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  1. Being against the TPP is like being against everything capitalist. If we set our focus on only one point then every other point goes unobserved. Forget the TPP. It's literally pointless to focus on it even slightly. Who cares about tarriffs? Do they affect any of us? No, I'm pretty sure we all have a Khol's in our malls regardless where we live, and 711 is still international. Don't let the enemy control your point of focus. That is, literally, a military strategy known as PSYOPS.
  2. Kilgar

    Communist revolution

    Is it possible? Yes Will it happen? Very likely. Will it happen in our lifetime? No Will it happen before humanity is extinct? I don't know.
  3. Kilgar

    Arguments I have noticed against Communism as a Communist

    When we are aggressive, do people die? Yes. Polish, Russian, American, Canadian ... it doesn't matter. Life is temporary. Sometimes we can choose our death, sometimes we cannot. I almost could not more than once. I'm sure you have or will too. Such is life, capitalist or communist. People die but not everyone reports the facts. Thus is our regard for honor and morality. That is my consideration, anyway.
  4. This was an issue I had no idea about originally so I did my own homework, so to speak. As far as I know the people with an issue against the TPP either are ignorant or I am. One or the other, no doubt. The bones of this deal are in Tarriffs and those Tarriffs would go down for nations signed to it. In a lot of these countries we're talking about goods that are shipped to places like Kohls which already have really cheap stuff anyway. The industries supporting this deal claim that the jobs are already overseas and this deal would simply allow the signed nations a better deal among each other. It should also be noted that China has not agreed to the TPP but has the option of joining in the future. However ... considering the political and military drama in the South China Sea I really don't see China coming to the table in our lifetimes. But what do I know.
  5. I couldn't possibly agree more. It is exactly as you say. It is unfortunate that you cannot vote though. Citizenship is hard to attain even outside USA unless you are a medical doctor from India or Korea.
  6. Hahaha!! I don't need to move to Canada, I live in Buffalo New York. We are right next door to Canada. It's just a short taxi drive away. We also have some good charities setup too that are doing well recently. It's not all bad.
  7. If you go to your profile, you can find the button that appears over the black red and gold image. If you click that you can upload an image from your hardware or another server URL.
  8. A buddhist monk wrote on a blog I read once that times like this teach humanity the purpose of empathy and, he argued, without it we would not have empathy at all. In any case I am sure we shall all do our part to see the worst won't happen, and if it does then we will not fall without a fight.
  9. Trump says a lot of dumb things but presently I am more concerned about his fans. It's so easy to put on a Trump mask and insert any random desired ideology. When Trump isn't the focus anymore that mask will come off. I don't think the fanboys really know where the ideology they listen to in places like Youtube or Facebook actually comes from. People don't see the nationalist-socialists or the segregation of race and culture outside of their comfortable american lives. I tend to expect the worst and pray for the best so I hope my worst expectations don't bare fruit. Just imagine if one of the nazi regions on NS went on an anonymous marketing campaign with a Trump or Hillary mask. Makes me tinkle my panties.
  10. The only copyright I respect is one behind open source. I am sure we can all name our favorite open source groups at the top of our heads starting with mozilla. If notepad had a copyright, for example, notepad++ would not exist today. And if you don't use notepad++ on your pc, SHAME ON YOU!!! SHAME!! heh
  11. I'm not really tired of hearing about the candidates as much as I am tired of hearing about everyone's reactions to everything they say. If I had a penny for every time I heard someone say they read the emails when they didn't actually read the emails (hint: politico) I would have like .... 25 cents? So I could make a phone call at the nearest 711.