
  9. Burninites rejoice at their victory in the marathon. This event is the true heart of Burninite sports. You see, what is the point of the sportsball? The football, the baseball, etc. What do you get out of hitting a little ball with a bat or a bigger one with your foot? But running? Burninites understand running. Some people have asked Burninites why they're always running. Or more specifically, what they're always running from. Well let me tell you: you don't want to know. There are some scary things out there in the world, though, and Burnination's got quick feet. Specifically, the quickest feet in the NSLeft, thank you very much. If there's something you need to run from, I suggest hiring a Burninite to do the running from it for you. Actually, that was a trap. Get it? Because wage labor is slavery. Just ask a Burninite to do it, he or she will probably say yes anyway. Best. Gold medal. Ever.
  10. Apparently Burnination did something in baseball. Foreigners have informed Burnination of this. No one in Burnination noticed because - baseball.
  11. Burninites resign themselves to another Olympics without any victories for their nation. Oh well though -- they take solace in the fact that they are happy and that their nation is great without them being great as individuals. Nations are a team sport, and the team's a lot bigger than a basketball team.
  12. (OOC: There needs to be a way to influence the random... we need a "my nation is best at X and worst at Y" to get a bonus in 1 event and a detriment in another. For future Olympics hosts to consider :p) Burninites cheer for the Miruvan medal placement. (Remember that they previously selected to root for the Miruvans? Hooray!)
  13. RP Pitch

    The more "real" the environment, the less open your ability to make story. I would be go for joining such an RP, Ayanka, but I was going for open ended more than closed. (And I wasn't going to reveal my premise ahead of time!) I was thinking that character creation would be much more open ended than this -- you would need to give me basic characteristics (height, weight, gender, age, anything else remarkable), as well as a few things about the character (profession, skills, and at least 1 flaw), and 2 items. Again, I wasn't going to tell you what your character(s) were going to be in for, so....
  14. (OOC: Sorry for vanishing over the weekend -- 'twas a busy one for me.) Burninites mistakenly rejoice at winning before the fact that they had won at "lameness" is properly translated for them. Oops. More upsetting is their poor performance at running.