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  1. comment here if you want to participate in it. I will decide the structure of it basesd on the participants. Also, I will not play.
  2. I've edited the post above. Also, best wishes for the pregnancy!
  3. Update: - WAD: @Burninati0n (accepted)- Internal Affairs: Me (accepted) - External Affairs: @Asturies-Llion (accepted), @Sierra Lyricalia (yet to declare themselves)- Moderation: @Mollergrad (accepted), @The Postmodern Proletariat (yet to declare themselves)
  4. (update moved 2 posts below)
  5. Situation as of now: - WAD: @Burninati0n (accepted) - Internal Affairs: Me (accepted), @Mollergrad (yet to clearly decide on whether to accept it or not), @Zrhajan (yet to declare himself on the matter) - External Affairs: @Asturies-Llion (accepted) - Moderation: @The Postmodern Proletariat (yet to declare themselves), @Sierra Lyricalia (yet to declare themselves), @Mollergrad (yet to clearly decide on whether to accept it or not)
  6. As I said earlier today, I am enthusiastic to accept comrade @Freien's nomination as CoIA. I nonetheless remain available for the interests of the region, as if, for example, a hole needed to be filled in the next council
  7. For starter, I would like to propose having 2 councillors for moderation again. Domela and I had discussed that a long time ago, and for quite a few reasons I would like to have 2 again I would like to nominate myself. I don't know for what position, any would be fine for me. I have been a councillor for moderation and I would have no problem serving there again. I would also like to express my sadness for not having radio events again. it's extremely sad. (I also wouldn't mind staying in the sidelines and not serving at all, anyway)
  8. Zenganopoli

    Moderation Reports Thread

    Nation: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=dzerzhinsk Action: Ban Reason: Allegations of sexual harassment. we don't want to take any risk towards our users by allowing any potential sexual harasser in our spaces. The councillors have some evidence that is going to be kept secret. That evidence alone is not 100% overwhelming, but as long as there is a fair chance (and in this case, trust me, there is) that they might be a predator, they will not be allowed in the spaces belonging to our region.
  9. Zenganopoli

    Moderation Reports Thread

    Nation: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=the_mumbai_commune Action: Ban Reason: they literally said “If my view on Communism is out dated, does that mean the main problems of Marx's day are solved? Because if they are, you must be saying that capitalism has solved the problems of wealth inequality among the workers and thus Communists must turn to smaller, irrelevant matters like racial or sexual inequality.", among other reactionary stuff
  10. Zenganopoli

    Moderation Reports Thread

    yes, the charter is clearly against any kind of reactionary behaviour, and being anti-abortion is a pretty fucked up reactionary opinion to have
  11. Zenganopoli

    Discussion: Regarding casual talk in TI

    I don't know what your ideas and proposals on Discord channels are (and I wish to hear them soon), but whoever may go against the following points will have to step on my corpse to have them passed: 1) Deleting or diluting the enforcement of CW channels: They are fundamental, as there are some topics (for example in the field of sex, drugs, alcohol, suicide, etc.) whose discussion in general channels must be avoided in order to make every comrade and friend feel comfortable and safeguarded. 2) Loosening the guard on TI as a safe space. We councillors for moderation have discussed this in private and we have agreed on an agenda of strictly enforcing the "safety" of our space in regards to any potentially sexist, homotransphobic, ableist and racist content. Said this, I am open to every kind of reform and discussions
  12. Zenganopoli

    Moderation Reports Thread

    Nation: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=nothere Action: Ban, LATER REVOKED Reason: came from a fascist region that we had raided Reason for revoking: NOBODY TOLD ME IT'S A PUPPET OF A MARINER TRENCH PERSON
  13. Zenganopoli

    Moderation Reports Thread

    Nation: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=vegan_reich Action: Ban Reason: First it was their edgy name and motto ("the only good flesh eater is a dead one"), but then, looking for clarification, I asked them in telegrams if they actually meant to kill all non vegans. Below is the telegram I was answered with, with my comments on what it says. I think that image needs no further comment.
  14. Zenganopoli

    Moderation Reports Thread

    Nation: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=stoerre_aland Action: Ejection Reason: their nation leader is a fascist who was convicted as a war criminal for genocide happened during the bosnian war
  15. This thread will be used to report all the relevant actions taken by the present and future Councillors for Moderation, in a spirit of transparency towards the entire region. The form will be the following: Nation: <link to the NS nation's page> Action: <eject, ban, whatever> Reason: <description of the reason, with also providing evidence>