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  1. I thank you all who nominated me As I'd like to have as many elections as possible, I'd like to nominate @Free British Socialist Republics for either Activities or WAD, rather than information
  2. Comrade WA Delegate: It is the duty of the Comrade WA Delegate to hold votes on all valid proposals, to execute the results of all passed votes, to remove nations from The Internationale who do not comply with the duties of Comrade Membership, and to be a diplomatic and competent representative of the democratic will of the Comrade Members of The Internationale. Councillor for External Affairs: The Councillor for External Affairs will have Embassy authority. It is the duty of the Councillor for External Affairs to hold votes on all valid embassy requests, to execute the results of all passed embassy requests, and to be a diplomatic and competent representative of the democratic will of the Comrade Members of The Internationale. Councillor for Information: The Councillor for Information will have Appearance authority. It is the duty of the Councillor for Information to create up-to-date dispatches for matters up for the vote and a legislative archive to be displayed below the World Factbook Entry of The Internationale, and to be a diplomatic and competent representative of the democratic will of the Comrade Members of The Internationale. Councillor for Activities: The Councillor for Activities will have Poll authority. It is the duty of the Councillor for Activities to promote activities of The Internationale, encourage communication through polls, and to be a diplomatic and competent representative of the democratic will of the Comrade Members of The Internationale. All nominations must be submitted in this thread; nominations via RMB and Discord will not be counted. Comrades are permitted to nominate any comrade of The Internationale, including themselves. Nominations need not be seconded in order to be considered valid. sincerely I don't even know when to end the nominations period, I'll leave that decision to the "higher ranks" Also, I hereby announce my intention to stand as Councillor for External Affairs
  3. WA Block Voting Organization

    My "yes" vote is indeed a "why not?" vote. I simply don't see anything that could make us say no a priori. Anyway I'm still open to discussing this
  4. The final medal tally of the Olympics has finally been published: Congratulations to all of the athletes!
  5. The final celebration has ended, and (OOC: yesterday I forgot to simulate the last 2 events) here below are the results of the marathon and the football tournament. In the following days (probably tomorrow) I wil publish the final medal tally. 1. burnination 2h 14m 30s (Gold Medal) 2. south miruva 2h 16m 12s (Silver Medal) 3. hecknamistan 2h 16m 26s (Bronze Medal) 4. yaroi 2h 16m 34s 5. wau 2h 16m 42s 6. slc 2h 18m 49s 7. countriopia 2h 19m 4s 8. autonomous masses 2h 21m 37s 9. useugi 2h 21m 59s 10. mansuetus 2h 23m 30s 11. south cingalia 2h 23m 50s 12. ayanka 2h 24m 58s 13. persian 2h 26m 32s 14. aarnonia 2h 28m 5s 15. libertasnia 2h 28m 15s 16. varsala 2h 29m 8s 1st-2nd wau-south miruva 3-2 (after extra time)3rd-4th countriopia-ayanka 1-2 Gold Medal: World Anarchic Union Silver Medal: South Miruva Bronze Medal: Ayanka
  6. Today four finals have been played: the ones to assign the medals in Volleyball and Baseball: VOLLEYBALL libertasnia-countriopia 3-0aarnonia-useugi 2-3 Gold Medal: Libertasnia Silver Medal: Countriopia Bronze Medal: Useugi BASEBALL: countriopia-burnination 8-3slc-mansuetus 10-11 Gold Medal: Countriopia Silver Medal: Burnination Bronze Medal Mansuetus
  7. Good morning everybody! Even on St. Stephen's day the olympics are played. Today is the day of the finals of the basketball tournament: Autonomous Masses - Aarnonia 123-122 Countriopia - Ayanka 125-119 Gold Medal: Autonomous Masses Silver Medal: Aarnonia Bronze Medal: Countriopia The other event played today is Long-distance spitting. This is the national sport of Zenganopoli. The athletes are asked to spit as far as they can. Each athlete has three attempts, then the best result for each athlete is picked and they are ranked. This is the final ranking: 1. ayanka 690 (Gold Medal) 2. yaroi 688 (Silver Medal) 3. persian 643 (Bronze Medal) 4. useugi 634 5. autonomous masses 622 6. aarnonia 613 7. slc 602 8. hecknamistan 582 9. countriopia 581 10. varsala 580 11. burnination 567 12. south miruva 553 13. libertasnia 544 14. mansuetus 524 15. south cingalia 519 16. wau 501
