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  1. Zenganopoli

    Moderation Reports Thread

    Nation: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=nothere Action: Ban, LATER REVOKED Reason: came from a fascist region that we had raided Reason for revoking: NOBODY TOLD ME IT'S A PUPPET OF A MARINER TRENCH PERSON
  2. Zenganopoli

    Moderation Reports Thread

    Nation: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=vegan_reich Action: Ban Reason: First it was their edgy name and motto ("the only good flesh eater is a dead one"), but then, looking for clarification, I asked them in telegrams if they actually meant to kill all non vegans. Below is the telegram I was answered with, with my comments on what it says. I think that image needs no further comment.
  3. Zenganopoli

    Moderation Reports Thread

    Nation: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=stoerre_aland Action: Ejection Reason: their nation leader is a fascist who was convicted as a war criminal for genocide happened during the bosnian war
  4. This thread will be used to report all the relevant actions taken by the present and future Councillors for Moderation, in a spirit of transparency towards the entire region. The form will be the following: Nation: <link to the NS nation's page> Action: <eject, ban, whatever> Reason: <description of the reason, with also providing evidence>
  5. yes, absolutely. if I didn't agree with any single point of your platform, and if you didn't agree with any single point of my platform (which is practically identical), then we would righteously be banned, tbf.
  6. Dear members of this region, Friends, Comrades. This is the first time this position in the general council is up to vote, so this election will mark the history of this region and possibly set the path for all the future councillors who, after us, will have the duty and the honour to server in this position. I've already served 3 times as councillor: 2 for Councillor for activities and 1 for Councillor for external affairs, and as such the best asset I am offering to the region, other than my interest and my time, is my experience. In fact I can also add to my ""curriculum"" that I have a fairly long history of moderating large internet spaces, as many comrades know, I have been a moderator of many discord servers, including a very large (around 900 members) one. Considering this, I can fairly assert that this is not a councillorship in which you can make short or long term plans, but the agenda is instead set on daily basis by the necessities of the region. What I can say in addition to this is that I hate every kind of bullying and of personal attacks and as such I won't tolerate any kind of those. I am also extremely serious in contrasting reactionary behaviours (like thinly veiled racism and hetero-normativism) and so I won't tolerate any kind of. Last but not least, I wish the best in advance for the other newly elected Comrade Councillors, @Ayanka, @World Anarchic Union and @Varsala.
  7. thank you for keeping my name in consideration. I accept the nomination and, if I win, I hope I will provide a good example for this new councillorship in the future, keeping the interests of the region as a priority
  8. Zenganopoli

    PROPOSAL- Omnibus Charter Amendment III

    I am extremely open to discussing my proposal or any counter-proposal related to that one
  9. Zenganopoli

    PROPOSAL- Omnibus Charter Amendment III

    I like the proposition of extending the terms of the councillors, and as Freien said, the counterbalance is that the population will always have the ability to recall councillors if they are doing bad. The introduction of the CoM also a thing that in my opinion has to be welcomed by this community Also good is the part on the ILC, that had to be introduced somewhere in the charter. There is also a second possibility on that, that is leaving it to the CoEA. But I think leaving it to the WAD is, in theoretical terms, the best. However, I must say that I am skeptical on the fusion between the posts of CoA and CoI. One of the problems in the past has been that some CoA's would simply do nothing during their term. Why? Probably because the things to think about are already too many and too diverse from each other: you may be great at dealing with the discord and then be terrible at dealing with the forums. You may propose great polls and be terrible at getting people involved at events you create. I don't have a crystal ball and I may as well be wrong on this. But I have been CoA twice in the past and I have already seen CoA's blatantly fail during their term. My proposal on this is to make 2 councillors out of it: A new one that should take care of discord, renamed Councillor for Activities, and another one that should do "the rest": taking care of on-site matters (polls, TGs, having duties formerly held by the CoI, etc.) and of the whole forums, named Councillor for Internal Affairs. I am however benevolent to the whole reform, and I am intentioned to not veto any part of it if I am the only one who is against it.
  10. Zenganopoli

    Heyo, conrads

    Hello and welcome to this <insert adjective> region! The way to enter discord is entering the TI server (https://discordapp.com/invite/24vD2v2) and then follow the instructions contained in the forums guide to authenticate and verify your profile (https://theredand.black/discord/discord/) Feel free to contact Misley for further clarification (https://www.nationstates.net/nation=caelapes)
  11. I am delighted to see so many people voting, I don't think we've ever had 30 people voting in a single election
  12. Good luck to all the participants, whether they are going to win or lose.
  13. I intend to officially renounce my nomination for CoA. I won't be running for CoA in the upcoming election
  14. I accept Jeff's nomination and I announce I will be running for CoA.