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  1. World Anarchic Union

    The Great Patriotic War - TI Roleplay in Jin Gwó

    Lyra stood up for a brief moment to look across the landscape. Scrap metal and glass was now paved across the road, while tires were burning. She could see something emerging from under a truck, which she swiftly realized much to her dismay that it was a hand, clutched in a fist and laying still, the skin appearing darkened from the fire. She turned her sight away and sighed. She knew she would see battle and death once more but not so intensely. Not so soon. The pirate captain tried to compose herself. They were still in grave danger, as the sound of the airplane engines had never died down completely. Now it seemed to be approaching once more, slowly but steadily. Turning to her comrade, she nodded. ”Yes, we have to lose them and doing so all together will be difficult. Sailor, is there any weapon nearby? We should also arrange a meeting place, so as not to get lost, our numbers are dire as it is.” The Svaalian turned to the surviving guards. “You’ll have to move as well, as much as I hate to admit it, we need you to survive this mess you entered.”
  2. World Anarchic Union

    The Great Patriotic War - TI Roleplay in Jin Gwó

    The pirate started to respond to the guards when the sound of planes filled the air. Lyra realized what that meant, as did the others with her. The noise was increasing in volume more and more until, in a few minutes’ time, the planes seemed to have disappeared. Of course, everyone knew what that meant as well. She began responding to Thorsten when an explosion rocked the ground. She tried to hold on to a loose piece of rope but suddenly the truck began swerving. After a few seconds a shrieking sound made Lyra’s ears to ring and the whole truck lifted from the earth. It fell on the ground violently, shaking all those inside. Everything crumbled and began falling apart. Lyra tried to hold on but it was far too difficult. The piece of rope she was holding onto snapped and she was sent flying from her seat onto a nearby guard who was badly injured. As the truck whirled once more, bothshe and the guard were sent flying backwards with the guard launching off the truck. The former captain felt something warm dripping from her head and her hand felt numb. The smell of gasoline began filling her lungs as the truck finally landed on the side of the road. Lyra opened her eyes. She seemed to have lost consciousness at the last seconds of the crash. Now things stood still but the noise of the planes was slowly but steadily returning. As she tried to stand up, she noticed that a large bruise appeared on her left arm and cuts were quite prominent on her leg and forehead. Looking around, she realized she had fallen on Thorsten, her bruised arm around his neck. After some attempts, she managed to shake off the dizziness and looked around. ”For fuck’s sake, fucking Yiimaran assholes, fuck you to hell.” She turned her head around, looking at the other people beside her. Realizing that her arm was around Thorsten, she swiftly removed it, trying to hide that it ever happened.Let’s not talk about that she thought. ”How’re you sailor?” She said that addressed to Thorsten but glanced at the guards as well. “What about you? Do we have any casualties?”
  3. World Anarchic Union

    The Great Patriotic War - TI Roleplay in Jin Gwó

    Lyra turned to the soldier who had spoken, a smile forming on her face as she realized he wasn’t looking at her. “But I, mister prison guard, went on raids. I wasn’t cruel to civilians, not like you’d expect from someone of my profession. But to people of your profession, well, let’s say killing soldiers isn’t something I am going to do for the first time.” She waited for a moment before continuing. “And they certainly weren’t all Yiimarians.” After a brief minute, her eyes traversed back to the captive engineer. “Yes, something like that seems possible. The dedicated reds will be the difficult ones to handle, although the rookies may pose a threat as well. Some of them may have some preconceived notions about our profession like the guy here.” She pointed to the guard while emphasizing the last two words of her sentence. “Perhaps we should scare the rookies a bit as we get there. Make them have second thoughts about attempting weird things under the blanket of the night. “ She glanced at the road they were passing by. It felt the same as the last two hours, just an neverending grayness surrounding the barren view. A sigh came out of her lips. “If we return home, Thorsten, will you visit your family? Do you have people back home?” Her voice seemed to crack at her final words but she hid it as best as she could, instead continuing to stare at the clear sky and the landscape that the truck was going through, continuing on and on...
  4. World Anarchic Union

    The Great Patriotic War - TI Roleplay in Jin Gwó

    Lyra whistled playfully as her eyes wandered far beyond the dusty road they were now passing. ”We’ll be sent somewhere dangerous, after all we are expendable meat bags for them. The situation for the reds is dire and they certainly won’t send convicted pirates to anyplace luxurious.” She blew away a lock of hair from her face and turned back to Thorsten. “I guarantee we will be swimming in some muddy marshes or whatever in some days. Who fucking knows, this may be the last time we ever see anything resembling the sea.” She sighed at that point, remembering the last time she had seen a wave, the last time the ocean had hugged her. “Better among corpses than in prison, anyway.” She added, murmuring more to herself than to her fellow convict. “I am sure engineers will be quite helpful for them and thus you will have some privileges. But let’s wait and see.” She looked around the truck, her mind aimlessly wandering away. “Who do you think they’ll pair us up with? Other prisoners? Children who have never held a weapon?”
  5. World Anarchic Union

