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  1. Freien


    My game against Grod Island (I won): https://www.chess.com/daily/game/220839096 And that was my game against Courelli: https://www.chess.com/daily/game/220243048
  2. Sure. "To the leadership of The Revolutionary Communist Alliance (hereafter TRCA); We, the leadership of the NSLeft, have become concerned with the presence of reactionaries (such as fascists, nazbols, etc.) and persons previously banned from a number of our member regions, in TRCA. Being that many of our member regions share an embassy with your region, we are worried by this and the apparent laxness in ideological restrictions toward fascism in your region. We ask that you implement stricter ideological limits for the good of the leftists in your region as soon as possible, and remove the aforementioned reactionaries. Should this fail to pass, we will have no choice, but to collectively close embassies with your region until we see our request met. We do not wish to blacklist or attack your region, rather we are concerned for its wellbeing and the wellbeing of the good leftist comrades in that region In solidarity, The NSLeft Regional Representatives" Answer: "To the leadership of NSLeft; We have received and hear your complaint. However, we must turn down your demands. Through several votes and debates, here at the Revolutionary Communist Alliance our residents have decided they do not wish to restrict our people's freedom, such as the right to speak and convey their opinion, the right to simply be apart of a different community. Without people with differing ideologies we wouldn't have anyone to debate against about our beliefs, and we wouldn't be able to grow our intellect through these debates. However, that is not to say that we refuse to kick out nations that are obnoxious and exhibit hate speech. Nations which are aggressive, obnoxious, or openly racist, homophobic, etc. do get ejected and any nation which can be proven to be connected to a fascist region will get the same treatment. What good is leftist solidarity if the NSLeft community turns their collective backs to us because our residents refuse to implement laws that restrict the freedoms of our people? All that being said, we are completely open to further negotiation. Kind regards, The Revolutionary Communist Alliance Representatives of: The Shi Commune KentuckyFriedCommunism Caeraeaf Red HighValley Marxist Canada" Statement by our allies in The Communist Bloc on the issue: https://tcb.red/forum/topic/1289-statement-on-the-revolutionary-communist-alliance?page=1 You can also take a look at the current embassies being withdrawn in TRCA. DSA, FAC, NK, TCB, and TLA are all withdrawing embassies with them right now. The discussion happening at the region's RMB is also of interest.
  3. TRCA has been allowing fascists and other reactionaries to join the region. The Internationale, along with other NSLeft regions, send a message to their administration, raising the issue. The answer that was given is that reactionaries are basically allowed to not limit their right of free speech and of being able to hold their own political beliefs. As a leftist region unwilling to give a platform to fascism and reactionary attitudes, we should condemn TRCA and cut any relations we are currently holding with it.
  4. I nominate @The Postmodern Proletariatfor the position of Moderation, @Burninati0n for any position he prefers, @Zenganopoli for Internal Affairs, and @World Anarchic Union for External Affairs. I agree, but you should have proposed that before the nominations.
  5. Freien

    Discussion: Regarding casual talk in TI

    In my opinion, TI's RMB has failed to provide the serious political discussion that was desired (personally, I would like it to be as similar to North Korea's as possible and I am pretty sure that Diljan/Proletaire had something like that in mind when the whole disallowing casual discussion affair happened), so I would like to drop the suggestions of a weekly (or bi-weekly) topic and of more frequent serious in-game polls. I think that both could help towards improving the situation. When it comes to the Discord server, I believe that it is quite ok in general and I agree with Zengan's post above regarding content warning channels and strictly enforcing the rules.
  6. I like that this is up to us to decide, even if it is against the letter of the law. However, I can't help but notice how interesting that is, since you were the one that made these kind of votes fail just because they were against the Charter and even declined to discuss each case further, as seen in votes such as:
  7. There are no fascist members of the NPO. They are pretty strict about that, from what I know. They are also a leading antifascist force when it comes to their military. You probably misunderstood what happened, and I will reference WAU here: "The NPO were sheltering and hiding the identity of Vetelo, when under a different name he was trying to sneak back into servers from where he was banned from. " By the way, logs about the Vetelo thing at the end of that dispatch: https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=1129092
  8. Ok, sure, the NPO is condemnable for this and many other actions, such as disrespecting the sovereignty of others regions and especially that of its allies by spying, attempting coups, and continuously lying and hiding information from them. We can all agree with that. However, I don't see the point at such a statement. The Red Fleet was cooperating with the military of the Pacific on antifascist operations and the meaning is the statement is that this won't happen anymore. As far as I know, The Internationale and the other regions of the NSLeft have no relations with the NPO whatsoever. Our allies from The Communist Bloc released a statement about the issue, but they were holding embassies with the Pacific. We aren't. We have already nothing to do with them. I see no purpose in a statement of the nature of "Oh, I don't like what you did", because I am pretty sure that no one but the NPO themselves (and even that is questionable) liked all that. Nevertheless, I will wait for an answer before I veto. Please do ping me in Discord when that comes, so that I don't miss it.
  9. You guessed it I would like to nominate @Zenganopolifor moderation and @Ayanka for external affairs.
  10. Freien

    Hello comrades

    Welcome, comrade!
  11. Freien

    PROPOSAL- Omnibus Charter Amendment III

    We always vote on specific regions before establishing embassies with them, and you know that well, so you can veto any region that you consider as not-"leftist friendly" individually, and in that case I am certain that you won't be the only one to do so. It is wrong to exclude all of them, because of a "not all".
  12. Freien

    PROPOSAL- Omnibus Charter Amendment III

    I disagree with this, but not strongly. I believe that the WAD should have the ability to vote for the next councilors, since the time of vote is basically a time of transition, and especially to be able to vote for themselves if they want to be re-elected. Plus, this was passed not that long ago, so it will be hard to change it again. Other than that, I am supportive for any other amendment, except maybe the one that fuses the CoI and the CoA to a single position, about which I haven't decided yet. I think that when it comes to moderation, the initial thought behind this should be discussed too, and how they are going to blend with another potential change: that of the change of the position of the WAD. That was what I had in mind when I first discussed this with WAU and the rest of the Council. In a few words: The three Councilors remain the same, no change in those positions. Combining CoI and CoA up for a discussion, though. The Comrade WA Delegate loses all extra authorities and is the WAD of the region only. Participates in every thing that is WA related (voting, approving proposals, ILC, etc.). This will grant the WAD the ability to become more involved in all those. Helping comrades to write proposals could be a good addition to the role too. All in all, the WAD becomes just a WAD and the position loses the ''first among equals'' part. This will increase the presence of the region in the WA and will decentralize the council (not that this last one is necessarily a positive). The WAD will not change every term and will be voted always once (discussable). The WAD can be impeached, however. Two-three moderators are added. They will have border control authority only. They will moderate our discord server (be able to ban and kick). Moderators will put up for a vote everything the WAD does currently. Not sure if they should be voted each term or get the WAD treatment I suggested above. I am not saying that this is a better alternative to what WAU proposed, or that I necessarily support this, but I am putting this here as an alternative to be discussed. And I know I could have presented all this much better, but I would prefer to hear some thoughts first. @World Anarchic Union Can you add the following amendment to the proposals too? I mentioned it, but you either missed it or it slept your mind:
  13. This passes with 7 votes in favor and 2 absentions.
  14. I am conveying this message by comrade Frits, since they are unable to post here.