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  1. Kurdish Gulf

    LeftExpo 2016 Announced!

    Where is the 'convention' hosted? On the forum or in game?
  2. Kurdish Gulf

    Communist revolution

    Its the closest thing to a revolution that has at least met a majority of its goals in a long time
  3. Kurdish Gulf

    Communist revolution

    *left winger: brings up imperialism, slavery and other things caused by capitalist greed* *right winger: those things are in the past get over it* *left winger: brings up communism* *right winger: omg communism is so bad and oppressive like wtf guys capitalism is the best and never did anything wrong*
  4. Kurdish Gulf

    Communist revolution

    A peaceful one where they let the economy collapse and imprisoned all the corrupt bankers/government leaders. Now they are doing fine.
  5. Kurdish Gulf

    Is China even communist?

    And the workers don't have a living wage, and china is obsessed with american free trade deals.
  6. Kurdish Gulf

    Communist revolution

    I would like for us to have a revolution like iceland did
  7. Kurdish Gulf

    Communist revolution

    Well in america, i doubt that it would happen. In a history class i took, the teacher was a diehard capitalist who told the story of how american capitalism toppled the evil soviet union and liberated east germany. The majority of people here are just taught to hate communism so much it would be very surprising to see a mass conversion to the left considering they are institutionally taught to be against it.
  8. Kurdish Gulf

    Communist revolution

    A communist revolution, i think it is hardly likely. But a revolution started and maintained by all members of the left, socialists, communists, anarchists and the rest could work. I do not think that it will happen in western countries, especially since they are having a influx of Far Right movements, but i do think a left revolution is very viable in southern america, africa and the asia minor/the Levant. In africa though, many countries crack down on political dissident, so it would be hard to organize.
  9. Kurdish Gulf

    Equality, but to what extent?

    In anarcho communism isn't wage abolished in favor of some type of voucher though?
  10. Kurdish Gulf

    Equality, but to what extent?

    This is always a hard question, in your scenario i would say the state should provide enough so that everyone can live comfortably. Not so much that they are living like corporate fat cats, but not living day by day waiting to receive the government's stuff. Somewhere in between, with a bit of luxury involved would be ideal.
  11. Kurdish Gulf

    Banned By Proletaire

    I agree. I personally didn't agree with your position on art, but we could have had a further debate and conversation of it, you saying that you don't think art would exist in a communist society definitely isn't being "anti communist" and didn't warrant a banjection from the region.
  12. I identify as a democratic confederalist, but i also agree with some thoughts of anarcho collectivism.
  13. Kurdish Gulf

    Banned By Proletaire

    i understand that now but at the time it was very confusing, a telegram would have done instead of a boot without any communication or plan, but i will stay out of the region until the update so i lose all my endorsements.
  14. Kurdish Gulf

    Banned By Proletaire

    We all had World Anarchic Union endorsed, and he was still #5 in the region for endorsements, don't blame me blame the people who trust him. The position of WA Delegate holds no powers except the ability to vote and draft proposals and world anarchic union was given a "comrade wa delegate" position with all powers. I didn't make a complaint, i made this to ask why we were ejected, you are right our region does have the "serious" tag so i would think a simple telegram or any other form of communication would have worked instead of a boot, and i have read the charter.
  15. Kurdish Gulf

    Banned By Proletaire

    So apparently the game between Me, Kernastiya & Autonomous Masses where we endorsed every wa member of the internationale was bad in some way. I do not understand how this is so but we were all ejected and me banned because of it. I think proletaire should have just telegrammed us saying not to endorse other members of the region, but i guess communication is not something used between comrades. I saw this and saw his message saying to stop endorsing others and moved back in and i was banned. He later says to move back in after the midnight update, will i be unbanned so that i can return? I would also like to know how our game was "disruptive" all it was was a mini compitention between us three to see who could endorse the most people in the region, nothing was affected. Others also endorsed me and i became WA Delegate which seemed to start a stirr which i don't understand either. We all know comrade world anarchic union won the election for comrade wa delegate but he doesn't have enough endorsements to actually be in the position. As soon as i became delegate caelapes asked me to resign from the wa but what would be the point? If i resigned Caelapes would just be the delegate again, and world anarchic union said it did not matter who was delegate because weather it was me, or caelapes he does not have more endorsements then either of us. What was the point of kicking us out if world anarchic union still won't be the delegate with us gone for the update?