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  1. The Aarnon people are teeming with excitement as the games get closer to starting. The athletes were sent off on their planes as thousands of Aarnons bid farewell to them at the airports, and every television in every house in every city seems to be tuned in to this massive event. The people are truly overjoyed with the spirit of sports! The Aarnon athletes have said in interviews that they are highly motivated and that they will not disappoint their people, being especially ambitious in the Aarnon national sport of window smashing. It remains to be seen whether they will live up to their words.
  2. Aarnonia

    2nd Edition of the Olympic Games of NSLeft

    I have no idea on how this works, but I'm in.
  3. Aarnonia

    School of the Left

    Sounds quite interesting, count me in as well.
  4. Aarnonia

    Comrade in every language

    In Turkish it is Yoldaş, and in Russian it is Товарищ, so you may want to add that.
  5. Aarnonia

    Proposals for a poll

    Cats vs Dogs, obviously. Also, if you want a flamewar we can do Trotsky vs Stalin.
  6. Aarnonia

    The Internationale and CAIN

    The CAIN, so far, seems to be a failed organization. They are reluctant to actually act when necessary and their limiting of their opponents to simply Nazis but not fascists of all kinds actually hinders the Internationale's ability to combat fascism. They have also banned our representatives multiple times, for very simple reasons, which is an insult to our region and the left in general. They have absolutely failed to fight against Nazism effectively, and I think we are better off without them.
  7. Aarnonia

    List of Memes and Inside Jokes

    I'd call Posadism a meme but that'd be revisionism, as it is not a simple meme but the universal truth. Hail Posadas.
  8. Pffffffft all of you are revisionists. Watch this. Pingu ain't got shit on me.
  9. 10 to the left and 9.13 to the Libertarian axises. I am actually something like a libertarian marxist but this test makes me look like an anarchist. Although this quiz is a bit crappy. Too amero-centric and some questions hardly make sense at all.