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  1. Praeotoria

    LeftExpo lectures sought, submissions welcome

    Cool! I'm going to look forward to this event.
  2. Praeotoria

    Cartography: The Revival

    I will design it so it fits appropriately with the islands/continents surrounding it.
  3. Praeotoria

    Cartography: The Revival

    It's fine. I'm just going to create an outline and create the terrain. Will this archipelago contain two or more nations or only you?
  4. Praeotoria

    Cartography: The Revival

    I forgot to mention that, if you have any questions or concerns you can reply to this thread. Other than that, progress is going swell.
  5. Praeotoria

    Cartography: The Revival

    Its happening! Before we begin, I'd like to say that I will be creating my own map with Paint.Net. This is a software where you can produce images that might look good depending on the user. So now, after getting that out of the way let us begin. The map I will be creating will not take example from Earth, and rather instead of continents, it will be primarily focused on chains of islands and continents dotted around. Users will be able to request additions to the map but they will be primarily minor and only to fix mistakes or issues that administrators have with it. Map Updates should happen frequently every two weeks or less depending on major events or if the changes are minor. That being said, this map is not official in nature. It was created for a replacement to the map which was supposed to be published last year, but never happened. Roleplays associated with this map will probably be not canon in nature. If you have any suggestions tell me! The map will be released soon and this thread is just to tell you about my project.
  6. Praeotoria

    Cartography - A custom Internationale Map

    I think I'm going to create and release a custom map for the region. It might not be as good as some of yours, but I'm going to try my best.