  8. The wait for today's events is finally over. After a long christmas day in Zenganopoli, the 2 events of the day have been played. Here are the results for Pole Vault: 1. varsala 6.04m (Gold Medal) 2. slc 5.91m (Silver Medal) 3. aarnonia 5.85m (Bronze Medal) 4. countriopia 5.76m 5. ayanka 5.75m 6. useugi 5.69m 7. hecknamistan 5.68m 8. south miruva 5.48 9. persian 5.34 10. south cingalia 5.21 11. libertasnia 5.06 12. wau 5.01 13. mansuetus 4.90 14. autonomous masses 4.88 15. yaroi 4.86 16. burnination 4.81 The other event of today was, in accordance to the rules created by the Fourth International Posadist and handled over to the NSLeft Olympic Committee, Nuke put: The athletes had to throw a nuke using a ultra-modern device called Communist AnTifa Artillery Piece of ULtramodern Tankieness (usually shortened as CATAPULT) created by the Olympic Committee. The athletes were then ranked from the one who threw the nuke further to the one who made the shortest put out of 3 attempts for each athlete. Here is the final ranking: 1. wau 21.96 Km (Gold Medal) 2. south cingalia 21.77 Km (Silver Medal) 3. yaroi 21.73 Km (Gold Medal) 4. ayanka 21.56 Km 5. south miruva 21.51 Km 6. burnination 21.45 Km 7. persian 21.39 Km 8. useugi 20.86 Km 9. countriopia 20.52 Km 9. libertasnia 20.52 Km 11. aarnonia 20.20 Km 12. varsala 19.72 Km 13. hecknamistan 19.46 Km 14. mansuetus 19.45 Km 15. autonomous masses 19.35 Km 16. slc 19.16 Km
  9. Hi everybody! It has been a fierce competition at the "S. Brown" arena (I can't say the name of the town because this arena is located in a desolate area). In front of 73000 fans the athletes have competed in high jump. The athlete who jumped the most metres would win. These are the results: 1. persian 2.40 (Gold Medal) 2. varsala 2.38 (Silver Medal) 3. wau 2.35 (Bronze Medal) 4. slc 2.33 5. autonomous masses 2.31 5. yaroi 2.31 7. ayanka 2.29 7. hecknamistan 2.29 9. south cingalia 2.27 10. aarnonia 2.27 11. burnination 2.25 12. useugi 2.21 13. countriopia 2.16 14. libertasnia 2.15 15. mansuetus 2.03 16. south miruva 2.00 Also, the semi-final rounds of all the team sports tournaments have been played. These are the results: FOOTBALL countriopia-wau 4-5 south miruva-ayanka 4-3 Finals: 1st-2nd wau-south miruva 3rd-4th countriopia-ayanka BASKETBALL ayanka-autonomous masses 103-118 aarnonia-countriopia 120-102 Finals: 1st-2nd autonomous masses-aarnonia 3rd-4th ayanka-countriopia VOLLEYBALL libertasnia-aarnonia 3-0 countriopia-useugi 3-1 Finals: 1st-2nd libertasnia-countriopia 3rd-4th aarnonia-useugi BASEBALL: countriopia-slc 14-2 mansuetus-burnination 2-3 Finals: 1st-2nd countriopia-burnination 3rd-4th slc-mansuetus
  10. Good morning comrades! Today is the day of a weird sport, played in a weird way. The athletes have been put inside a time capsule that modifies the duration of 1 year to 1 hour and are asked to realize it is abuse. The athlete that takes more time to realize it was abuse wins a gold medal. Of course, the results are measured in days, but the entire competition happens within one hour. These are the resusts: 1. countriopia 323 (Gold Medal) 2. autonomous masses 321 (Silver Medal) 3. varsala 307 (Bronze Medal) 4. persian 306 5. mansuetus 299 6. south miruva 293 7. slc 287 8. burnination 283 8. wau 283 10. yaroi 260 11. hecknamistan 212 12. ayanka 182 13. aarnonia 175 14. useugi 167 15. south cingalia 103 16. libertasnia 102 The other event played today is 1500m freestyle swimming. To the purpose, the athletes compete in the same swimming pool used for the 100m competition. These are the results: 1. useugi 15:01.30 (Gold Medal) 2. persian 15:08.43 (Silver Medal) 3. south cingalia 15:08.44 (Bronze Medal) 4. south miruva 15:17.38 5. autonomous masses 15:18.55 6. yaroi 15:19.21 7. hecknamistan 15:22.18 8. mansuetus 15:30.09 9. wau 15:33.57 10. aarnonia 15:35.77 11. countriopia 15:37.45 12. varsala 15:42.94 13. ayanka 15:46.06 14. libertasnia 15:49.22 15. burnination 15:55.13 16. slc 15:56.32 The Useugian athlete has literally dominated the race, outpowering the 2nd athlete by 7 seconds. The persian socialist federation has won the sprint for Silver Medal by only 1 hundredth of second, and while this result has been contested, the chips implanted inside the athletes' right hands have spoken clearly.