    The Great Patriotic War - TI Roleplay in Jin Gwó

    Lyra rolled her eyes. The burning midday sun would be nothing but a slight nuisance to her if she hadn’t spent the last three years locked away in a cell, looking at the outside only through small holes in the walls they called “windows” and for a brief hour or two every week. She tried to comfort her aching back but the bumpy ride and hard benches that they were sitting on made her no favors. Soon, a sigh broke her silence. She turned to the guards that were standing on the edges of the two sides of the truck. The former pirate slyly smiled and turned to one of them. ”So, how’s your day been, guard? Oh sorry, I meant “comrade”.” She emphasized the last word, her eyes lit up at the clearly uncomfortable guard. “Such silly ways you people here have. Isn’t that right, comrade Thorsten? The “people’s” prisoner guards here probably have never even seen the ocean darken as a storm approaches from the East and calming after the worst has passed, or the waves that crumble between the rocky shores back home.” At that moment she had turned to her fellow pirate and convict, Thorsten Skaanesdag. Loyal to his core, the pirate was one of her most trusted comrades and friends at her time as captain. But his presence was anything but pleasant for her. Imagining such a man as Thorsten locked up away in chains, in a claustrophobic dungeon, away from the sea for how many years was a pain in the heart for Lyra. She knew that for his condition, and for the condition of her other comrades, she was responsible. And now her mistakes had caught up with her. “Anyway, how were you all these years, comrade? It mustn’t have been that good if you’re getting ready to jump into the slaughterhouse against the Yiimarians.” She had slightly lowered her voice, addressing Thorsten, who was sitting opposite her in the truck heading to the field, now.
  6. World Anarchic Union

    The Great Patriotic War - TI Roleplay in Jin Gwó

    Name: Lyra “Havsvarg” Nordskov Age: 29 years old Origin or Species: Svaalian Occupation: Smuggler/Captain of a pirate vesselPhysical description: Lyra is slim and of average height. She has dark hair and eyes, and slight olive skin due to her time at sea. She often wears a red bandana covering her hair. Backstory: Lyra Nordskov was the middle of three children of a merchant family in the southernmost point of the Eastern Svaalian Island. The pirate and libertarian culture that pervaded Svaalian society influenced Lyra at the age of 15 to abandon her family and join the crew of a pirate ship. Due to the new and radically different direction that her life was taking, she decided to adopt the name “Havsvarg” or Sea-Wolf as her surname. A couple of years after she left home, she settled on a vessel. After years of traveling with the same crew and climbing through the ranks due to her cunning intellect and abilities as a sailor and smuggler, she orchestrated a mutiny against the captain, eventually taking control of the vessel and organizing it in a more horizontal way than before. At that point in time, the Yaroi Revolution had been concluded with the success of the revolutionaries. The instability and fluid condition of the newly-created USSY had proved to be a most profitable field for the Svaalian smugglers and Lyra was one of the most active ones at her business. Commanding her pirate ship, she had broken through the lines of the Yaroi Navy multiple times and that had made her cocky. Failing to heed the warnings of her crew mates, breaking the horizontal organization she had instituted as captain, she attempted the most daring mission she had yet undertaken; breaking through a naval blockade at a stormy night, with winds wheezing at terrifying speeds. No matter how durable it was, the ship was bombarded at multiple angles by both the navy and the weather. It eventually crashed violently onto the rocky shoreline, leaving very few of the sailors alive, including Lyra. They, or at least the ones Lyra had seen to be alive, were captured by the socialists of Yaroi and spread across the nation, locked up, with no means of communicating with one another. At three years of imprisonment, Lyra was planning her escape when the government announced amnesty for convicts if they fought against the invading Yiimarian army. After thinking about her chances one way or the other, the pirate, formerly a captain, decided to take up arms and defend the nation that had imprisoned her, in order to be free and sail the high seas once more... Characteristics: Agile I, Quick, Intelligent I, Navigation, Knowledge of the Sea I, Natural Leader, Opportunist, Anarchic Beliefs, Skilled with Blades I, Strong-willed, Persuasive Abilities: Swimming II, Sailing III, Sneak I, Sprint II, Swift swordplay III Inventory: Two short swords, Rope, Compass, Flask of water, Box of matches, Bandages Picture (Opitional): 
  7. World Anarchic Union

