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  1. Freien


  2. I vetoed too, but for another reason. Firstly, the region has an Egalitarian and not a Feminist tag. Also, it withholds from having a Communist tag, although it has a Socialist tag, which doesn't make that much sense to me, especially for a region named Soviet Democracy. And secondly, and most importantly, it is stated on its WFE: That is concerning. Do they also mean that capitalists and fascists are allowed to be on that region?
  3. The NewsStand is not a region like any other, it is an advertising space. I don't know why it has the Capitalist tag (probably has to do with the founder's personal views), but there really aren't any alternatives if you want to promote stuff like dispatches, newspapers, polls, etc. in the game from what I know of. I believe that this that the above part of the Charter was not written in order to be followed that strictly and that embassy-collecting regions and regions like the NewsStand ought to be excluded, as it is usually done in this cases, even if it is not explicitly stated so in our regional law. I mean, I think I was the one that proposed the amendment that added the Capitalist tag to this part and this is what I had in mind when writing it. I don't believe we should lose the opportunity to build ties with an actually leftist region because of such a typicality. By the way, this poll should have been locked 5 days ago. Not that this is supposed to mean anything at that point, only an observation.
  4. Freien

    SoL 3.1: What is Authority?

    It was already planned. Everything goes according to the plan, Burni.
  5. I am proposing the construction of embassies between The Enclave Region of the USSD and our region, The Internationale. A few remarks: The Enclave Region of the USSD has no relation with the USSD anymore, other than a relation of hate. As said on their WFE: The region maintains embassies with The Leftist Assembly, our allies and fellow region of the NSLeft Solidarity Pact. The region has the Communist, Socialist, Anti-Fascist, and Anti-Capitalist tags. The region is active and fairly big, with 95 nations within. Note: I would like the above to be copied and included in the vote.
  6. - Mikhail Bakunin, What Is Authority? (1871)
  7. I won't accept any nominations due to a lack of time to commit. Thank you for considering me, though.
  8. - Marx, The 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte - Engels, Letter to J.Bloch 1890
  9. I think subordination here should be taken as the ability of the imposition of one will upon another (thus why it is presupposed). A will that wills for the and in place of the subordinated will; that is what subordination seems to imply, an order of rank of wills. I believe that one has to take into account the use of the word will in political philosophy: for example, you can find the theme of sacrificing the will of the individual to the state for something (eg safety) in a number of writers. Even if you think that these words don't fit this use in the way you understand, I suppose that you still have to go with the writer's use. But imo, Engels' definition is in line with most of the anarchist literature of the time. Now, about whether they are necessary, I would say that you have to take them as such by definition, since Engels seems to understand them as necessary to one another, as interdependent. But if you mean necessary in general, outside the text, then no, they don't have to be. Of course not all contemporary anarchists would oppose them in all cases (still most seem to), but because I believe that ever text should be seen in its historical context, I think that it does a very good job in offering a critique of anarchism, or more correctly, an answer to the anarchist criticisms of Marxism that motivated Engels in writing that piece. You are welcome 😘
  10. - Etienne Balibar, The Philosophy of Marx
  11. ... Additional nominations based on what we've seen so far: @Useugi for External Affairs - I far less ''creative'' post. I think you could get elected with a good programme. @Varsala for Activities. @Autonomous Masses for Information.
  12. Thank you for considering me, but I will not accept the nomination. However, I will nominate @Burninati0n for WA Delegate, @Aarnonia for External Affairs and @Free British Socialist Republics for Information.
  13. Freien

    WA Block Voting Organization

    That erases all concerns I might have, really. I don't see any reason to not move this forward and see how it goes.
  14. Freien

    Hello there!

    Um, excuse me, but this is supposed to be a leftist regions and only real life leftists are allowed.