  11. The first competition of the day was Fa-skeet shooting, in which the athlete had to shoot targets made out of fascist clay for 12 rounds in which 25 targets were thrown each round, for a total of 300 maximum points. 1. hecknamistan 291 (Gold Medal) 2. countriopia 290 (Silver Medal) 3. aarnonia 287 (Bronze Medal) 4. burnination 286 5. south cingalia 272 6. persian 263 7. autonomous masses 257 8. ayanka 256 9. south miruva 249 10. varsala 245 11. useugi 240 12. mansuetus 232 13. slc 229 14. wau 224 15. libertasnia 223 16. yaroi 221 The other event of the day was weightlifting, in which a major disappointment has come from Ayanka's athlete who failed to lift the last weight (235 Kg) that could have brought a silver medal to the Siberian nation. 1. autonomous masses 243 Kg (Gold Medal) 2. slc 239 Kg (Silver Medal) 3. hecknamistan 233 Kg (Bronze Medal) 4. persian 223 Kg 4. burnination 223 Kg 6. south cingalia 221 Kg 7. yaroi 220 Kg 8. aarnonia 217 Kg 9. useugi 216 Kg 10. ayanka 214 Kg 11. varsala 208 Kg 11. south miruva 208 Kg 13. wau 206 Kg 14. mansuetus 197 Kg 15. libertasnia 194 Kg 16. countriopia 187 Kg AUTONOMOUS MASSES STRONK!! AAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHH!!!
  12. Window smashing, regarded as a sport of primary importance in Zenganopoli, has been played in the A. Shevchenko Arena of Lugh, in front of an audience of 105000 fans. For the occasion, the 10 windows that each athlete had to smash (for a total of 160) were painted of blue, in order to remember that capitalist window lives don't matter at all. As said before, each athlete had to smash a total of 10 windows, then a jury of judges awards points to every performance based on the beauty of the effort, the time taken to smash every window, etc.. Each smashing could be awarded points from 0 to 20. Here is the final ranking: 1. slc 199.6 (Gold Medal) 2. ayanka 198.6 (Silver Medal) 3. hecknamistan 195.1 (Bronze Medal) 4. countriopia 194.2 5. persian 187.3 6. autonomous masses 184.4 7. yaroi 179.5 8. burnination 167.5 9. wau 157.9 10. libertasnia 139.9 11. south miruva 138.5 12. aarnonia 137.2 13. mansuetus 135.6 14. south cingalia 123.1 15. useugi 114.4 16. varsala 103.0 Today were also held the quarter finals of the tournaments of the four teams sports: FOOTBALL countriopia-yaroi 2-0; burnination-wau 1-1 (WAU wins after penalty shootout); cingalia-miruva 0-1; ayanka-useugi 3-0 Semi-finals: countriopia-wau south miruva-ayanka BASKETBALL ayanka-wau 115-102; AM-slc 95-85; aarn-varsala 118-76; countriopia-mansuetus 108-91 Semi-finals: ayanka-autonomous masses aarnonia-countriopia VOLLEYBALL slc-libertasnia 1-3; yaroi-aarnonia 1-3; mansuetus-countriopia 1-3; useugi-persian 3-2 Semi-finals: libertasnia-aarnonia countriopia-useugi BASEBALL: libertasnia-countriopia 4-7; slc-cingalia 14-11; mansuetus-hecknamistan 3-2; miruva-burnination 6-9 Semi-finals: countriopia-slc mansuetus-burnination
  13. The first event of the day has tested the ability of the athlete to generate the deepest existential crisis they could in a time of 1 hour. To aid them with the task, they have been exposed to the view of the movies "Athlas Shrugged: part 1", "Athlas Shrugged: part 2" and "Athlas Shrugged: part 3: Who is John Galt?" right before the beginning of the event. The scores were obtained through the measurement performed by a sophisticated machine called "Gaiusometer". The athlete who scores the most Gaiuses will be crowned Champion: 1. mansuetus 37,16 (Gold Medal) 2. varsala 37,00 (Silver Medal) 3. slc 35,42 (Bronze Medal) 4. libertasnia 34,94 5. burnination 34,40 6. persian 33,73 7. countriopia 32,67 8. ayanka 32,53 9. south miruva 27,56 10. hecknamistan 25,48 11. aarnonia 24,24 12. autonomous masses 23,53 13. useugi 19,29 14. wau 18,07 15. south cingalia 16,35 16. yaroi 15,87 The other event of the day has been the 100m freestyle swimming competition, that has been fought in the olympic 16-lanes swimming pool of Lugh. The results are reported here below: 1. south miruva 50'78'' (Gold Medal) 2. autonomous masses 50'93'' (Silver Medal) 3. wau 51'03'' (Bronze Medal) 4. burnination 51'17'' 5. useugi 51'21'' 6. libertasnia 51'54'' 7. south cingalia 51'60'' 8. hecknamistan 51'76'' 9. slc 51'84'' 10. yaroi 52'10'' 11. mansuetus 52'40'' 12. varsala 52'46'' 13. ayanka 52'52'' 14. countriopia 52'59'' 15. persian 52'88'' 16. aarnonia 52'97'' Congratulations to all the medalists of today!
  14. The "December 21st Park" is ready for the event of the day. Fashbashing is a serious sport in Zenganopoli and, more in general, in the whole of NSLeft. The athletes are given 10 points for any fash bashed within 10 seconds, and 1 point for every fash they manage to bash less than 5 minutes. The number of the fash the athletes have to bash is 10. Who scores the most points wins the tournament. If two or more athletes end up with the same score, they are ranked by the total time they took to bash all of the fash. This is the outcome of the event: 1. yaroi 100 (Gold Medal) 2. slc 91 (Silver Medal) 3. useugi 91 (Bronze Medal) 4. persian 82 5. countriopia 64 6. libertasnia 61 7. aarnonia 61 8. varsala 52 9. south cingalia 50 10. hecknamistan 40 11. wau 35 12. mansuetus 33 13. burnination 27 14. south miruva 24 15. ayanka 21 16. autonomous masses 20 Congratulations to Yaroi, who win their second gold medal of the olympic games so far. Slc won over Useugi and Libertasnia over Aarnonia for the same exact reason: they bashed their fash in less time than the other nation who was tied with them. The other event scheduled for today is rapid fire shooting, in which the athletes must shoot paper targets from a distance of 25 metres with a pistol. The system of points is easy, as each target awards its points depending on which circle is hit. Each athlete must perform 30 shots, for a possible total of 300 points. If two or more athletes draw, they must take another shot. If they are still tied, another second supplementary shot and so on and so on until the tie is resolved. Below is reported the final ranking: 1. varsala 295 (Gold Medal) 2. south miruva 290 (Silver Medal) 3. libertasnia 285 (Bronze Medal) 4. slc 284 5. wau 276 6. useugi 258 7. ayanka 252 8. burnination 234 9. yaroi 221 10. persian 199 11. mansuetus 171 12. autonomous masses 165 13. countriopia 160 14. aarnonia 159 15. hecknamistan 154 16. south cingalia 151 Congratulations to all of the medalists of today!!!
  15. (OOC: For those who didn't know, the results of the olympics are TOTALLY randomic, and what decides the scores is this site: https://www.random.org/integers/) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is the day of one of the most awaited competitions in NSLeft: everyone has been literally craving their dream of claiming a gold medal in seizing the means of production. But in the end, after a tight competition, the best one has triumphed, in a day that is already part of the historical baggage of the solidarity pact and that will be remembered for years. Each national team is composed of 12 members, of which two are called "vanguardists", and their role is directing the rest of the team, composed by 5 "proletarians" and 5 "peasants". Each team is given 7 hours of time and the winner is the team that seizes more means of production in that time. If two or more teams are tied, a shootout round is held, in which the teams that seizes more means in 5 minutes wins. If the teams are still tied after the first shootout, a second shootout is held and so on and so on. This is the final ranking after the 7 hours: 1. aarnonia 239 (Gold/Silver medal shootout) 1. south cingalia 239 (Gold/Silver medal shootout) 3. autonomous masses 228 (Bronze medal) 4. libertasnia 223 5. burnination 221 6. south miruva 218 7. yaroi 215 8. slc 201 9. wau 196 10. ayanka 190 10. hecknamistan 190 12. useugi 188 13. mansuetus 183 14. countriopia 182 15. varsala 172 16. persian 154 The result of the shootout is the following: Aarnonia 8 - south cingalia 7 Aarnonia is the team that climbs to the summit of the podium, south cingalia win a remorseful silver medal and autonomous masses report a bronze medal that paves the way for a bright future The other competition of the day is Lameness, in which the athletes of the participant nations challenge each other in a race to who scores the most Jeffs in a 20 minutes round. If two or more teams are tied, they are admitted to a second round in which the athlete who scores a Jeff in the shortest time wins. The results are the following: 1. burnination 47 (Gold Medal) 2. varsala 46 - 21'13'' (Silver Medal) 3. yaroi 46 - 21'38'' (Bronze Medal) 4. south cingalia 46 - 24'10'' 5. autonomous masses 46 - 24'90'' 6. hecknamistan 35 7. countriopia 29 8. useugi 28 9. wau 27 9. libertasnia 27 9. mansuetus 27 9. south miruva 27 13. persian 25 14. slc 23 15. ayanka 21 16. aarnonia 20