    Roleplay Thread of the 2nd Edition of the Olympic Games of NSLeft

    The people of World Anarchic Union have turned en masse to the squares of villages, towns and cities to observe the Second Olympic Games through the communal television sets. The vast majority of people’s councils have declared a reduction in working hours until the 29th of December, so that everyone is able to observe the Games. Many long for a better result for the WAU team than the previous Games, where its performance was commendable but not particularly great. The Revolutionary People’s Council has wished to the athletes that they achieve the best results, while everyone is eager to see if Zenganopoli can be a better host than Autonomous Masses. The victory of World Anarchic Union in football and basketball, sports that the people of the Revolutionary Communes mostly like, has been met with widespread celebrations while waiting for the finals for these sports. The loss of the team in volleyball has been met with disappointment, while, for another year, the baseball results have been met with indifference by all. Still, the Revolutionary People’s Council has given the appropriate congratulations to all the teams that have faced off with the WAU athletes. However, grief and sadness has been expressed by many over the loss of the WAU team in cycling. Cyclists from all around the Revolutionary Communes participate in the Communal Cycling Tournament, one of the hardest races in the world, through firsts and tunnels and over rivers and mountains. The low ranking that the WAU team got in the sport has surprised all people in the country. Many believe that it was the different terrain and the fact that a sprint in the end decided the victor while a small minority have begun questioning the results and Zenganopoli itself. No matter their stance on this issue, all are even more eager for the next days of the Second Olympic Games...
  8. World Anarchic Union

    2nd Edition of the Olympic Games of NSLeft

    I’m in. About sports, 100 meters or pole vault could work.
  9. World Anarchic Union

    Kardaschev: The Lonely Oddessy

    I meant the RP, sorry.
  10. World Anarchic Union

    Kardaschev: The Lonely Oddessy

    I am interested, although such concepts aren't really my specialty. What will the RO be about?
  11. World Anarchic Union

    School of the Left

    Sounds very interesting. I will participate when I have time.
  12. World Anarchic Union

    Leftist music discussion thread

    I like many partisan songs from a number of countries. Personal favorites are Greek, Spanish, Italian and Irish leftist songs. Regarding bands, Rage Against the Machine and The Clash are my favorite explicitly leftist bands. Ska-P is also pretty good. I may be forgetting some, though.
  13. World Anarchic Union

    NSLeft Olympic Games (RP thread)

    The Revolutionary People's Council congratulated the athletes from World Anarchic Union for their efforts, as well as praised the performance of Gamal Nourah, the marathon runner who became the champion of World Anarchic Union, completely unexpectedly, defeating renowned athletes in the preliminaries. His third place victory was met with extreme joy by the people of World Anarchic Union. Rosa Emilia Flores was also given particular praise for her silver medal on the sport of shooting. She is awaited eagerly back home, as she has participated and succeeded in many championships for World Anarchic Union as well as domestic tournaments individually , but these Olympic Games has been the first time that she has taken part in such an event. She is known for her role in many revolutionary uprisings over the years, before settling on the career of an athlete. Meanwhile, congratulations were in order for all the winners of the events so far, as well as to the football team of Zenganopoli for defeating the WAU team. Football is popular in World Anarchic Union and the loss of the team so early on left many lifelong fans cursing and shouting at their radios and television screens. Football is largely an amateur affair in World Anarchic Union and the team that was assembled for the Olympics was composed of mostly young street players. When asked their opinion on the total failure of the WAU team at curling, ending up last, two thirds of all respondents responded back with another question; "And what's that?" Curling is largely unknown in the Revolutionary Communes, the majority not even knowing the basics of the sport or that World Anarchic Union had a team. They still expressed their empathetic views with the losers and wished them the best,
  14. World Anarchic Union

    NSLeft Olympic Games

    I am interested as well. I hadn't taken part in the Internationale Games but I had taken part in an individual sport competition that PhoenixMountain had organized and it was fun.
  15. World Anarchic Union

    Info on Tito

    Didn't Yugoslavia give much more support to the DSE than the USSR? Stalin had made his agreements and treaties to secure his sphere of influence and didn't give any support to the communist forces of Greece when they needed it the most. And Yugoslavia, as far as I know, withdrew its support at the final year of the civil war because of external pressure, including that of Stalin. Not to say that KKE didn't make an abundance of mistakes before, during and after the civil warbut Yugoslavia did give them substantial support in their struggle.