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  1. - The Fetishism of Commodities and the Secret Thereof, Capital Vol.1, Karl Marx Note: Marx's concept of commodity fetishism has deeply influenced generations of major thinkers, Marxists and non-Marxists, from Georg Lukacs until contemporaries, like Slavoj Zizek. Its place is Marx's analysis has always been a matter of debate. Interpretations may vary.
  2. Thank you for considering me. However, I will not accept the nomination due to a lack of time to retain this position at the current moment.
  3. I will nominate @Burninati0n for the position of the Comrade WA Delegate and @Zenganopoli for the position of Councilor of Activities.
  4. - Karl Marx, Theses on Feuerbach (1845)
  5. - Amadeo Bordiga, Party and Class
  6. - The ABC of Communism, Nikolai Bukharin & Yevgeni Preobrazhensky
  7. -Emma Goldman, Anarchism: What is it? -Pyotr Kropotkin, Anarchist Communism, Basics and Its Principles
  8. Old School RuneScape

  9. This is officially the first post for the Study Group (the previous one was an introduction), I recently announced. I decided to begin with a passage from The Critique of the Gotha Programme written by Karl Marx, and which I believe will shed some light on the difference between what we mean when we say Socialism and what we mean by Communism. Read and comment below: Next: What is Anarchism?
  10. This is where the posts for the Study Group will be organized. Announcement: School of the Left Introduction: Are we still relevant? Basics: 1.1 Difference between Socialism and Communism 1.2 What is Anarchism? 1.3 Surplus Value 1.4 The Party Marxism: 2.1 Theses on Feuerbach 2.2 Marx's Preface of 1859 2.3 Commodity Fetishism 2.4 Lukacs and Reification More to be added...
  11. World Assembly Security Council Proposal

    Putting the repeals (and liberations, which actually do something) aside, the Security Council offers two choices for proposals: commendations and condemnations. However, it is not like "this is a great region, we should commend it" or "this is a disgusting region (eg a fascist one), we should condemn it". Those who are condemn are usually raiders that pursue to be condemned. Usually a condemnation equals a raider's commendation. People actually campaign for a condemnation. And we cannot, for example, condemn a fascist region with the reasoning of them being fascists. There are rules, and many rules. It is not simply 'democratic'. Plus condemnations and commendations are only badges. They do nothing.
  12. Well, it is rather late for that. However, we do have this library in which you can still contribute: https://theredand.black/forums/topic/601-the-internationales-library/ and a new kind of study group which just started and you can find here: https://theredand.black/forums/topic/731-school-of-the-left/
  13. Without taking into account the 'ethical' ground of using the State as a means, do you believe that the withering away of the State is possible after it has fulfilled its purpose? If so, why and how?
  14. School of the Left

    Didn't expect that many people to be interested from the start. Exciting! First post here: