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  1. We ´╗┐have received an embassy request from the region called The Revolutionary Communist Alliance. They fulfill all the criteria and as such it is my duty as the Councillor for External Affairs to present you with the opportunity to vote on this. Here is the link to their region: https://www.nationstates.net/region=the_revolutionary_communist_alliance
  2. To sum it all up at the risk of possibly oversimplifying it, they are forming embassies with the USSD, despite being shown the evidence that Vetelo is an antisemitic and misogynistic piece of garbage.
  3. As proposed by Comrade @Caelapes here: https://theredand.black/forums/topic/811-proposal-withdraw-embassy-with-wintercrest/
  4. I have talked to their founder, and he has stated that they do not allow fascists into the region, but they do let in liberals and the majority of the members are indeed leftists. About the commonwealth of liberty thing, it seems that they are roleplayers who have pretty much all tags (They have the anti-communist and communist tags at the same time). The founder of Soviet Democracy will try to talk them into removing the tags, but I don't know if he will suceed. If he does manage to convince them, I'll start the vote again.
  5. Right, the veto seems fair, I will notify them of your concerns
  6. We have received an embassy request from Soviet Democracy. Region: https://www.nationstates.net/region=soviet_democracy
  7. Comrade @Freien has proposed for us to establish embassies with The Enclave Region of the USSD. He presents the following to back his proposal: The Enclave Region of the USSD has no relation with the USSD anymore, other than a relation of hate. As said on their WFE: The region maintains embassies with The Leftist Assembly, our allies and fellow region of the NSLeft Solidarity Pact. The region has the Communist, Socialist, Anti-Fascist, and Anti-Capitalist tags. The region is active and fairly big, with 95 nations within.
  8. Sad! Then I will nominate @Freien for activities and @Soviet Potheads for WA Delegate.
  9. I nominate myself for External Affairs. Also, nominating @Burninati0n for WA Delegate and @Zenganopoli for Councillor of Information.
  10. I would also like to nominate my former rival @Soviet Potheads for the position of the WAD.
  11. As much as I am grateful for it, I cannot accept the nomination, and I would like to nominate @Zenganopoli for External Affairs instead.
  12. The Aarnon people are teeming with excitement as the games get closer to starting. The athletes were sent off on their planes as thousands of Aarnons bid farewell to them at the airports, and every television in every house in every city seems to be tuned in to this massive event. The people are truly overjoyed with the spirit of sports! The Aarnon athletes have said in interviews that they are highly motivated and that they will not disappoint their people, being especially ambitious in the Aarnon national sport of window smashing. It remains to be seen whether they will live up to their words.
  13. We have received an embassy request from the region called the Communist Alliance. They are a growing region with a pan-leftist agenda, and I would like to stress the fact that their delegate Lennonism has been very cordial with me and patiently worked for the fulfillment of all of our embassy criteria. Link: https://www.nationstates.net/region=communist_alliance